Florida deputy’s triplets facing three counts of “aggravated cuteness”


LEE COUNTY, FL – A Florida deputy’s triplets have gone viral on Facebook, following a post shared by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office depicting the three babies and saying they’re charged with “aggravated cuteness”.

The Facebook post that has attained hundreds of comments and nearly 3,000 likes and reactions depict Lee County Sergeant Rawlins’ two baby girls and baby boy, laying on a thin blue line flag adorning pro-police emblazoned onesies.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the post:

“How adorable is this?! Sergeant Rawlins is the father of triplets! They are facing three counts of aggravated cuteness. How many do you think will follow in their Dad’s footsteps?”

Online commenters shared a myriad of positivity on Facebook, with people replying with the likes of “adorable”, “beautiful”, “cute”, and the sort.

In other viral news regarding law enforcement, a police officer in Everett, Massachusetts gained some online fame earlier in August after video surfaced of some of his sweet dance moves during a National Night Out event. 

Everett Police Chief Steve Mazzie posted a video to Twitter of Officer Carlos Flores getting down with some kids in the Phunk Dance Crew on August 3rd, specifically writing on the post: 

“Off Carlos Flores ⁦[of the Everett Police Department]⁩ ripping it up with the Phunk Dance Crew on National Night Out.”

Local news outlet WWLP shared the story and video during their August 4th broadcast, with news anchorman Don Shipman later reposting the video on his own Twitter account, challenging the Springfield Police Department to see if they have an officer on deck with similar moves. 

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Unfortunately, not all viral videos featuring police officers are of the flattering kind. While some do show unsavory aspects that sometimes occur in police work, others attempt to distort facts in an effort to malign police. 

Such is the case with a video that went viral in late July, where allegations cropped up that a police officer in Wisconsin “planted” evidence in a suspect’s vehicle. 

Here’s that previous report. 


(Originally published July 29th, 2021)

CALEDONIA, WI- Late last week, a viral video went across social media sites which appeared to show a white police officer “planting evidence” in the car of a black suspect.

As usual, the mob went ballistic and the officer in question was eventually doxed as is the favorite tactic especially of the far left.

This was clearly done in order to paint this police officer as a racist who targets black people. Unfortunately for the mob, the video was missing some important context. In other words, the narrative was false.

As with any video coming out be it that of a police officer or that of anyone else, it is important not to go off half-cocked. The case of this particular video didn’t make any sense as to the “planting” of evidence, which we’ll get into in a bit. Of course that doesn’t matter to those who have an agenda.

The first thing that might have tipped people off is that if an officer is going to go to the “trouble” of “planting evidence,” that is typically done for the purposes of using it in order to make an arrest. In this particular incident, the driver of the car was only given a speeding ticket—no one was arrested.

It appears that in this case the search was conducted relative to a consent to search incident, where the owner of the vehicle granted permission to the officer to conduct the search.

During the course of the search, an empty bag was found inside and upon seeing it was empty, returned to the vehicle. That was what the mob seized upon to insinuate that the officer had “planted” the “tainted” bag inside the car, thereby outing the officer as “rogue.”

The original tweet has been taken private, however a screenshot in RedState says the following:

“Cop caught in 4K planting evidence.”

It also had a picture of the officer allegedly “planting” the evidence. The person who posted the bogus picture is an individual named Rex Chapman, who sources say is one of the leading leftist sources of misinformation on Twitter. Here is the entire thread:

As RedState noted, for all  we hear about so-called “misinformation” or “disinformation” from the tech tyrants from Facebook, Twitter, Google and others, deliberate misinformation that accomplishes furthering a particular narrative—in this case an anti-police narrative—is alright apparently.

After the video went viral, officials from the Caledonia police department posted the following on Facebook:

The video in question, as explained in the Facebook post, showed an officer who was given a “corner tear” from a plastic baggie from another officer. The “tear” didn’t contain any evidence of an illegal substance, however such packaging is typically used for holding illegal drugs. 

That officer threw the empty tear back into the vehicle, which what was observed on video. Clearly the officer was not “planting” anything. 

The post goes on to say that no arrests were made as a result of the incident, with only a citation being issued for speeding to the driver, as stated, according to Caledonia Police Chief Christopher Botsch. 

According to CBS 58, the car was pulled over for doing 63mph in a 45mph zone. The incident remains under internal review by the police department. 

We agree the person who clipped this video and posted it out of context in order to push a narrative should be booted from social media, but we all know that will never happen. As we have seen especially over the past 18 months or so, the tech tyrants are interested only in pushing a particular agenda that achieves the demonization of conservatives, and especially police officers.

In this particular case, doxing this officer, posting personal information about his family and in a super-charged anti-police atmosphere putting them at the risk of great physical harm, deserves to be booted off social media. That of course won’t happen.

RedState put it succinctly:

“As to those who shared this video under the guise of fighting for “social justice,’ this kind of stuff only hurts their cause. But that assumes the division isn’t the point.”

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Bask in May, we at Law Enforcement Today shared another report regarding a viral video – this time featuring a retired police K9 out of Australia that has quite the funny reaction to when his own mentions the name of a certain narcotic. 

Here’s that previous report. 


(Originally published May 1st, 2021)

QUEENSLAND, AU – A retired Australian K9 named Dante has become quite the viral hit online after his reaction to the word “cocaine” seemingly triggered some of his old instincts from his days as a narcotics detector.

The clip in question, originally uploaded to TikTok by Dante’s owner Davey Rutherford, was simply titled “sniffer dog knows English” and showcases Dante staring out of a window as his owner starts reciting off some words from a mock grocery list:

“All right, shopping list: Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine.”

The German Shepherd was unmoved throughout the reciting of the run-of-the-mill grocery items – until the word “cocaine” was spoken. Suddenly, Dante whips his head toward his owner, bearing the most curious of looks once the narcotic was mentioned.

The dog’s owner then cleverly said “just kidding.”

@a_dog_named_danteSniffer dog knows English #foryoupage #dog #foryourpage #dog #comedy #fyp #snifferdog♬ original sound – A_dog_named_dante

While the post originated from TikTok, the video has since been ripped and reuploaded to other platforms like Twitter by various users – with reports noting that the video has been collectively viewed over 30 million times between the various rips online.

Law Enforcement Today has previously covered recent viral videos, such as one coming from Washington, DC where an officer offered a snappy answer to a silly question. 

Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, DC – A video that recently went viral on Twitter showed a brief clip of a DC Metropolitan Police officer being heckled by some person behind a camera, hurling inflammatory rhetoric around on whether the police officer was going to kill him “like Ma’Khia Bryant.”

The officer’s response was fairly clever, rhetorically asking the heckler:

“Are you gonna try and stab someone like her?”

The broader context surrounding the video/interaction is really unclear, as it came via a TikTok video that was then re-uploaded to Twitter.

However, what is blatantly clear is that it’s a relatively recent interaction that happened in Washington, DC, where some heckler decided to film a DC Metro officer and ask the following:

“Are y’all gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant?”

Without missing a step, the officer asks the man filming:

“Are you gonna try and stab somebody like her?”

Apparently, this response infuriated the man filming, who had a mini-tirade of outrage caught on video:

“But she called y’all for help. Fuck is you talking ‘bout…get yo goofy ass…I can’t…and you just said that on camera. This shit going viral.”

Well, to be fair, the man behind the camera was accurate in pointing out that the video was going to go viral. But the reasons in which the video went viral are likely not in the manner that the young man filming would’ve suspected.  

Some comments were humorous. One Twitter user wrote in response:

“I’d rather be shot than be wrecked like this.”

Of course, others simply dropped memes in response to the video.

Then there were those more offended at the fact that the person who filmed this interaction had the nerve to film something in vertical mode:

“Of course it’s filmed in vertical.” 

With the response of:

“I’m not usually big on [government] interference but [people] who do that need to be sent to a reeducation camp.”

This entire videoed back-and-forth stems from the highly publicized incident that occurred in Columbus, Ohio, on April 20th. Law Enforcement Today has reported on the incident and the media response/handling of the matter. 


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