It all started as a call about a domestic incident at a home on Humbolt Avenue in New Port Richey, Florida at 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police say a woman called 911 to report that her parents were fighting and her dad had fired shots inside the home.

When deputies arrived, they said they found that the suspect’s wife had been beaten.  The man accused, 62-year-old Terrance Peterson, barricaded himself alone in the home and wouldn’t come out.

Just before 2 a.m., police were able to make entry into the home and were approaching the bedroom when they say Peterson began shooting. 

A deputy was shot in the leg, with the bullet hitting an artery. Fellow deputies quickly applied a tourniquet to the leg and rushed him away – even as some gunshots were still being fired. 

“I’m not a doctor. I don’t know if that saved his life,” Nocco said. “But I can tell you the probability of him being able to walk and live again is because of the quick reaction of his teammates, the members of the sheriff’s office who put that tourniquet on.”

Another deputy suffered a hand injury when he was grazed by a bullet.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said that Peterson continued firing two different guns as deputies were retreating.  He says they exchanged gunfire with the suspect and then called in the SWAT team.

Several sheriff office cruisers were hit by gunfire, as well as neighboring homes, Nocco said.  Luckily nearby homes had been evacuated before the shooting began.

He said the team deployed gas into the home and then sent in a robot around 4:30 a.m.  Nocco said that robot confirmed that the suspect had been shot, but it’s unclear if he shot himself or was hit by the deputies’ gunfire.

62-year-old Terrance Peterson

62-year-old Terrance Peterson

He was arrested and brought to the local hospital, where his condition hasn’t been released.

He’s now facing charges five counts of attempted homicide.  Peterson has been previously arrested for domestic battery. 

The deputy who was shot in the leg is having surgery today and his injury is believed to be non-life threatening.

“We thank God our deputies are safe,” This was a battle. This was an absolute gun battle out there.”

In another tragedy for the blue family, Friday night, we learned the identity of a police officer killed in the line of duty Friday morning in Grand Prairie, Texas.

He’s 38-year-old Officer Albert A.J. Castaneda, who was a father of two.

Police say it happened on President George Bush Turnpike when he was running radar enforcement around 10:30 a.m. near Dickey Road.

They say he was standing outside his patrol vehicle that was parked on the shoulder when a Nissan 300ZX driver lost control and hit the police unit, throwing the officer off the overpass.


Officer Castaneda was a five-year veteran of the department. Before he joined Grand Prairie, he worked for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office for six years and served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 2000 to 2008. 

He was described as a “model police officer”.  

Police say an off-duty officer witnessed the crash and attempted to render help.

As of Friday evening, the Nissan driver has not been charged and was not seriously injured.

The crash remains under investigation.


We’re also waiting on updates about a police officer in St. Louis who is fighting for his life after an early afternoon shootout Thursday near Circus Flora in Midtown.

That shooting happened just after 12 p.m. Thursday about a block from the Fox Theater.

Local media outlets show evidence markers covering the parking lot of a transitional housing building owned by the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  They say that there was one evidence marker for each recovered bullet casing and there were at least 47 of them in the parking lot.

Just a wooden fence separates the shooting area from the circus tent.

Police were working together with U.S. Marshals to arrest a 26-year-old suspect who they say was wanted for a federal weapons charge and a parole violation on a homicide charge.

Just before noon Thursday, the plain-clothes officers started to converge on the suspect’s vehicle around Delmar and Josephine Baker Boulevards.

They say he was traveling with a woman in a silver Audi with damage to the rear driver side door and a flat tire on the rear passenger side, and that they car had Illinois plates that were registered to another vehicle that’s not from the St. Louis area.

As police started to surround the car, the suspect ran from the vehicle and an officer started to chase the suspect on foot.

According to Chief Hayden, the suspect turned and fired a shot at the 37-year-old officer chasing him…. hitting him in the upper thigh.

Another officer fired at the suspect during the chase, hitting him.  Police say that he was found dead at the scene.

The officer shot in the thigh was taken to an area hospital and although he’s in critical condition, police say he was talking and conscious.

The injured officer has been with the department 14 years and is 37-years-old. The other officer is 43 and has been on the force for 17 years.

The woman traveling in the vehicle with the suspect was arrested.

Police have not yet released the suspect’s name.

A police officer in St. Louis is fighting for his life after an early afternoon shootout Thursday near Circus Flora in Midtown.

A police officer in St. Louis is fighting for his life after an early afternoon shootout Thursday near Circus Flora in Midtown.

Sgt. Keith Barrett, a spokesman for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, said authorities recovered two firearms from the scene. One was a loaded .40 caliber Taurus semi-auto pistol with one in the chamber and three in the magazine.  

The second was a loaded .223 Bushmaster AR-style pistol with a bullet in the chamber and a drum magazine with 60 live rounds inside the suspect’s bag at that scene.