It’s been pointed out that the difference between capitalism and socialism is the bread lining up for you versus you lining up for bread. History has shown us time and again that while in theory it might be great, it’s a dark path to go down. Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il; these names are the hallmark of socialism, claiming well over 100 million lives over history.

There’s one father that plans to teach their child on how to use a firearm in the event that socialism rears its ugly head in the United States. Of course, he’s facing backlash from those who are all for the government handout system.

Aubrey Huff, who is a former Major League Baseball star, is teaching his kids how to use guns in the event that Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 election and ushers in socialism.


While this garnered support from those who are anti-socialism, there was also some ill-informed rebuts and ad hominem hurled toward the former professional athlete, likening him to some kind of extremist or alarmist for simply wanting his child to be prepared in a worst-case scenario. I mean, kids do fire drills at school, why not prepare socialism drills at home?

Huff was previously with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the early 2000’s before making a move to the Astros in 2006, the Orioles in 2007, the Tigers in 2009, and lastly landing with the San Francisco Giants in 2010, who he helped in securing two World Series for the later team in 2010 and 2012. 

TMZ quoted Huff from a Twitter post that stated: “Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020, in which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must.”

Huff made it abundantly clear that he wants his kids to be able to use guns to defend their lives and property. In the viscous reality that is socialism, the government has full control over what you have, what you can do, and tyranny has always resulted from it.

He said guns could be used to defend against “crazy people rioting and trying to break into [his] house for food or shelter,” if Sanders wins.

That mentality isn’t too farfetched, seeing that people are willing to destroy a college campus, namely Berkeley, just because a gay libertarian hosted a talk there in 2017.

Bernie Sanders


Huff took to Twitter and pointed to the experiential evidence that socialism produces chaos. He noted that this is a motivating factor in teaching his kids proper gun usage.

In one of the tweets made by the former MLB star, he stated: “For those of you who welcome socialism to America, read about what happens to a country and its people tweeted by someone who lived through the nightmare. Maybe teaching your children proper gun safety, and how to use one isn’t such a bad idea after all.”

Comedian, and I use that description quite lightly, Kathy Griffin called the former professional athlete a “dumb f**k” for his comments about teaching his kids about guns.

Huff didn’t hold anything back when responding to washed-up star, he replied with the following tweet: “My boys and I were shooting a fake paper target, as I was teaching them safe gun practices. Yet here’s a picture of you holding a fake head of @realDonaldTrump murdered by your hand with a knife. How’d that work out for your career? The hypocrisy is strong with this one.”


Even Tom Arnold, the former husband of Rosanne Barr who had left him in 1994 after having to get a restraining order against him for spousal abuse, tried dropping in some puns, too at Huff’s expense; However, many responded to Arnold that he’s not the best judge on what’s funny since he was in movies like Soul Plane and The Stupids.

It’s a good thing that they don’t live in Virginia.

After Democrats managed to take control of the legislature in Virginia, gun control has been the main agenda for the party while enjoying the leisure of the majority vote.

While legislators seek to enforce more tight and universal background checks and other gun control laws while within office, as usual, they have given attention to age restrictions on access to firearms.

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One such bill is SB 18 Firearms; which includes language associated with criminal history record information checks, and most importantly age requirements with regard to handling firearms.

State Senator Dick Saslaw of Fairfax County introduced the obtuse bill in the spirit of Ralph Northam, who managed to secure the role of Governor within the state.

These two individuals are far from your “moderate” Democrat, but rather more in tune with the fringe ideology that has somehow usurped party staples in favor of perceived social justice and attempted approaches of curbing of crime via the methods of restricting constitutional rights and putting law abiding citizens in harms way.

Under this bill, it will be a class 1 misdemeanor to allow a child to use firearms, unless “under parental supervision.”

Essentially what this bill means is that in the event your child is in danger, regardless of their age and knowledge of handling firearms properly, any criminal who has the intent to do them harm can do so and they’ll be left helpless from a legal standpoint.

Virginia proposes bill that outlaws minors using guns to fend off home invaders

Virginia proposes bill that outlaws minors using guns to fend off home invaders


When someone is engaged in the fight for their life, he who carries the proverbial bigger stick is poised to overcome, and these lawmakers want to make your child a victim.

The bill does not even bother to take into consideration whether the child has adequate firearm training or if the child is 17-years-old. The law simply instructs parent and guardian to lock away every firearm in their absence; thus, leaving the fate of the child to the mercy of any burglars who decides to pay your home a visit while the parent is away.

There’s simply no logic being applied with regard to the bill being proposed, and there’s no reason why a competent minor cannot use a firearm to protect their life.

There are plentiful instances of children as young as 11-years-old, standing their ground and using weapons against burglars in the absence of the parent.

Under the proposed bill, such acts of heroism will be outdated and parents will be risking facing misdemeanor charges simply because they taught their child to protect themselves rather than be a victim and a headline in the next days newspaper.

If the bill passes, parents will have to decide whether to risk facing criminal charges for affording their children the ability to protect themselves or gamble with the lives of their children in the event that calamity strikes when they’re not around.

Not to mention, the sheer audacity at the notion that a child aged 17 is somehow too juvenile and not allowed to use a firearm to defend themselves because their parents weren’t in site is preposterous.

There’s a huge difference between common sense gun related laws, and one’s that put our most vulnerable in danger.

Today, they’re saying you have to be a certain age to touch a gun; before you know it, they’ll be saying you can’t be over a certain age to touch one as well. Vote wisely and make your voice heard when elections rear their face in your community.



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