Nevada – A recent update has surfaced regarding a shooting that took place last month at a Pizza Hut in Henderson, Nevada. The Henderson Police Department has now released the body cam footage from the officers that responded to the individual who was shot at the restaurant on November 20 of this year.

A link to the video is below, but be warned that there is graphic content contained within the footage.

When a 911 call came in from a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest on November 20, the operator tried to extract details about what was happening. But the caller could only advise the woman of the address as he told her that he thought he was dying.

According to Henderson Deputy Chief David Burns, a panic alarm in a freezer at the Pizza Hut located at 1280 W. Warm Springs Road had alerted police of an emergency at 7:13 p.m. that evening. Officers were immediately en route to the scene.

The police body cam footage showed one of the officers as they arrived on the scene of the shooting.

When Henderson Police responded to the establishment, they located the victim of the shooting inside of the freezer and began to administer aid while waiting for paramedics to arrive. While speaking with witnesses at the scene of the shooting, police were able to get a description of the shooter.

The description that police had received regarding the shooter was that he was a tall and slim African American male, who was gloved and wearing all black. Not long after gathering the description from the employees, police were informed that someone matching that description was reported to be walking around the area and was armed.

From this point on, the footage released earlier in the week immediately transitions to when officers encountered the suspect believed to have been involved in the shooting earlier that night.


A pair of officers can be seen confronting a man, who was later revealed to be Kenneth Simeus Jr., 18, “in the middle” of Marks Street, near Warm Springs, according to Burns. He matched the description, including the gloves.

Being aware that the suspect was likely still armed, as the scene was too dark to rely on visuals, officers began asking Simeus to drop any weapons he had and to get on the ground.

Instead of complying with officer orders, Simeus instead began shooting at the two officers, firing a total of five times, according to Burns. When the officers returned fire, they wound up hitting the suspect.

Considering how dark it was, the footage only clearly captured the officer relaying commands to the suspect, and them taking fire and promptly returning it.

Simeus was immediately taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, which police later stated that the hospital reported him as deceased later in the evening.

Footage shows near-fatal encounter between Nevada police and wanted gunman

Two handguns were recovered at the scene. (Henderson Police – YouTube Screenshot)


Two guns were recovered at the scene where the suspect was shot by police, both having been guns that were reported as being stolen in earlier criminal complaints locally. Luckily, no officers were hurt during the exchange of gunfire that took place that evening. As for the victim of the shooting at the Pizza Hut, he was initially listed as being in critical condition, but has been stabilized according to police.

The two officers who fired their guns that night were identified as Officer Cody Watts and Officer Robert Hennebeul. As a matter of standard procedure, they were both placed on a routine paid administrative leave while the investigation continued.

Meanwhile in nearby Las Vegas, more members of law enforcement are being put at risk thanks to an ongoing push for cops to ignore immigration laws.

The city’s local law enforcement agency plans to end their 287(g) agreement with the Department of Homeland Security and will no longer alert immigration authorities if they have a suspect in custody. 

And critics are saying that the decision may have stemmed from political pressures forced down by the ACLU.



Lombardo ultimately blamed the decision on the ruling made by the Central District of California, in which a federal judge said that states like Nevada with no particular policies on immigration do not have the authority to hold non-citizens for immigration violations, according to a report from Breitbart.

So essentially that means that because there’s not a specific law on how to handle the violation of a federal law, police should just turn a blind eye.

The American Civil Liberties Union condemned the Nevada city for honoring ICE detainers that had been placed on criminal non-citizens. They said that what Las Vegas authorities were doing was violating the law. 


Breitbart reported that approximately 1 in 14 inmates in Nevada jails are in the country illegally. They additionally said that the state housed approximately 1,000 criminal inmates in the same situation, with half of them being convicted of violent crimes.  

“For example, 150 of the 1,000 illegal aliens in Nevada prisons have been convicted of murder, manslaughter, or attempted murder, as well as 320 non-citizen inmates who have been convicted of sexual assault, including 240 child sex offenders,” Breitbart said.

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Footage shows near-fatal encounter between Nevada police and wanted gunman


Now local authorities are praying that it doesn’t affect their ability to do their jobs.

“I am optimistic that this change will not hinder LVMPD’s ability to fight violent crime” Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said in a statement. “While the ruling can be seen as a setback, I am determined that through cooperation with our federal partners the goal of removing the worst of the worst can still be accomplished.”

Sheriff Lombardo confirmed to the press that while the 287(g) agreement would no longer be in effect, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department would continue to work with federal officials at a local detention center to remove violent criminals from the country. 

Vegas officials are expecting the California District ruling to be reconsidered in the Ninth Court of Appeals, but would hold off on cooperating with federal officials until the law was made more explicitly clear.


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