Former NFL player tells Iran to attack the White House


In a week packed with comments from wannabe’s and has-beens, another washed up NFL player had to throw his political two cents into the social media arena.

Ex-NFL Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth posted a photo on his Instagram page suggesting that if Iran were to send retaliation for the air strike that took out Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani – they should target the White House.

The photo that was posted on Sunday depicted an aerial shot of the White House with the surrounding Washington, D.C., area. The White House had a red circle around it, indicating a target, and an arrow pointing to it. The surrounding city of D.C., was labeled as “not affiliated.”

Former NFL player tells Iran to attack the White House
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The caption he posted with the photo read:

“@Iran if you are going to attack the United States well here is a picture for you! #justtryingtohelp us folks that aren’t starting wars.”

Like other sports stars and celebrities that have really no business speaking on such matters like national defense and politics (thank you Hollywood) Haynesworth faced swift backlash from the Internet.

One commenter stated,

“Hope you don’t ever have to go to one of these places because if you did unlike those of us who have fought for your precious freedom you would piss yourself in fear just jumping out of the plane!”

Another regarded the post as “treason” and calling for the former NFL player to be jailed for his comments.

Several others reshared the post and tagged the FBI and Secret Service alerting them to the post. If you recall recently this also happened when ‘comedian’ George Lopez suggested he would collect on a bounty of millions of dollars to assassinate President Trump.


The post has since been removed from the players profile @haynesworthiii, whose bio includes the description of the profile as,

“DO NOT FOLLOW ME IF YOU ARE POLITICALLY SENSATIVE!!! My post will offend both sides”




Yet some news sites are defending Haynesworth saying that he was just joining in with the crowd who are creating memes regarding the potential of a WWIII. wrote:

“The Internet turns everything into a joke. At a time when hiding behind your keyboard and screen is easier than confronting someone face-to-face, people online have no fear saying something outlandish that they’d never utter in real life.

That’s certainly the case for former NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth because he’s landed himself in hot water for an Instagram post in which he jokingly insinuates attacks on the White House.”

The article went on to state:

“Words like “disgraceful,” “embarrassing,” and “treason” flooded Haynesworth’s comments. He followed up this post with two more troll attempts at President Trump and Republicans in particular to show just how insane people on social media can be.

Welcome to another poorly-executed attempt at humor gone terribly wrong, and yet another reason for people to realize that some things should never be posted online in the first place”


Perhaps the ex – NFL player thought he was being funny by encouraging a foreign nation to not only attack our country, but also take out the leader of said country. Or perhaps better yet he was hoping some athletic giant like NIKE might see his post and think he was the next best thing to Colin Kaepernick and he too would be offered a multi- billion-dollar contract? Afterall Haynesworth has been in some legal troubles since leaving the NFL in 2011 including traffic accidents, and not paying child support, among others.

Either way all of these ‘celebrities’ should take notice – you aren’t being funny when you call for an attack on our country or the death of our President.

Speaking of former NFL players getting themselves into trouble over the Iran situation, check out what Colin Kaepernick is in the doghouse for.

after increasing tension between the United States and Iran, he’s directly attacking combat veterans who are putting their life on the line to keep people like him living safe back at home. 

Kaepernick’s online tirade came in the form of tweets that compared American troops to terrorists and claimed that the United States would stop at nothing to enact violence against “Black and Brown people”.


And that wasn’t the metaphorical line in the sand where he would draw the line…


According to Kaepernick, the American government habitually uses the military to “plunder” the “non white world” and enforce their will against minorities both at home and abroad. 

Essentially, his argument is that the United States is racist, through and through… and will stop at nothing to continue their domination. 

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Former NFL player tells Iran to attack the White House

Kaep needs to get his facts straight. Not only has he been preaching propaganda and turning people against the men and women who hold the Thin Blue Line, but he’s been getting his facts wrong. Though no one seems to be able to get through to him.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeatedly defended the strike, saying that Soleimani was planning an attack against Iraqi and American forces.


But to Kaepernick, who only sees things in terms of race and color, the US launched an attack against another country simply because they aren’t white. 

Give us a break. 

Kaepernick’s recent attacks against veterans willing to die for their country was met with some serious backlash.



Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It’s almost laughable that a “celebrity” (we use that term loosely…) can sit back in the comfort of his own luxurious home and attack the very people who allow him to live comfortably and enjoy the benefits of being a free American. 

Others said that he was free to leave the country at any time.


Other people reminded the Nike nitwit of who the real enemy is.


Again… it’s a pretty high-and-mighty stance about “imperialism” from someone who works with Nike, who uses sweatshops and child labor to create their products, which they in turn sell for a massive profit. 

So… it would seem that Kaepernick isn’t just protesting police brutality… but instead has an agenda to call out our nation’s protectors.


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