Flight attendant to traveler: Put your crying toddler in her own seat or you will be arrested


ATLANTA, GA – Chrisean Rose decided to make a memory for his little girl. He bought three sets of tickets to fly down to Orlando so they could go to Disney World.

The trip down was uneventful. The time at the Magic Kingdom was, well, magical.

But then they had to make the return trip home. When they boarded their flight on Frontier Airlines, they were met with some on-ground turbulence, so to speak.

Rose’s 25-month-old daughter Rayana had not flown before that weekend, so understandably, she was a bit nervous.

On the way to Orlando, they had flown Spirit. When the little girl got upset, Rose put her in his lap to comfort her. The Spirit flight crew said nothing to Rose about the seating arrangement.

On the way home, as they began to taxi to the runway, Rayana began to show her nervousness. She began to cry.

Rose, having done the same thing on the previous leg of his journey, picked her up, placing her in his lap and began to calm her down.

That is when the Frontier flight attendant stepped in and let Rose know, under no uncertain terms, that Rayana would have to return to her own seat and get buckled for take-off.

“She’s a small kid; she’s nervous. I explained to the flight attendant that this is only our first time traveling and she’s a little bit nervous,” Rose said.

Although he tried to return his daughter to her seat right next to him, he was unsuccessful in that attempt.

The plane stopped mid-taxi and returned to the gate.

“It’s wrong for you to do that, I’m just trying to comfort her, so she doesn’t interrupt the other people in the flight, and this is what you do,” Rose told the crewmember. “I hope you are not a mother, because that is just wrong.”

That didn’t stop a member of the flight crew from letting Rose know what he was facing.

“They will arrest you. I am telling you that right now,” the Frontier staffer told Rose.

Some of the confrontation was captured on camera and was posted to Rose’s Instagram account.


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Rose asked if he could ask a question, and he was told no.

An announcement was made over the PA, referring to Rose and his daughter as an “unfortunate incident” that would require a deplaning.

Once at the gate, he was told that he and his daughter would have to get off the plane.

After exiting the aircraft, Rose purchased tickets to go home on another airline. Remember we opened this piece by telling you he bought three sets of tickets.

This is why the third set was required.

According to WSB Radio, Frontier issued a statement.

“It is an FAA requirement that all passengers over the age of 24 months must be buckled into their own seat for takeoff and landing. The parent refused to comply and therefore was asked to exit the aircraft with the child.”

According to the father, this statement is untrue. He said he did attempt to put Rayana back in her seat but was unsuccessful in doing so.

“Babies don’t understand policies,” he said.

He was able to get a flight home on Delta, where his lovely daughter sat in his lap the entire time, and no one bothered them.

While he acknowledged that there is FAA regulation, he was hoping that Frontier would have been lenient like Spirit and Delta.

“I did not think it needed to be that far. I mean, arrested for what? For a kid crying?” he said.

After he returned home, he called Frontier and filed a complaint. The airline did refund him the cost of the two tickets he was unable to use throughout the duration of the flight.


Not all airline employees are making it difficult for parents of toddlers. Some of them are potentially saving lives. For more on that, we ask you to


Flight attendant uses coffee pot to take down “unruly passenger” who tried to open the door of the plane


KANSAS CITY, MO – During an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., passengers and crew subdued an “unruly passenger” who was attempting to breach the cockpit and open the forward plane door.  One flight attendant used a coffee pot as a handy weapon.

These events unfolded in February of 2022, approximately three hours into a routine flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Reagan National Airport.

According to the National Post, a passenger who had been “pacing the aisle” suddenly attempted to enter the cockpit, then tried to open the plane door.

Witness and passenger Mouaz Mustafa noted on Twitter:

“Flight AA1775 from LA to DC just did an emergency landing in Kansas after a near disaster when one passenger attempted to open the plane door mid flight. 

“Other passengers and flight attendants subdued and had to use force to disable the individual.”

Mustafa also reported that a flight attendant wielded a coffee pot as he or she jumped into action to subdue the man.

He tweeted:

“The FBI have boarded flight #AA1775 and are going through the scene after a flight attendant used a coffee pot to strike a middle aged man multiple times who was attempting to open the plane door.”

The pilot was forced to make an immediate and abrupt emergency landing into Kansas City, descending 30,000 feet in less than eight minutes.

Eyewitness Moustafa noted that the descent “felt like the plane was free falling and many feared the worst because people weren’t fully aware of what was unfolding.”

Carlos Rojas, an Air Force reservist who assisted in controlling the unruly passenger, told the New York Post how he worked together with others to manage the situation, saying:

“When I went up, it looked like the guy was trying to open the exterior door of the plane to the outside.”

Rojas continued:

“So we were kind of keeping him from doing that and just trying to subdue him and make sure that he was taken down and everybody was OK.”

Law Enforcement met the plane on the ground in Kansas City, and the unidentified unruly passenger was taken into FBI custody.

According to NBC4Washington, “there is no word on what, if any, charges he will be facing.”

The New York Post reports that the Association of Professional Flight Attendants said that they:

“will work with other flight attendant and customer service agent unions and the Department of Transportation to ensure the man and other similar suspects are prosecuted to the fullest extent and face possible flying bans.”

American Airlines announced in a general statement that the flight made its emergency landing:

“due to an unruly passenger displaying erratic behavior, who was ultimately subdued by our crew and with the help of other passengers. 

“The flight landed safely at Kansas City International Airport, and law enforcement met the flight on arrival.”

Passengers on the flight were understandably rattled by the incident.

Witness Karen Alston told KSHB News she felt “traumatized but grateful to be alive.”

She went on to praise those who acted to control the agitated passenger, saying:

“I was emotional, to be honest, and I still am emotional, because you don’t think this could be your day, your moment.

“Life is a precious thing that we all would like to continue, and so, in hindsight, I am so thankful for the men that risked their lives to save ours.

“They are heroes.”

American Airlines said to the New York Post in a statement:

“We’re grateful to our crew members, who are consistently dedicated to the safety and care of our customers and who handled the circumstances with the utmost skill and professionalism.”

The airline continued:

“We also appreciate the customers who stepped in to assist our crew.”

According to a survey conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, over 85 percent of 5000 flight attendants surveyed had experienced “unruly passengers” on flights in 2021.  

17 percent reported that incidents had become “physical.”

NBC4Washington reports that the FAA has stated that there were nearly 6000 incidents with “unruly” passengers in 2021.

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Alaska Airlines joins Disney World in going full woke, complete with pronoun buttons, gender neutral uniforms

Originally published April 9, 2022

The following contains editorial content, which is the opinion of the author, a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

Want a little woke with your next vacation? If so, it looks like Alaska Airlines is for you. Maybe for a totally woke experience you can take Alaska Airlines to visit Disney World in Florida.

In another case of a major company bowing to the loudest .6% minority of the population, Alaska Airlines has decided to implement “gender-neutral” uniforms for its flight attendants, as well as updated grooming guidelines which will turn your next flight into a high-altitude freak show, 770-KTTH’s Jason Rantz tells us.

Alaska Airlines has their priorities in order even as flights get canceled and the airline can’t find enough pilots. In describing its new woke policy, the airline said that aside from the gender-neutral uniforms, they will now allow nail polish to be worn by biological males, the addition of more tattoos and piercings, and a variety of hairstyles.

And in case you aren’t sure how to address the flight attendant bringing you coffee or soda, or the person who is issuing your ticket, so-called front line employees will now be permitted to wear a button identifying their preferred pronouns.

Sadly for the alphabet community, at present Alaska will limit those pronouns to “he/him,” “she/her,” and “they/them.” In other words, they need to step up their woke game.

Alaska Airlines announced the new changes in a rather lengthy blog post on the company’s website. The post tells a series of stories about different Alaska Air employees who use all manner of different gender identities to put a face and name to the woke employees of the airline.

For example:

“I answer to all pronouns,” says Isaac, a lead customer service agent in Washington, D.C. “I feel that there has been greater awareness and sensitivity to personal pronouns, and I love that. But I’m also cognizant that changes take time and I want our society to feel comfortable with how they view and communicate with me.”

And another:

“I love who I am and I refuse to make myself smaller in order to be accepted. This is one thing that I can’t compromise over,” said Monique Mo, a flight attendant based in San Diego. “We all want to look professional, and we all want to be ourselves at the same time—your gender shouldn’t identify what you wear or how you look.”


“Alaska gets it and we’re making the right choices and moving in the right direction,” said someone named David, a lounge concierge. “It’s what I expect from Alaska/Horizon. We do the right thing. It’s part of our culture.”

Then there is Jason, an Alaska Air flight attendant by day and a drag queen at night, who chose to come out at his (oh sorry, “their) senior prom.

“I didn’t do it to make anyone uncomfortable or be the first. I did it for me, and that’s all that matters.”

So once again, we have a major company appeasing the very small, infinitesimal minority at the expense of the majority. As Rantz highlights in his piece, however, what happens if some of that majority refuse to play along?

Because despite what the radical leftists tell us, there are two genders…period. Two X chromosomes equals female, an X and a Y chromosome equals male…follow the science. Are there some people who have the mental illness called gender dysphoria? Clearly, but as noted, they are an extremely small minority of the population.

Yet the remaining 99.4 percent of the population is expected to ignore science and biology and give in to the woke mob. And that woke mob tends to be comprised primarily by so-called “allies” who virtue signal how hip they are because they disregard tens of thousands of years of science and buy into the Baskin & Robbins 57 flavors of gender identity.

So again, what happens if a passenger at 35,000 feet decides not to play along? Will they face the same fate as mask scofflaws who refuse to wear the face diaper? In fact, Jason, the drag queen, acknowledges that some customers might feel uncomfortable with a flight attendant with a beard wearing nail polish.

Jason, who supports the uniform changes said he hopes to get Alaska Airlines’ “support if faced with adversity among peers or guests who may find it difficult to see them [him] wearing nail polish.”

That “support” isn’t defined by Jason but given what we have seen over the past two years with COVID enforcement, it’s not too far a stretch to picture a passenger who expressed their opinion about a bearded man wearing nail polish and nose piercings being forced off an aircraft and on to a “no-fly” list.

Rantz reached out for an answer to that very question, and an Alaska Airlines spokesperson said they “would not remove a guest for using incorrect pronouns.”

Of course, as Rantz notes, most of this is a load of bluster by Alaska Airlines, signaling to the alphabet community and their “allies” that they are woke, while knowing at the same time that despite the gender-neutral uniforms and cool pronoun buttons, it will only be a small minority of Alaska Air employees who in fact act as their “most authentic selves” at work.

As far as the “gender neutral” uniforms, they really aren’t all that much unlike uniforms current flight attendants wear. In this case, they’re a button up shirt and tie, which can also be worn by women, however does that truly make them gender neutral uniforms? As Rantz said, “it’s merely a woman wearing a tie.”

“This is what it means to care—to ensure everyone can bring their best and most authentic selves to work and to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for employees and guests alike. That’s the journey we’re on, and the future of Alaska Airlines,” said the blog.


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