Seattle Police Officers Guild: ‘Ignored majority is pushing back’ as cops fall under attack


Seattle, WA – Powerful efforts by the Seattle City Council to defund the Seattle Police Department by 50% have recently been met with push back from the public.

Seattle has been a nidus for violent riots during the last several weeks, with widespread looting, arson, and property damage.  Police officers have suffered many significant injuries as rioters launched firebombs, rocks, bottles, fireworks, and other projectiles at them.

The Seattle City Council aggressively acted against police by banning chemical irritants and other less-lethal weapons that law enforcement needed to disperse violent mobs.  Fortunately, a federal judge has enacted a temporary restraining order against the ban.

However, there is no restraining order option available to stop the council from continuing their plans to defund the police by 50%.

That influence must come from the public, the “ignored majority,” according to Mike Solan, President of the Seattle Police Officers Guild.

Solan has previously stated that Seattle citizens would find themselves “plagued with crime” after defunding.

He said:

“…crime will rise significantly, and over half, if not more of the police jobs in our city will be eviscerated.”

Presently, the council has a veto-proof majority, with seven of nine council members publicly in favor of 50% defunding.

In a recent radio broadcast on the Dori Monson Show in Seattle, Solan spoke of the public support he has received for a petition on, which had received over 20,000 signatures in the initial 36 hours since its launch, and as of this writing has received over 65,000 signatures.

Solan told Monson of his plans for the petition, saying:

“We may possibly release this to the city council to show them, hey, we’re not being controlled by the unreasonable activists that you’re governing to, and I call it governing by Twitter.

“This is the majority, the ignored majority I talked to and referred to. 

“The reasonable majority of Seattle citizens and residents across this region that are showing support for law enforcement, saying, ‘No, no more, no more of your unreasonable activism.’”

Referring to recent attacks on the homes of the two council members who have not been in favor of the 50% defunding, Dori Monson expressed concern that other council members may be too afraid to change their vote, for fear of violent retaliation, “because they don’t want to put up with the mobs at their house.”

Solan responded with a positive outlook, saying:

“Well, any time you bend to mob justice, that doesn’t do anything positive for our society.  That’s why I’m so positive about this.”

He continued:

“In 36 hours, we have over 20,000 signatures.  The ignored majority is saying, “No more.”  And they will not bend to the mob.  When we bend to the mob, we lose as a society.”

Suggesting that the violent activists are in reality, a small portion of the Seattle population, Solan said:

“And so these unreasonable activists, the loud fringe is what I refer to them, that dictate public safety political discourse in this city, are that, just that small microcosm of our community.”

He went on to say:

“But they are very loud and they are violent.  But it’s going to take people to stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough.’” 

Indeed, Seattle citizens are standing up.

Hundreds of people publicly commented at the Seattle City Council’s budget meeting Wednesday, and the council heard from police supporters who were against defunding.

One stated:

“Defunding SPD is a radical experiment that will hurt the vulnerable.”

Another said:

“Seattle City Council, you are irresponsibly not fully representing your constituents by making the reckless decision of defunding our police department by 50 percent.”

The people have spoken, and through the petition, are continuing to speak.

But will the Seattle City Council listen?

More to the point, will the council act in accordance with the wishes of the “ignored majority”?

Mike Solan thinks so. 

He shared with Monson:

“When we come in heavy, with thousands and thousands of signatures to say, ‘No more to your unreasonable activism … that just paves the way for future issues such as referendums, or you name it.” 

He continued:

“So I always look at this with a …glass half full.  It’s a positive look that people in support of law enforcement [have done so], and is the start of this pushback against unreasonable activism and governing by Twitter, which the council uses regularly.”

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LET Unity

Here is more on how the violent mob treats their mayor and council members who do not toe the 50% defunding line.

Remember when various officials warned that with all the madness ongoing, we’d eventually see protests leak into residential neighborhoods and the same style of vandalism strike the suburbs instead of just the commercial districts?

Welp – looks like those notions aren’t so crazy anymore these days. And Seattle’s own mayor, as well as two city council members, were the recipients of some not-so-friendly graffiti outside of their homes recently.

Mayor Jenny Durkan and Councilmembers Alex Pedersen and Debora Juarez were said to have been paid a visit by some malefactors recently, the very kind that fancy the idea of the Seattle Police being defunded.

Outside of Mayor Durkan’s home, the phrases “Guillotine Jenny,” and “Resign Bitch,” were spray painted on the roadside. Because nothing says “peacefully” protesting quite like calling for someone’s head to be lopped off 18th century style.

As for Pedersen’s home, some scoundrels apparently thought his windows could use some redecorating on his home – so they adorned they with such phrases as “Fuck You,” and “Don’t be racist trash.”

When it came to the home of Councilmember Juarez, hoodlums decided to employ a bullhorn to likely scream incoherent nonsense – which was then followed up by someone spraying “corporate bootlicker,” on the street outsider her home.

The harassment that Juarez suffered did not sit well with local Native Americans in Seattle, as the councilmember is also a member of the Blackfeet Nation tribe. Leonard Forsman, chairman of the Suquamish Tribe, stated the following about the incident:

“The Suquamish Tribe supports (Juarez) and her right, as an elected official, to do her job without verbal harassment and vandalism at her home.”

So, while it’s become painfully obvious that protesters have voiced a disdain for Mayor Durkan over the past several weeks, what was all the hubbub regarding the City Council members? Well, it turns out that while both Juarez and Pedersen support some reductions on the Seattle Police budget – they’re not on board with a 50% reduction that has been called for by rioters.

Apparently, another council member was paid a visit as well, namely Tammy Morales. However, she proclaimed to have engaged in a “brief conversation” with the malefactors that arrived at her home and that she appreciated “the opportunity to listen” to them.

Some online are calling that a load of nonsense – noting that whatever Morales conveyed or exchanged verbally with the mob that came to her home was an effort to avoid the extortion-like tactics of these vandals and troublemakers.

While City Council President Lorena Gonzalez is used to herself and her colleagues getting crude messages online via email and the ilk, she was in no way supportive toward protesters going to people’s homes to instill fear:

“Demonstrations are a protest tool, but using that tool to create an environment by which people and their family members feel unsafe in their own home is not something I can support.”

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