Former FBI agent equates “Let’s Go Brandon” chants to terrorism, but does she really know what she is talking about?


NEW HAVEN, CT – A former FBI special agent took to Twitter last week to share her feelings on the viral chant “Let’s go Brandon.”

A Southwest Airlines pilot recently made national news when he allegedly used that phrase during one of the announcements he was making to the passengers on the plane. 

Asha Rangappa created the equivocation between a pilot saying “let’s go Brandon” and one who would have uttered into the microphone, “Long live ISIS.” 

“As an experiment, I’d love for an @SouthwestAir pilot to say “Long live ISIS” before taking off. My guess is that 1) the plane would be immediately grounded; 2) the pilot fired; and 3) a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours,” she tweeted. 

She never shows how she arrived at that conclusion. She just got there, somehow, and now we should just believe her. 

Before we dive into the the tweet and the ideology behind it, let’s take a quick look at Asha. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, Asha is: 

“a Senior Lecturer at the Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and a former Associate Dean at Yale Law School.

Prior to her current position, Asha served as a Special Agent in the New York Division of the FBI, specializing in counterintelligence investigations. Her work involved assessing threats to national security, conducting classified investigations on suspected foreign agents, and performing undercover work.

While in the FBI, Asha gained experience in electronic surveillance, interview and interrogation techniques, and firearms and the use of deadly force.

She has taught National Security Law and related courses at Yale University, Wesleyan University, and University of New Haven.

Asha graduated cum laude from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study constitutional reform in Bogotá, Colombia.

She received her law degree from Yale Law School and served as a law clerk to the Honorable Juan R. Torruella on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is admitted to the State Bar of New York (2003) and Connecticut (2003).” 

Given those credentials and training, it would almost be safe to assume that if she believes that voicing a disliking for the President of the United States is as much a threat to national security as actually espousing an ideology that wishes/pursues death to America and its way of life, then who are we to say she is wrong. 

Well, before we simply hand Ms. Rangappa the mantle of being a subject matter expert, we might want to look a little further into her history, as laid out by her. 

Her profile then proceeds to inform anyone perusing her professional portfolio that she also: 

“has published op-eds in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, among others, and has appeared on NPR, BBC, and several major television networks. She is an editor for Just Security and is currently a legal and national security analyst for CNN.”

Not exactly building a portfolio of conversing on too many right-leaning platforms.  

Her profile also tells us that from 1992-2000 she was in college. She then spent just under a year as a law clerk.

There is then a 60 week gap in her professional timeline. We pick up in December of 2002 when she lists her employment as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

She spent three years in that role, leaving in December of 2005.

Since leaving the FBI, Asha spent almost 12 years as the Dean of Admissions for Yale Law School. For the past 4 years she has been a senior lecturer at Yale and a legal/security analyst for CNN. 

But it is during that 3 year window that she points to as making her an expert on what she learned in the FBI. 

Remember, she specialized in counterintelligence investigations, and involved assessing threats to national security, conducting classified investigations on suspected foreign agents, and performing undercover work, all the while gaining experience in electronic surveillance, interview and interrogation techniques, and firearms and the use of deadly force. 

So…for 3 years, much of which she was training and learning, she was active in the intelligence community dealing with National Security. The rest of her adult life has been spent in academia. 

Hey Asha, I worked at Chick-fil-A for a while. Does that make me an expert on chickens? 

It didn’t take long to find out exactly where Rangappa stands on the state of our nation and where she leans politically. A simple search led us to her website. She is also an editor for Just Security. You can have three guesses as to the kind of content they produce. 

One of the first pieces on their site is an attack on the nation of Israel

One example of what she wrote on her own site, given her “vast” experience with national security, was that Trump being re-elected would “hurt national security.” She points to things like the Ukraine call and weaponizing federal law enforcement.

Oh, you mean the things that Joe Biden admitted to doing, and the same federal agencies that were weaponized for more than four years to take Trump down? 

Yet, in a twist of irony that no one will find surprising, we have not found a single article she has written or media appearance she has made that highlights what the current President has done to our national security.

No mentions of what the border crisis or the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle will mean to our nation. 

She also wrote that all of the “conspiracies” about voter fraud in the 2020 election were really just terroristic ideology

Speaking of terrorism…back to the tweet. 

Rangappa wastes no time in pointing to the fallacy that pledging allegiance to a know terrorist ideology is the exact same thing as using a slogan that has become the clean way of saying “F— Joe Biden.”

Never mind the fact that people like Rangappa said nothing for four years while we dealt with the likes of: 

And conservatives never went on the assault likening de Niro to ISIS. 

Or Jennifer Lawrence…

But, apparently there are different rules depending on who is in the Oval office. 

Given the number of people who responded with call for the pilot to be fired and for boycott’s of Southwest, maybe we can assume that they were all upset because he acted politically in his professional capacity. 

But I have a feeling that these are the same people that laughed about me boycotting the NFL over the Colin Kaepernick-led anthem protests. They are certainly the same people that said Kaepernick and the others had every right to protest during the anthem…’cause 1st Amendment and all. 

So, I guess protesting something in your professional capacity is ok for the left, as long as that protest fits the agenda and narrative that they are pushing. But, in their blatant hypocrisy, they now demand the firing of an airline pilot for exercising his 1st Amendment right.

Especially if that same level of protected speech can be linked to terrorist ideology that threatens our very existence as a nation. 

But, I am not as educated as people like Rangappa, so maybe I am just too stupid to understand how saying LGB or FJB are even remotely the same as someone who literally wants to see an entire nation destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth. 

We know that she thinks education is key to overcoming conservativism…given her retweet of the following: 

Or, it could be that college often indoctrinates people into a specific line of thought rather than teaching independent thought based in logic, reason and common sense. 

But, to ever try to link a slogan that speaks to the outright disgust that many Americans have towards the President, is asinine at best. Surely, if this was terroristic nature, our intelligence community would be all over this. The National Security advisor would be briefing the President of the United States and keeping him abreast of what is evolving. 

And yet…

White House claims they never heard of “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that now holds the No. 1 spot on iTunes

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The White House is claiming that the administration has “never heard” of the viral “(Expletive) Joe Biden” or “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that have recently swept the nation at several events in the past few months. 

According to reports, the two chants have been spreading like wildfire since the start of college football season and at an early October NASCAR race. 

Administration officials have sought to downplay the phenomenon with at least one Biden official claiming to be unfamiliar with the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant or its expletive-filled alternative even though both are being chanted from college football stadiums to concert arenas to local bars.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson from the White House, commented on the issue to The Washington Post, saying:

“I had never heard of that chant until you explained it to me. I guess I’m not spending enough time on 8chan or whatever.”

This is despite the fact that not one, but two songs using the toned-down chant have made it to the top of the iTunes charts.

Both versions of the chant can be clearly heard on mics at major sporting events nationwide and have been heard, recorded and gone viral in multiple instances for nearly two months.

Still, even as the White House is acting like no one there ever heard of the phenomenon, Joe Biden himself has mentioned it all at least once.

The Post reminded readers that Biden made an oblique reference to signs reading “(Expletive Joe Biden)” that lined the road as he traveled in a presidential motorcade in Pennsylvania last week. 

During a speech in Scranton, Biden again claimed that he is one of the most popular presidents in modern history, “Notwithstanding some of the signs I saw coming in.” He added:

“That’s why 81 million Americans voted for me. The largest number of votes in American history, a clear majority are supporting when they supported me.”

Unsurprisingly, the Post blamed it all on Donald Trump for his “norm-breaking and vulgarity of the Trump era.” However, the paper was alarmed that the chants for Biden are “far more vulgar and widespread.”

The paper tried to wave off the chants as examples of a mere “target of vilification” being used to unite Republican opponents of Biden.

However, the paper neglected to point out that the chants are not only occurring in deep red, Republican districts, but is being seen universally across the nation, even in places as blue as Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Boston, Massachusetts. 

The chant was even heard as recent as October 25th during a march of New York City municipal workers who are tired of the coronavirus mandates. Watch below:

In response to the White House’s denial, former President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr, said:

“If they’re not familiar, let’s keep it going until they are.”

Fox News reported that the anti-Biden rap song, “Let’s Go Brandon,” has reached a top spot on the iTunes chart. Rapper Bryson Gray’s song poking fun at the president is sitting in the No. 1 spot of iTunes, ranking ahead of pop music superstar Adel’s latest single.

“Let’s Go Brandon,” which takes multiple shots at Biden regarding his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, cognitive ability and handling of the coronavirus, features Tyson James and Chandler Crump.

Another song titled “Let’s Go Brandon” by Loza Alexander was No. 3 on iTunes on Monday, October 25th. The anti-Biden chant has produced two separate songs that are both currently more popular than anything the Apple music service has to offer.

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

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