Larimer County Deputy Justin Atwood had back up from an unexpected source during a recent traffic stop gone bad in the Fort Collins, Colorado area.  Atwood stopped to investigate a car which was being serviced on the side of the road.  Some of the information he received from the driver didn’t make sense.   As it turned out, the driver, Donovan James Boggs, gave the name of another person, citing the wrong birth date.  The person whose name he chose had outstanding warrants.  Ooops.

When Atwood questioned Boggs, he assaulted the deputy as Atwood tried to cuff him.  Bryan Maglietta, who runs a mobile repair service, had his head under the hood fiddling with a dead battery.  He heard the deputy call out for help and jumped into action.  Maglietta assisted the deputy in subduing Boggs who was placed under arrest.  Maglietta is an unlikely good Samaritan.  He knows Deputy Atwood from time served in the county jail.

During his tenure as a jail inmate, Maglietta cooked for Deputy Atwood and was impressed by his courteous attitude towards inmates.  “I’ve seen him several times since I was released.  He is always courteous.  He doesn’t treat you like a criminal.”

Atwood was treated for injuries received during the altercation.  Boggs is now in the same jail where Maglietta and Atwood met.  He was booked on criminal impersonation, driving on a suspended license, and assault on a police officer.

Maglietta comments, “I didn’t always make the right decisions, but I’m trying to now.”

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