Florida lawsuit: Biden’s “sanctuary country” policy releasing illegal immigrant convicts into American communities


TALLAHASSEE, FL- As the Biden Justice Department continues to seek out those involved in the most bogus “insurrection” in world history at the US Capitol on January 6, the rest of his administration is apparently turning a blind eye to real criminals.

By that, it is the fact that what amounts to Biden’s “sanctuary country” policy is releasing huge numbers of criminal aliens into American cities and towns.

So what’s going on?

In February, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now under the apparent command of Joe Biden ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents not to pursue illegal aliens for arrest and deportation unless they have been recently convicted [emphasis added] of aggravated felonies against Americans.

Please note convicted.

What does that mean exactly? Just what it says…criminal aliens who have been arrested and charged with crimes such as rape, murder, sexual abuse of a child, child pornography or literally hundreds of other felonies wouldn’t be eligible for take into custody orders because they have not yet been convicted of the crimes.

Word salad? Absolutely, and the ignorant among the American public probably do not understand that convicted and arrested mean two entirely different things.

As Breitbart noted, if “ICE agents try to arrest an illegal alien who is not a convicted aggravated felon—or a known or suspected terrorist or gang member—they must first get approval through an arduous chain of command process where a field director or a special agent in charge greenlights the effort.”

According to the Western Journal, Laura Ries, a former DHS official who now works for the Heritage Foundation as a senior research fellow said Biden’s scheme basically turns the entirety of the United States into a “sanctuary country.”

“Law enforcement professionals estimate these guidelines will take 90 percent of those here illegally off the table when it comes to detention or deportation,” she wrote in a statement.

“In essence, ICE agents are being told to back down from enforcing the law and doing their jobs. Sadly, this guidance is forcing law enforcement officers to choose between protecting Americans and protecting their careers,” Ries wrote.

“Forget sanctuary cities—this turns America into a sanctuary country. Prominent leftists have spent the past months calling to ‘abolish ICE.’ The Biden administration effectively just made their wish come true.”

Now, some states have had enough of the federal government’s soft on criminal illegal aliens approach. Breitbart reports that in Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody has filed suit against the Biden administration’s sanctuary country orders.

That lawsuit has revealed that illegal alien convicts in state prisons are being released into American communities because ICE no longer has the ability to detain and deport them.

Moody identified seven illegal alien convicts in the case—many of whom have been convicted of burglary, cocaine trafficking, grand theft auto, heroin trafficking, credit card fraud, money laundering and other crimes.

In those cases, the Florida Department of Corrections sent notices to ICE about illegal alien convicts’ upcoming release dates, however ICE agents were forced to reply saying they could not take custody of the criminals due to Biden’s sanctuary orders.

That resulted in two criminals—Alejandro Falcon Luis Reyes and Dzevad Husejnovic being released into Florida communities rather than being turned over to ICE to get launched out of the country.

Other inmates named in the lawsuit—Jose Gomez, Loveson Pierre, Donovan Mott, and Wanto Jerome—are all scheduled to be released later this month, in June or November.

“The Biden administration’s reckless policy of refusing to do their jobs and deport criminals places all those gains and Floridians’ public safety at risk,” Moody said in a statement.

“Until President Biden’s inauguration, presidents of both parties detained and deported criminals,” Moody continued. “This is a radical shift that places Floridians and our law enforcement officers in greater danger, and that is why I filed suit.”

For example, in Pasco County, Florida in particular, the lawsuit states that ICE agents were unable to take three illegal aliens into custody who had been convicted of crimes such as domestic violence, violating a restraining order, and a warrant for an accused sexual predator.

Two other states have also filed suit against Biden, including Arizona, where Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed suit, as well as Montana where Attorney General Austin Knudsen have joined Florida. Both those states argue that Biden’s sanctuary country policy violates federal immigration law.

Breitbart previously reported that due to Biden’s sanctuary country orders, ICE detention of illegal aliens has hit the lowest level in the history of that agency, with less than 14,000 detainees in custody. Along the same lines, deportations have been cut by 53 percent in  his first month in the White House.

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Law Enforcement Today has reported numerous times on the crisis at the border and the crisis being caused by sanctuary policies. For more on that, we invite you to:



SOUTHERN BORDER- As coronavirus restrictions remain in place in blue states throughout the country while a number of red states have relaxed them, the Biden administration is busy opening the southern border to all manner of illegal aliens, releasing many of them into the country who are COVID positive.

To add injury to insult, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), no doubt at the direction of Biden (or more accurately his handlers) locked it’s safety alert Twitter account on Tuesday, putting a halt to public safety alerts on illegal aliens in the US with criminal backgrounds, Fox News says.

The account was created in 2013 under the Obama administration, and was reinforced under President Trump.

The account was designed to post details about known “fugitives,” which included their name, nationality, criminal history and U.S. jurisdiction where they were released.

Former senior advisor to ICE, Jon Feere wrote on Twitter Tuesday:

“It seems the Biden Admin locked [ICE Alerts] because if you were to report the location of one of these dangerous aliens to ICE – it would become too obvious that these assaulters, drug dealers, thieves and drunk drivers are no allowed to go free under Biden’s policies.”

Feere slammed Biden and his administration for hiding information about criminal aliens, in particular those with sexual assault and child abuse offenses.

This is especially egregious at a time when human trafficking, in particular where it concerns children and minors has become a human rights issue.

“ICE used to post ‘Most Wanted Wednesday’ tweets aimed at getting the public’s help in locating public safety threats,” Feere added.

“The Biden Admin is apparently not too interested in public safety.”

An ICE spokesperson told Fox News that the account was no longer being utilized under the new administration:

“ICE continues to use its main twitter account, @ICEgov, and our regional twitter accounts to communicate with the public about our national security, border security, and public safety mission.”

“ICE routinely updates its many communication tools to ensure accurate information remains consistent with current priorities. As with similar accounts associated with prior administrations’ policies, @ICEalerts was archived as it was no longer being maintained,” adding that other social media accounts remain active in order to disseminate updated information to the public.

The latest move by Biden is an apparent attempt to try to distance itself from the administration under which he served as vice president. Under the Obama administration, some three million migrants were deported, which Biden now calls a “big mistake.”

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“We took far too long to get it right,” Biden said last month in an interview with Univision.

“It was painful. It took too long. But we began to get it right with the DACA program.”

According to the Washington Times, the last alert issued was on January 21 and concerned a man named Ali Morit, a citizen of Yemen who ICE said was released by the New York City Police Department even though he had been charged with assault and acting in a manner to injure a juvenile. He had already been kicked out of the US once.

Feere decided that since the Biden administration appeared to be no longer concerned about the release of dangerous felons into communities, he would fill the void. He decided to post a number of alerts himself so they are able to be retweeted from his account.

Among those he tweeted were three Mexican men with DUI charges on their records. They had been deported a combined 23 times previously…yes, you read that correctly…23 times. They had been sought by ICE during the Trump administration, however California jurisdictions acting as “sanctuaries” released him in defiance of those requests.

During both the Trump and Obama administrations, ICE maintained the position that sanctuaries were a danger, shielding people with criminal records for being turned over to be deported.

When ICE had posted safety alerts, they posted the following on each one:

“When jurisdictions fail to honor an ICE detainer, it risks both public and officer safety, and unnecessarily expends ICE’s already-limited resources,” the account would read on each notice.

In addition to Twitter alerts, ICE in the past has paid for billboards to highlight releases from local communities under sanctuary policies.

Billboards went up in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, for example which identified aliens with criminal records who were released by local authorities into those communities.

ICE hasn’t indicated what their plans are for those billboards in the future, however given the Biden’s administration light on illegals policies, those will probably also go by the wayside.

Biden has promised to “modernize” the U.S.’s immigration policies; read open the borders to anyone who wants to come here. On Monday, radical Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that families separated at the border will be allowed to reunite in the U.S. and seek a path to citizenship.

In other words, children who came here smuggled in by coyotes and other human traffickers will have their families rewarded by the US actually seeking out those parents in other countries and bringing them into the country.

“We are hoping to reunite the families, either here or in their country of origin. We hope to be in a position to give them the election,” Mayorkas said in a press briefing.

“And if, in fact, they seek to reunite here in the United States, we will explore lawful pathways for them to remain in the United States, and to address the family needs.”

“We are acting as restoratively as possible,” Mayorkas added.

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