Remember when New Jersey lawmakers wanted to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants?

Well now Florida wants to do the same thing.

According to a report from Fox News, A new bill in the sunshine state would allow residents to get their driver’s licenses – regardless of immigration status.

A Democrat representative supporting the bill said it would make the streets ‘safer’ and “helps to build that trust” with those who are “marginalized” in the state.

According to the bill, undocumented immigrants would be able to use foreign documents to register for the identification using a non-expired passport or foreign birth certificate.

Democratic lawmakers essentially see that since illegal immigrants are going to be on the roads as it is, we might as well just cave and give them licenses.


“It doesn’t matter your immigration status. If you are on the roads, you should have access to a driver’s test and the ability to get car insurance,” Democratic Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez said.

So instead of enforcing our current laws, we’re going to introduce new ones. Sounds a lot like giving up. 

A press release was circulated after the release of the bill, stating that it ‘proposed legislation to make Florida’s roads safer, increase state revenue and cementing trust in law enforcement while protecting vulnerable communities.’

Sure, plenty of undocumented citizens are probably great people. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that they are here illegally.

How does giving something to people who are actively breaking the law to help them out create better trust concerning law enforcement?

Is Florida about to let illegal immigrants get driver's licenses?

If passed, the bill would allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses. (Wikipedia)


The bill gained some popularity amongst citizens because of the mention of lowered insurance premiums.

“With the passage of this legislation, Floridians would benefit from lower insurance premiums for all drivers and improved public safety on roadways,” said the press release.

Thomas Kennedy, Political Director for the Florida Immigration Coalition commented on the bill’s introduction.

“The time is right for our state to make this change. In a time when communities are fearful about the hostile, anti-immigrant climate being created by the federal government, it is more important than ever to ensure our state supports the immigrant communities that make Florida vibrant by expanding driver’s licenses to all Floridians, regardless of immigration status. Allowing all immigrants to access driver’s licenses will not only empower communities that need our support, it will make our roads safer, bring immigrants out of the shadows and into the light while saving money for all Floridians.”

Is Florida about to let illegal immigrants get driver's licenses?

Protests have been held across the country over national immigration policy. (Wikipedia)

New Jersey introduced similar legislation recently, but have since been stalled on getting it passed.


Is Florida about to let illegal immigrants get driver's licenses?