Former Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith, Jr. pleads guilty to shooting ex-wife’s vehicle


DETROIT, MI –Virgil Smith, Jr, a former Democratic State Senator plead guilty on September 16th in court for a domestic violence incident in which he reportedly shot an AR-15 at his ex-wife and her vehicle several times in 2015.

Smith plead guilty in the Wayne County Court in exchange for a sentence of probation instead of incarceration.  In addition, as part of the plea agreement, the charges for felonious assault, domestic violence assault and battery, and felony firearm possession were dismissed.

Instead, he pled guilty to malicious destruction of property and reckless discharge of a firearm for shooting his ex-wife’s car numerous times with a long gun.

Smith will be officially sentenced by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Talon in October.  Prosecutors and Smith’s attorney agreed that he will serve probation until March 14, 2021.  That sentence will remain unless the judge determines there needs to be a change.

The incident started on May 10, 2015 when Smith’s ex-wife, Anistia Thomas, went to his home.  Smith alleged that she was not invited over to the home, Thomas states that she was. 

At any rate, once Thomas was there, a confrontation occurred between she and Smith.  There are conflicting accounts, some saying that Thomas attacked a woman who was in Thomas’ bed, the other that they simply began to argue.   Thomas alleges that Smith battered her and she was able to break free and try to leave in her vehicle.  Smith alleges that he never touched her in any manner.

During the argument, Thomas started to leave the house and go back to her vehicle.  As she did so, Smith, a State Senator at the time, exited the house as well, only he was armed with an AR-15.

Thomas states that she watched as Smith began firing on her, and then on her vehicle. 

Thomas said:

“I went into survivor mode.  When I started seeing the flashing fire from the gun, I felt like there was an angel there protecting me.  I said, ‘OK, survivor mode.

“I need to think fast.  I can either get frantic and get scared or I’m going to pony up and get out of here and save my life.’”

Thomas was able to flee and call for help.  Smith was arrested and charged for the felonious assault, domestic violence assault and battery, and felony firearm possession.  Thomas had initially accepted a plea deal which barred him from running for elected office, a deal in which he broke.

In 2017, Smith ran for city council which violated the terms of his plea deal.  He lost the campaign and ended up back in court over the violation.  As a result, all of the initial charges were refiled against Smith, charges which were later amended for his new plea agreement.

After the original charges were reinstated, Smith and his lawyers appealed the decision and barring of his running for elected office to the Michigan State Supreme Court.  For whatever reason, they determined that Smith should not have been barred from running for a political position, thus invalidating the broken plea agreement. 

David Steingold, Smith’s attorney, spoke about the refiling decision. 

He said:

“The prosecutors decided they wanted to extract more punishment from Mr. Smith.  He didn’t do anything else wrong except he ran for office … which the Michigan Supreme Court said he was legally able to do.”

Now, Smith and his lawyer may be happy and satisfied with their new plea deal, and the decision that allows him to run for office again in the future.  However, Thomas is upset at the plea deal and feels that the prosecutor’s office should have done more to prove the case in court. 

She said:

“The trauma is still there three and a half years later.  This entire time I have not been ready to speak about it because the pain was so deep…But now, having a family…it has given me the courage and motivation.  I have to stand up for myself and let people know the truth and what happened.”

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On the topic of politics and politicians, Detroit is facing a tremendous amount of turmoil when it comes to their absentee voting ballots. 

DETROIT, MI –The democrat leaders in the country have all stood up and told everyone of us several times that mail-in balloting is perfectly fine.  They assure us all that nothing can go wrong, and there is no way that there will be fraud associated with the upcoming general election in November. 

Their comments are reminiscent of Star Wars and the Jedi mind trick, “There’s nothing to see here,” and people believe their lies.

Well, today, as LET has in the past, we are again reporting on the number of ballots that do not match up, this time in Detroit.

According to the Detroit News, there were 72% recorded ballots in Detroit’s absentee voting precincts.

Let that number sink in for a second.

72% of the absentee voting precincts do NOT match the number of ballots that were lawfully cast in the primary election. 

That means that only 28% of ballots cast were done so properly.  Who said anything about voter fraud in this election…hmm…

This issue was unable to be logically explained by the election workers in Detroit, which prompted the Wayne County Board of Canvassers to request the Secretary of State look into the matter. 

The formal request asked the Democratic Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson’s office, to look into the “training and processes” used in what they described as the “perfect storm of challenges.” 

Further digging into the matter, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers were notified that 46% of all of the precincts in Detroit were not correct.  They were specifically told about the number of ballots that did not match against the poll books. 

In other words, those people who voted were less than the actual number of ballots they received.  Again, who warned of election fraud?  Still trying to remember…

Jonathan Kinloch, a democratic member of the canvassing board, says that the results of the primary election were not wrong…hmm…Jedi mind trick? 

Kinloch’s explanation is that something went wrong in how the ballots were tracked from precinct to precinct…remember, nothing to see here.

Kinloch tried his best to explain that the error was in the number of absentee ballots being case and a lack of veteran election workers. 

So, blame the error on anything else other than the obvious fraud…got it.  Remember, he is a democrat so we can trust him, they all tell us voting by mail is safe.

The Wayne County board has asked Benson to look into the “training and processes used by the City of Detroit,” in the primary election.  They also requested that Benson appoint someone to monitor the counting of all absentee ballots in the general election.   

The assumption there is that a democrat appointing what most likely will be another democrat, to make sure what the democrats messed up in the first place, is the right fix.  Remember, nothing to see here.

Election issues is nothing new when it comes to the City of Detroit.  In the 2016 general election, Detroit could not reconcile 59% of the precincts which showed that more votes were cast than were registered voters for the city.

Monica Palmer, a republican on the Board of Canvassers, said that some of the issues with the absentee ballots were that they were not put in the proper tracking containers. 

Palmer said:

“It was so inaccurate that we can’t even attempt to make it right.” 

Tracy Wimmer, a spokeswoman for Benson said:

“The Bureau of Elections will work with the City of Detroit to identify any errors that may have occurred in the processing of absent voter ballots and to implement any needed improvements to training procedures in advance of November.”

Laura Cox, the chairwoman for the Republican Party in Michigan said:

“The people of Michigan deserve to know that their elections are being conducted fairly and competently, but today’s news shows that Wayne County and the City of Detroit can’t conduct an election to even the most basic of standards.” 

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