Florida couple charged with having sex in cop car and filming it after ignoring trooper’s warning


COLLIER COUNTY, FL – A Florida couple have been arrested after they filmed an X-rated video of themselves having sex in a trooper’s squad car after the trooper stepped away.

Florida Highway Patrol Troopers stopped Yordan Noa, 24, for allegedly driving his black BMW on a suspended license Thursday.

They offered to give him and his passenger, Summer Joy Watkins, 24, a ride to a gas station because their car was being towed.

According to arrest report, Watkins allegedly told Noa while sitting in the back of the patrol car:

“Baby, we should record an OnlyFans video back here.”

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content. When utilized as an adult site, users will post X-rated videos and photos to their accounts, which are protected by a paywall.

When Noa was also put in the back of the same squad car, Watkins allegedly asked the cop, “What if I suck his d–k back here?”

Trooper J.D. Perez-Morales wrote in the arrest report that he told the couple twice not to have sex in the back of the vehicle.

They were both put in the back of a patrol car and the trooper had planned to drop them off at a gas station where they could find their own ride home.

After dropping the couple off, the trooper reviewed his in-car video footage and observed them having oral sex in the backseat. Troopers said Noa was recording Watkins on his phone. Trooper Perez-Morales wrote:

“Shortly after I closed the door, Mr. Nao took his penis out of his shorts. The defendant then bent down and began to perform oral sex on Mr. Nao for approximately 40 seconds.”

The sexual act was recorded by the prisoner compartment camera in the trooper’s car.

In the video, Watkins was allegedly seen videotaping the encounter and recorded saying:

“f**k Five-O. Can ya’ll (sic) hear me? She’s sucking d**k in the back of a State Trooper right now.”

The arrest report stated that Watkins also made a Facetime video call to someone bragging:

“I just sucked his d–k in the back of a police car.”

The trooper returned to the drop-off location and arrested the pair. Watkins was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and breach of the peace. She was released on a $1,000 bond and is scheduled for arraignment on Dec. 16.

Noa was arrested for driving on a suspended license, possession of a controlled substance, as well as indecent exposure in public, breach of peace and lewd and lascivious behavior. He is free on bond until his Dec. 13 arraignment.

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Florida Highway Patrol Trooper tackles motorcycle rider during illegal and dangerous S. Florida ‘charity ride’

October 22, 2021


 DELRAY BEACH, FL – A pack of riders doing dangerous and illegal stunts in the southbound lanes of Interstate-95 near Delray Beach on Sunday attracted the attention of the Florida Highway Patrol and earned one trooper viral-video fame.

The troopers appeared to be racing to the front of the horde of motorcyclists and ATV riders when one patrol unit hit a motorcycle, dislodging the rider onto the left shoulder of the multilane highway.

The man, apparently not seriously injured, tried to remount and rejoin the ride, which was billed as a “charity ride out” for breast cancer.

One so-far unidentified trooper was having none of that, however, and leapt over the man’s bike and onto his back in a takedown worthy of a Hollywood action movie. 


Ride participant Kyle James, a South Florida stunt-riding photographer and videographer, captured the trooper’s flying tackle on video and released it to CBS12 News. In an accompanying interview, James, who runs stunt-riding social club Empire Visuals, chose not to address why the group was creating chaos on the highway and instead supported his fellow motorcyclist.

James said of the rider: 

“I think he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, 100 percent.”

The incident unfolded as scores of motorcyclists and ATV riders took to the interstate from West Palm Beach to Delray Beach during the annual West Palm Beach Breast Cancer Awareness Ride Out.

The problem is that the riders were speeding, weaving between cars and performing extremely dangerous, illegal stunts.

Many were on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles, which are not allowed on paved roads, let alone overcrowded, high-speed interstate systems.

Massive groups of illegal riders have become a plague in metropolitan areas nationwide, with group members daring police to catch them while intimidating other drivers.

During the incident, one FHP patrol unit was seen approaching the right rear flank of the fleeing rider and then veering to the left, crashing into the bike. It is unknown if the trooper intended to strike the motorcycle with the patrol vehicle.

Troopers immediately converged on the man as he tried to get back onto his bike and one trooper took a headfirst leap over the motorcycle and landed on him. Both the trooper and the suspect, who witnesses said was from Orlando, fell to the ground and the man was taken into custody.

James, the videographer, completely ignored the fact that troopers were quite visibly trying to stop the man and he was refusing to pull over. This alone makes the driver a criminal and in violation of the law for aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude, which are felonies.

And when the driver apparently got back on his bike to flee, he committed another crime, at minimum, resisting arrest without violence.  So, not counting what he was doing illegally on the roadway, either racing (which is a crime) or reckless driving (another crime), he committed at least one felony in the process.

James stated:

“I just think they (FHP) rushed to the front of the pack.  He was at the front.  He was one of the first people they got to and was trying to run him off the road and he got hit.”

James shared a video of the motorcycles and ATVs doing wheelies and other extremely dangerous maneuvers on the interstate, which has a 70-mph speed limit. James did admit that he knew the group was committing crimes with their actions. 

He said:

“I’m not trying to justify it at all.  It’s not legal.”

However, he also said:

“We’re out there having fun and sometimes the cops do get upset.  Sometimes it looks like we’re getting out of hand, so they want to make a point, but that’s not how you do it.”

People like James who participate in these types of events do not seem to understand why the laws are written in the manner that they are regarding street racing and reckless driving.

It would be one thing if the group did these stunts on a private track that they rented out, but on a high-speed interstate, with hundreds of other drivers present, it’s just plain dangerous.



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