PLANTATION, Florida – Authorities have made an arrest in connection with the pipe bomb explosives that were mailed to prominent democratic figures earlier this week, reported NPR.

UPDATE – Police have released the name of the suspect, 56 year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr. Sayoc, a registered Republican voter who lives in Aventura, Florida, will face federal charges for the devices, according to NBC News.

Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Barack Obama and the New York offices of CNN were just a few of those directly targeted in the attempted attacks just two weeks before the midterm elections. All of the packages were intercepted by members of law enforcement before reaching their intended targets.

Authorities have now made an arrest and have seized a white van in Plantation, Florida in connection with the crimes. According to a law enforcement official, the man is in his 50’s, but his name and potential charges that he could face remain unknown.


The view of the van appears to show Republican bumperstickers. (Screenshot – MSNBC broadcast)

An aerial view provided by MSNBC’s broadcast shows what appeared to be Republican-themed bumper stickers as well as a large photo of President Trump. The van has since been covered with a tarp and loaded into a flatbed truck. The event was broadcast on live tv.

A member of the Justice Department confirmed that an individual had been arrested and taken into custody. It is unclear whether the man acted alone.

The announcement came after authorities recovered more explosives, bringing the total to 12 devices. All 10 recipients have been “enemies” of Donald Trump. Among the latest discoveries were packages addressed to Senator Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, and former intelligence boss, James Clapper.

President Trump tweeted earlier that the “bomb stuff” was negatively impacting Republicans in the polls as the news media has been focused on the scare rather than the political race.

trump tweet explosives

Trump tweets about “bomb stuff” taking focus away from the elections. (Screenshot – Twitter)

Trump released a public statement Friday saying, “I am pleased to inform you that law enforcement has apprehended the suspect and taken him into custody.”

“It’s an incredible job by law enforcement, and we have carried out a far-reaching federal and local and state investigation to find the person or persons responsible for the events,” the president said.

“These terrorizing acts are despicable, and have no place in our country. No place. I have instructed authorities to spare no resource or expense in finding those responsible, and bringing them to swift and certain justice.”

A press conference will be held at 2:30pm EDT in Washington D.C. to provide more information as the investigation unfolds.