Former Navy Seal, successful business owner and huge cop supporter suddenly exploding in race for MA House Senate


Haverhill, MA: Former Navy Seal and now thriving business owner Sal DeFranco, Republican candidate out of Massachusetts is in a tight race for the State Senate seat in the Second Essex and Middlesex District.

And Law Enforcement Today wants to help get him there.

DeFranco is the perfect candidate to fill that seat as Massachusetts and America in general need more candidates like him.

There is no doubt among Americans everywhere, and from both sides of the isle, that our country is divided. In fact, the international community is fully aware, and practically laughing in their chairs at we go at each other’s throats.

DeFranco wants to be the change the country needs right now- and he’s the perfect fit.

Navy SEAL business owners partner to support police officers who get burned by Starbucks
Left: Eli Crane, CEO of Bottle Breacher – Right: Salvatore DeFranco, CEO of Battle Grounds Coffee

His Military Background

DeFranco is a former Navy Seal. Seals are among the most highly trained special operations forces in the world- no exaggeration.

Navy Seal candidates undergo one of the most difficult, extreme, and physically and mentally exhausting training programs in the United States military.

It’s a 24-week boot camp of sorts that includes the infamous Hell Week. All candidates entering the training, aka BUD/S (basic underwater demolition/ seals) are treated equally and pushed to their absolute limit, both physically and mentally. Only about 20% of candidates finish BUD/S, and even then, just finishing the program is just the beginning of the Seal culture, which could be taken away from the Seal at any moment for even a simple mistake.

Becoming and maintaining the Seal status, which is represented by a Trident, requires several critical attributes:

  • Leadership
  • Dedication
  • Competence
  • And a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others

These are the attributes that also make an excellent politician but, unfortunately, many politicians lack.

DeFranco has proven, by virtue of his Seal experience, that he has the core qualities that would make for an effective and productive politician in the House Senate. In fact, Massechusett’s residents are extremely fortunate to have DeFranco on the ballot ticket.

Former Navy Seal, successful business owner and huge cop supporter suddenly exploding in race for MA House Senate

Too many politicians lack true leadership and merely have a lust for power.

Too many politicians are not dedicated to either the people or the community and view their position as just another job.

Too many politicians are very incompetent are gained their position by clever campaigning, told people what they wanted to hear and/or were seen as the ‘best of bad options’.

And far too many politicians would not sacrifice themselves in a critical moment. Rather, they would readily push someone into a fire to save themselves! (Think the ‘defund the police’ movement and the political demonization of the law enforcement profession.)

That’s why DeFranco is a breath of fresh air because he embodies everything a politician should be, which is severely lacking in America.

In a statement to a local media organization, DeFranco said:

“I think residents in the district are excited not to have a career politician in office and are looking for fresh energy in the Legislature.”

He was spot on.

Former Navy Seal, successful business owner and huge cop supporter suddenly exploding in race for MA House Senate
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His Business Experience

After his honorable military service, Sal DeFranco and his wife Dana started their own business in 2015, Battle Grounds Coffee Company.

Running a business is much harder than most people realize. It requires hard work, dedication, organizational skills, competence, motivation, and effective leadership. These are the same qualities that make a Navy Seal and the same qualities that would make a great politician.

Unlike a regular 9-5 job, you can’t just quit and walk away from your own business. You must stay course, address problems, find solutions and drive on no matter what.

That’s what LET wants in a politician and that’s what people need.

In fact, the DeFranco family did so well, even with no real prior business experience, they opened a second location.

Their success in business is undoubtedly a result of DeFranco’s experience as a Navy Seal. Armed with the same qualities and attributes, he is set to be a success as a representative for the people of Massachusetts.

Former Navy Seal, successful business owner and huge cop supporter suddenly exploding in race for MA House Senate
Vote DeFranco

Police Support

DeFranco has publicly declared his support for the law enforcement community.

Which is no surprise.

Members of the military easily relate to the law enforcement community. Both are tasked with dealing with evil that truly exists in the world- a concept that has seemingly vanished within the Democratic party.

Multiple police organizations have declared their support for DeFranco and have endorsed him, the State Police Association, Andover Police Union, Tewksbury Police Union, among many others.

His Democrat counterpart and challenger, Barry Finegold, brags of his supporters, who are merely other politicians like Sen. Ed Markey, Rep. Lori Trahan, Rep. Lori Trahan, among others. The Democratic support of Finegold is symbolic to the problems in America as they are not looking for real change, which the country so desperately needs, but simply want to stay in control and keep power- pure greed.

Sal DeFranco is exactly what America and Massachusetts needs right now. He has proven to have all the exact qualities more American politicians need- competence, dedication, selfless service and most importantly, real, effective leadership.

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Former Navy Seal, successful business owner and huge cop supporter suddenly exploding in race for MA House Senate


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