Former Marine Accused of Possessing Pipe Bombs at Denver Hotel

DENVER – A former U.S. Marine was arrested in Los Angeles Thursday after authorities discovered a number of pipe bombs in a Denver hotel room he inhabited.

Adam Hayat, 37, was arrested at a Holiday Inn hotel near LAX. He is due to appear in court Friday, according to Fox News.

Pipe bombs discovered at Sheraton Hotel Denver

KDVR reported that Hayat flew to Los Angeles from Denver on Wednesday. That night, police responded to a report of a suspicious object at the downtown Sheraton hotel. When they arrived, officers found the unexploded pipe bombs inside a safe in one of the rooms.

Police evacuated as many as 20 rooms from the hotel at 1550 Court Place after the bomb squad was called in.

Experts removed several unexploded devices, placing them inside a concrete carrier before taking them away.

“Within a brief, short amount of time, [guests] were given the all-clear for people to return,”said Tracy Blair, part of the Sheraton Denver management team.

In addition to the pipe bombs, they discovered a note written on the mirror in lipstick. Authorities say it made references to PTSD.

Hayat is an American citizen of Pakistani descent. He had been staying at the Sheraton for perhaps as long as a month.

Former Marine

Hayat’s father, Sultan, spoke with Denver7. He said his son was homeless. Furthermore, he has been estranged from his family for years. His military service began as an enlistee out of high school. As a Marine he served in South Korea, Japan and Iraq.

Moreover, the elder Hayat said that Adam had suffered from PTSD, bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder.

“Police said he had bought some firearms, and they were concerned that he may hurt himself or someone else,” said Sultan Hayat. “I was very surprised.”

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Hayat said authorities told him that his son had stayed at the Denver Sheraton since Dec. 26 and had run up an unpaid bill of $10,000. When hotel staff went to his room to check on him, they found note on the mirror and called police.

(Feature photo is sample pipe bombs, not actual devices from this incident.)


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