Florida woman allegedly hacks flights systems and clears unsafe aircraft to fly


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MELBOURNE, FL – After allegedly hacking into the computer system at Melbourne Flight Training, a 26-year-old woman is facing a slew of charges for reportedly altering aircraft records to mark unsafe planes as being flightworthy.

Investigators say that the alleged hacker was a disgruntled former employee of Melbourne Flight Training.

On January 12th, 2020, authorities first discovered something was awry when MFT’s CEO, Derek Fallon, went onto the Flight Training computer and found numerous things were incorrect. He said that the make, model, and tail numbers for 12 aircraft had been removed.

On top of the deleted records, Fallon said that maintenance problems on some planes had been reported had been “cleared” – despite them reportedly having not been properly serviced yet.

Fallon also discovered that inspection limitations had been removed. He contacted the software’s owner, who informed him that there was no system-wide issue. All flights were stopped until the information was restored, according to Fallon:

“Between the time the data was altered and fixed, it was a situation that could have endangered human life.”

Fallon named two people he believed were to blame for the hacking and sabotage. One was a man who served as MFT’s Director of Maintenance until being terminated in November 2019, and his daughter, 26-year-old Lauren Lide, who resigned from her position as Flight Operations Manager on the same day her father was fired.

Investigators discovered that the hazardous modifications in the flight software were made using a login belonging to the current flight operations manager. The current flight operations manager, on the other hand, filed an affidavit indicating that he did not change or remove any aircraft information.

The IP address used to log into the program belonged to Lauren Lide’s father, according to investigators. Lide’s father claimed that he had no idea why his computer was used to gain access to the MFT computer.

When authorities leaned into Lide’s father on whether he had any idea who might want to do such a thing, he responded with:

“I’m kinda concerned about my daughter at this point.”

The suspect’s father claimed that during her employment with MFT, Fallong made his daughter “miserable”:

“She couldn’t wait to get out of there…You guys don’t understand the torment he put her through.”

Investigators say that Lide’s father later tried confessing to the crime himself but couldn’t provide investigators with any details on what was actually done in the sabotage plot.

This led detectives to conclude that only Lauren Lide “had the knowledge, skills and ability to alter” the flight records during the 2020 incident.

Lide has since been charged with accessing a computer electronic device without authority and modifying computer data programs without authority and posted bond on October 9th.

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Critical Race Theory group threatens to ‘hack’ and ‘expose’ parents opposed to it, sheriff claims the threat is ‘not illegal’

(Originally published August 2nd, 2021, by Pat Droney)

The following article contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author.

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA- If you want to draw one “positive” if you will that has come from turning “14 days to slow the spread” into 500 days, it is the fact that parents got to see up close and personal the indoctrination being perpetrated upon our kids by the fascist public teachers unions.

And for the most part, those parents have been mortified by what they’ve seen, especially where children are being taught to judge based upon skin color—you know, the opposite of what civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King preached.

Of course the teacher’s unions, caught with their pants down, are refusing to back down.

Nowhere is this clearer than in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a Facebook group comprised of a number of teachers and other radical neo-Marxists had threatened to “hack” and “expose” parents who oppose Critical Race Theory in schools.

According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, apparently “asking someone to hack is not illegal.”

Yes, they said that.

The Loudoun County school board is comprised of a bunch of radical Marxist-leaning hacks, mad with power, who refuse to acknowledge that parents have a say in how their children are educated.

In concert with that you have the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, who last month had deputies show up at a school board meeting and arrest parents exercising their First Amendment rights. So it is hardly surprising that the Sheriff is basically refusing to do his job.

The sheriff’s office announced they had closed their investigation into the Facebook group which threatened to commit computer crime. There are of course two problems with this. The first concerns Facebook, which routinely either suspends or deletes people and pages with whom the pimple-faced fact checkers they employ disagree with politically.

One person whom we know recently had their account suspended for 24 hours for telling Joe Biden to “take a nap,” while getting another three-day hit days later for calling out someone for a fake profile.

Meanwhile, this group of Loudoun County neo-Marxists was openly advocating to hack and dox parents who disagree with the Marxist Critical Race Theory and apparently the group still is on the platform. No surprise there.

According to the sheriff’s office in closing their investigation, they said they “do not have information that anyone has been hacked.”

Fair enough, however they seem to be punting. Under the criminal code of Virginia, § 18.2-152.4, Computer Trespass, it says:

  1. It is unlawful for any person, with malicious intent, or through intentionally deceptive means and without authority, to:
  2. Temporarily remove, halt, or otherwise disable any computer data, computer, programs, or computer software from a computer or computer network
  3. Cause a computer to malfunction, regardless of how long the malfunction persists;
  4. Alter, disable, or erase any computer data, computer programs or computer software;

Even if the sheriff’s office is claiming none of the above was in fact carried out, there is also another statute, Conspiracy (§ 18.2-256.) which says:

“Any person who conspires to commit any offense defined by this article or in the Drug Control Act…is punishable by imprisonment or fine or both which may not be less than the minimum punishment nor exceed the maximum punishment prescribed for the offense, the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.”

Based on our interpretation of the Virginia criminal code, it would appear that based on the facts of this case there is clear criminal culpability.

According to the report, school board member Beth Barts, who was the ringleader of the Facebook group’s hunt for so-called “dissident” parents living in Loudoun County, an affluent, semi-rural Virginia suburb, told investigators she didn’t access the group during a key time when the list development was occurring—which appears to be contradicted by timestamped data received from Facebook that was included in the report.

The Daily Wire obtained a copy of the 41-page report, in which deputies reported executing subpoenas on Facebook, as well as interviewing group participants, including Barts, who at one time had been censured and stripped of her committees on the school board specifically for targeting parents on social media. She sounds like a beauty.

On March 12 at approx. 9:20 a.m., Barts wrote:

“I am very concerned that this CRT ‘movement’ for lack of a better word is gaining support. It is difficult for me to bring attention to it without calling out specifics which may violate our code of conduct.”

It appeared as though this statement from Barts spurred group members to do what she was unable to do in her capacity, which is to assemble a list of parents. They compiled dozens of posts, which eventually morphed into a thread solely dedicated to the list.

One member, Jen Morse replied to Barts’ post by asking the group’s administrator, Jamie Ann Neidig-Wheaton, “is it ok if I post a call for volunteers for these counter activities?”

Below Barts’ comment, she posted, “I put up a call for volunteers post.” That post referred to a thread where they called to “infiltrate,” deploy “hackers who can shut down their websites,” and “expose these people publicly.”

Barts later wrote:

“Thank you for the response to my post this morning. It is ironic that they have now gone ‘underground’ after being called out for their hate and ignorance.”

In her statement to detectives, Barts said that she:

“…went on the site and asked for advocacy to share that LCPS is not supporting critical race theory…she said that she did not go back on the group until the next morning” and “did not see the doxing post until the next morning.”

Her post thanking people for their advocacy was about educating people and not thanking them from [sic] doxing people,” according to sheriff’s reports.

That statement flies in direct opposition to Facebook records included in the sheriff’s report, the Daily Wire said. According to those records, Barts returned multiple times to Facebook on March 12. At around 3:30 p.m., she responded to a comment, “We have a mole. Smoke them out” with the observation, “…well isn’t that interesting.”

By that time, Morse had posted and said the group should make “lists” and “infiltrate” and directed readers to the standalone thread, which was well advanced by that point.

The Daily Wire said they reached out to Barts for comment, however she did not return those requests.

A former Loudoun teacher named Hilary Hultman-Lee was the most active commenter, listing parents’ names, spouses and employers. She was asked about hacking. According to the report:

“She said that her understanding and what she thinks many people understood to be saying was not hacking but doing ‘that thing where you buy a domain name that’s similar to the one, you’re targeting so it looks like people are going to their address, but they go to a different one to get education information.’ She did not know of anyone who reached out…who said they could do the hacking. She said the initial conversation centered around creating their own website and/or a re-direct ‘spoof’ website,” sheriff’s documents read.

Much of that of course doesn’t make sense, the Daily Wire noted since there are numerous ways online to purchase domain names (GoDaddy, for example), a rather simple process. Also, it doesn’t jive with the call made to “shut down their websites.” In other words, Hultman-Lee is either ignorant or she was lying.

In the investigation summary, the sheriff’s office report reported that a post had solicited “information regarding legal names, areas of residence and/or school board reps, known accounts on social media, and other information relating to those who opposed [sic] to [Anti-Racist parents of Loudoun County].

This prompted other members of the ARPLC group to volunteer these names.” However according to the sheriff’s office, this does not constitute “personal identifying information (as defined in Virginia Code § 18.2-186.4) it said.

The office noted they had considered charges of “using a person’s identity with intent to coerce, intimidate or harass,” “harassment by computer,” “slander and libel,” and “racketeering.” They noted that any such charges would be “misdemeanor violations,” and therefore the sheriff’s office wouldn’t be pursuing criminal charges. People were advised they had the right to “pursue misdemeanor criminal charges or other civil remedies.”

That is probably a fat chance however, since the county’s elected prosecutor is also a member of the anti-racist Facebook group. Buta Biberaj wasn’t shown as someone who commented on the doxing thread, however, did participate in another thread which involved soliciting videos of children being racist, underneath a comment that said we have to “fight this shit together.” No doubt, anyone seeking to prosecute these neo-Marxists would have little luck getting anything past this hack.

In the loony world of the anti-racist fools, inclusion on the list of parents to be doxed didn’t need to be identified as a “racist” but rather the fact they weren’t an avowed “antiracist.”

One participant in the group wrote, “Decades ago I had some unpleasant interactions with one of them I think.” I think?

However there was much more to it than that. Many of those posts gave the appearance of prioritizing teachers over parents. In the case of Barts, she calls herself a “former educator,” and the group also included school system insiders, teachers, former teachers, and school board members.

“If I was still in that stupid LCPS [Loudoun County Public Schools] Parents group, I’d remember more names,” Morse wrote. 

The sheriff’s report noted that a majority of the parents targeted were more opposed to teachers union-backed extended school closures as opposed to racial issues.

“Based on the interviews conducted, a majority of the subjects named had opposing views on ‘Distance Learning’ from that of the members of the ‘ARPLC’ and a minority of the subjects named had opposing views on ‘Critical Race Theory,’ detectives wrote.

Some members also criticized a parent who had believed a child who made rape allegations against a teacher. “Did he use his brand on the rape allegations against the Trailside teacher? He was funding the litigation,” one wrote, while noting that “I have not really been following that closely so I’m not sure if they were corroborated allegations.”

Neidig-Wheaton commented, “I can’t believe such a catch is single,” then calling him a “loud loser incel pissed is wife left him.”

Barts used the words, “Silence IS complicity,’ yet only one member of the group appeared to speak out against the list-making, according to the sheriff’s report. “I have seen multiple members here say we don’t keep ‘list’ [sic] of people…how is this not exactly that?” a man wrote. “Seriously? Infiltrate? I joined this group because I can’t stand trumpistas pretending racism doesn’t exist. But keeping lists and infiltrating is exactly the bullshit they do.”

To this, Hultman-Lee replied, “If you don’t care to participate in these factfinding and education activities, don’t.”

Continuing, he said, “…keeping private lists and infiltrating out of a private group is ‘education’? Ha…I am a supporter of CRT. I engage with that daily. I will not engage or support tactics that racists and NAZIs themselves use. We are better than them.”

Hultman-Lee again replied back, writing, “I will not repeat myself again…You’re welcome to start your own public group, if you disagree.”

The group then went back to slamming the parents whom they deemed to be their opponents.

“The parents are the cowards because they know we can’t smack their kids. But not a single one will confront me face to face and try that shit,” said a woman named Antoine Wilson, speaking of allegedly racist children.

“The person taking screenshots and running off like a little pathetic Karen should get a life,” said a woman named Heather Elise Barclay.

The group couldn’t even keep their message straight, with some attacking parents who object to Critical Race Theory while others claimed it didn’t exist in the schools.

The Daily Wire said some members of the group attacked CRT opponents without really having knowledge of what their criticisms were.

“These lunatics scare me. I haven’t paid much attention until now. What is the actual program that Loudoun is using? I can’t believe these people are my neighbors,” said Kimberly Gould Crawley.

Biden’s doing a bang up job “bringing the country together,” don’t you think? 

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