Who is George Soros?

Soros is an 89-year-old, Hungarian-born billionaire (8.3 billion, to be exact), said to have fled the political oppression of 2 different governments. He worked hard at low-paying jobs and, with some financial help, earned a Philosophy PhD.  He went to work at a merchant bank, got into investments, and started the company Soros Fund Management.

With all his experience in being victimized by evil men during his childhood, including the Nazis, it’s very unfortunate that Soros uses his money to promote the same evil that sparked the fire of his family’s oppressors.

George Soros Spent $408k on Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case

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Named by Forbes as a “top philanthropist” and said to have donated an overall 45 percent of his net worth, Soros has contributed to the campaigns of liberal district attorneys in 17 states.  To the tune of $13.4 million.

This, of course, is his aim to help change the “racist” justice system.

Most notable is the $1.45 million Soros donated to Philadelphia’s current District Attorney, Larry Krasner.  Krasner’s platform was based on his desire to “reform elements of the criminal justice system.”   

During his campaign, he made statements like, “policing and prosecution are both systematically racist.”  He also called poverty and crime consequences of “mass incarceration.”

Krasner describes himself as having a “steadfast commitment to social justice.”  He’s offered his services for free to groups such as Black Lives Matter, DACA Dreamers, Decarcerate PA and Occupy Philly, among others. 

During his first week in office, Krasner fired over 30 prosecutors in order to push his social justice warrior agenda in the city.  This resulted in the delay of many cases, to include murder trials, because there was no one available to work them.

Former cop: How liberal billionaire George Soros corrupted the criminal justice system 

D.A. Krasner  (Screenshot – YouTube)


Earlier in his life he operated a private company specializing in criminal defense and “police misconduct matters.”  He has sued the police department over 75 times in his 30 years of working as a far-left defense attorney.

Krasner’s republican opponent was Beth Grossman who said, before his landslide victory, “I have concerns, if he gets elected, my opponent, I don’t want us to turn into a Baltimore.  I don’t want us to turn into a Chicago. It’s really disturbing—we have one of the finest public defenders offices in the country, we don’t need two.”

Sorry, Beth.  Two is what you got.

Not surprisingly, violence and crime rates under Krasner have risen.   Murders are up.  Gun violence is up.  No-bail releases are up.  Plea deals are up.  Sentence length is down.  Conviction rates are down by over 10 percent since Krasner’s swearing in.

Former cop: How liberal billionaire George Soros corrupted the criminal justice system 

Philadelphia’s homicide rate is exploding (KYW Broadcast Screenshot)


Despite this, Krasner insists that the highest crime rates in 10 years aren’t due to his ridiculous policies.  Last week, he said, “Every study indicates that when punishment is certain — and that really is more the role of the police to apprehend, but fortunately we are seeing the clearance rate increase — that can do something and then the swiftness of punishment can do something. What doesn’t do anything is having a sentence that is much longer or much shorter, that has no impact.”

Police aren’t doing their jobs well enough.  Keeping criminals in jail does nothing.  These are the ideals the Philadelphia voters elected? You get what you vote for, I guess.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son


Following the shooting of six Philadelphia police officers last year, US Attorney William McSwain released a statement regarding the incident.  In part, it read:

“What I witnessed last night was true heroism by the Philadelphia police.  But the crisis was precipitated by a stunning disrespect for law enforcement – a disrespect so flagrant and so reckless that the suspect immediately opened fire on every single officer within shooting distance.  Only by the grace of God did they survive.

“Where does such disrespect come from?  

“There is a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement in this City that is promoted and championed by District Attorney Larry Krasner – and I am fed up with it.

“It started with chants at the DA’s victory party – chants of ‘F*** the police’ and ‘No good cops in a racist system.’

“We’ve now endured over a year and a half of the worst kinds of slander against law enforcement – the DA routinely calls police and prosecutors corrupt and racist, even ‘war criminals’ that he compares to Nazis.

“This vile rhetoric puts our police in danger.  It disgraces the Office of the District Attorney.  And it harms the good people in the City of Philadelphia and rewards the wicked.

“The criminal laws in this City – and especially the existing gun laws and drug laws – should be aggressively enforced in order to protect the public and the police…it is now time for the District Attorney and his enablers to stop making excuses for criminals.  It is time for accountability.  It is time to support law enforcement and to put the good people of this City first.”

McSwain has also said, “Radical prosecutors like Mr. Krasner make a mockery of justice. There’s nothing progressive about public servants who shirk their duties, and nothing just about allowing violent criminals to roam free.”

Mockery of justice, indeed.  Just ask the victims.

Jonathan Fahey is a District Attorney candidate who lost to a Soros-funded and unqualified victor in Fairfax, VA. 

After the election results, he stated, “People just went in and voted party ballots. They tell themselves they’re somehow sticking it to [President Donald] Trump by voting for someone unqualified to be the local prosecutor.  They want to make a stand, but it’s like, you have a chance to do that and it’s in 2020. It’s self-destructive how Trump kind of owns the Democrats mentally.”

There seems to be a theme emerging with big-city District Attorney’s offices, and the theme is George Soros.  The slogan is “social justice for the win,” and the tagline is “F–k the Police.” 


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