Dear Brother or Sister I know first-hand, you have been well trained but I also know your real experience and training has and will continue to come from your patrol duties and what and who you encounter after leaving the academy whenever that may have been.

Every car, every pedestrian stop for whatever reason while justified and having “probable cause”, is never “routine”. Every call received by radio, and responded too, is never “routine”. Citizens who personally contact you for a problem, is never “routine”.

Every domestic, every intoxicated, under the influence of some substance person you encounter, is never “routine”. Take that moment to consider a “possible” worst case scenario, male, female, young, old, black, white or green, for that split second decision no one but you will ever have to make for yourself or another is never “routine”. No matter how long you have been a LEO, It is never “routine”!

Nothing will ever become “routine” and you will not become complacent to quickly. As long as the duty called upon for, was completed correctly, cautiously and the outcome resulted in no injury especially to you or the public which is the main goal, along with enforcement of all our laws! Get home to loved ones safely! Nothing should ever be “routine”!

David J. Formica

A disabled Brother