A Florida man from Miami-Dade County shot and killed his wife of 33 years after claiming on Facebook that she had been cheating on him, and that she was ungrateful for the brand-new Mercedes he had bought her—all because it was silver instead of red.

Eddie Harris had been married to his wife Shanica Harris for 33 years, and had five children together. Police received a 911 call around 9 pm on Saturday September 28th of a report of shots being fired inside the Liberty City home owned by the Harris’s.

When police arrived on scene they were met by two men who had fled the home, who told officers that Eddie had shot his wife, and that their two grandchildren, ages 6 and 9, were still inside the residence. They also informed officers that Eddie had a rifle.

As reported by Crimeonline.com:

“Special Response Team members and hostage negotiators were called to the house” at which time Eddie barricaded himself inside the home. 

Officers were able to safely remove the two grandchildren from the home using a window, unharmed.  While the officers were removing the children from the residence, Eddie turned the rifle on himself.

When officers were able to gain entry to the home, they found Shanica dead on arrival, and Eddie still alive on the floor suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Eddie was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Reports indicate that, the couple may have been experiencing marital issues.  With social media postings on Eddie’s Facebook page accusing Shanica of being unfaithful in their marriage, cheating on him. There were multiple postings suggesting:

“Shanica Harris got a f**k boy rides [i]n a white impala around my house…”

He also went on to accuse Shanica of trying to have individuals harm him and their son in another Facebook post saying:

“Me and my son here alone she n****r trying to hurt me n my son.”

The last post on his face book page reading:

“Shanica Harris got them trying to kill me.”

It is unclear who the ‘they’ are that Eddie was referring to, and what exactly ‘they’ were trying to do to kill him.

These posts coming a mere week after Eddie purchased Shanica brand new Mercedes SUV.  The final posting on her Facebook page showing the silver vehicle with a large bow, and a caption reading:

“’Now he knows I love red cars!!! But OMG!!!!!! Why couldn’t I pick out my own car…’

Family and friends say that Eddie and Shanica were high school sweethearts and had been together since they were both fifteen years old. It is unclear whether Eddie survived his injuries, and what charges he will face.

This is not the first time the family has dealt with tragedy. Eddie and Shanica’s 18-year-old son, Eddie Jr. was shot and killed while he was walking alone on a street in Miami in January of 2016. 

Reports indicate that a Toyota pulled up alongside Eddie Jr., when I man got out and started firing shots at the teen.  After the shots ended, the man got back into his vehicle and sped off, leaving Eddie Jr. to bleed out and die in the middle of the street. 

It was indicated that there were at least 18 shots fired, though witnesses reported hearing more fired.  It is unclear if anyone has been arrested for that crime.

Homicide rates for Miami-Dade county are up 7.2% from 2018 in current year to date statistic from the Miami Dade County police department.  

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In the meantime, police say they’ve caught the person responsible for another senseless murder – this one involving the killing of a U.S. Postal Service worker in South Carolina on Monday.

On Saturday, they arrested 22-year-old Trevor Seward of South Carolina.  He’s accused of murdering 64-year-old Irene Pressley on Monday in Andrews, S.C., according to reports.

The arrest was announced at Pressley’s funeral Saturday, leading to mourners erupting in cheers.

“She was the post office mama,” Postmaster Sharon Cameron told local media outlets. “We keep her picture as you can see. And we will honor her at that post office now and forever.”

Police need our help in solving the murder of this postal worker

Police need our help in solving the murder of this postal worker – This is Irene Presley

We’re told that Seward was arrested on a state murder charge – which carries the death penalty, because it’s a federal crime to kill a postal worker.

Police said a fingerprint located on a piece of mail tied Seward to the crime.  According to the arrest warrant,  forensic examination determined the fingerprint belonged to Seward.

They say Seward shot Pressley multiple times with a semi-automatic weapon, and that a witness reported seeing him with a rifle a short time before Pressley was killed.

He was previously sentenced to probation under South Carolina’s Youthful Offender Act for a 2016 burglary conviction, local media outlets report.

Police said 64-year-old Irene Pressley was murdered along her delivery route in Williamsburg County.  She was shot and killed while on the job.  She’d been working for the postal service for 22 years.

David M. McGinnis is the inspector in charge of the Charlotte division of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.  On Friday, he held a press conference, saying they put together a task force of more than 70 people has been created to conduct the investigation.

“Postal inspectors, uniformed postal police, administrative and technical personnel, have been brought in from all over the country to conduct this investigation,” McGinnis said. “We’re bringing the full force of law enforcement at all levels to bear in this massive investigation.”

Also taking part in the news conference was Williamsburg County Sheriff Stephen R. Gardner.  He said all of his office’s deputies have been working on the case.

“We will stand against this act of violence, and we will bring justice to this crime,” Gardner said.

Over Labor Day weekend in West Texas, a postal worker became a victim of a mass shooting.Mary Granados, 29, was identified by the United States Postal Service on Sunday as the letter carrier killed in the Saturday attack.

Granados was among the seven victims killed in the shooting when her mail carrier car was hijacked toward the end of her route in Odessa, said a statement from the Postal Service.

Postal service officials said Granados was alone in the vehicle at the time.

“The Postal Service is shocked and saddened by the events that occurred yesterday in the Midland-Odessa area. We are especially grieving the loss of our postal family member and we continue to keep her family in our thoughts. The United States Postal Inspection Service, the law enforcement arm of the Postal Service, is working closely with law enforcement partners to investigate the matter,” Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster General and CEO, said in a statement Sunday.

Finally, back in April, a 17-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the shooting death of a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, according to authorities in New Mexico.

Albuquerque Police confirmed the arrest in a Twitter message.

“Our detectives worked with the US Postal Inspection Service to locate and arrest the suspect accused of murdering a local letter carrier. Thank you to everyone who assisted,” the message said.

The arrest happened “without incident,” police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos told the Albuquerque Journal. Further details about the arrest were not immediately available.

Letter carrier Jose Hernandez was fatally shot after he intervened in a domestic dispute between the suspect and his mother outside their home, Albuquerque’s KOB-TV reported.

Hernandez had used mace on the teen after he allegedly “became aggressive” during the dispute. The teen then allegedly got a gun from inside the house then came back outside and allegedly shot Hernandez.

Neighbors tried to revive Hernandez. He died at the scene.

“This is something that is completely unexpected,” said Rod Spurgeon, a spokesman for the Postal Service.

Hernandez was a U.S. Army veteran and had worked for the Postal Service for 12 years, according to family members.

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