What crime is heinous enough to deserve the Death Penalty?

Recently in Crystal Lake, Illinois, parents of a 5-year-old son were charged with aggravated battery and murder.

Parents accused of torturing and killing their 5-year-old son

Parents accused of torturing and killing their 5-year-old son


According to prosecutors, they tortured the young boy by forcing him to take extended showers in frigidly cold water while continually beating him until his body could take no more. 

After the boy succumbed to his injuries, head and brain trauma, the parents allegedly wrapped him in plastic and buried his body in a shallow grave. This was the same boy that was five years earlier born addicted to opiates and was the subject of contentious interactions with family services throughout his short life.

5-year-old boy tortured and killed

5-year-old boy tortured and killed


Barring the typical religious arguments, can anybody deny that these parents deserve the death penalty if convicted of the vicious murder of their young son? Where is the line drawn between a ‘common’ murder and a murder so heinous that special punishments must be introduced?

Decades ago, Capitol Punishment, aka the death penalty, was a common practice for individuals who had committed murder.

Many legitimate arguments related to racial disparities, inefficient defenses, and lack of protections involving the possibility of innocence led to the realistic abolition of this practice. The fear of executing an innocent person far outweighed the needed punishment of a guilty person.  

The moral left has serendipitously voided Capital Punishment by making it too costly for local jurisdictions to proceed with.

They have negated the criminal justice theory of timely punishment by their use of the appeals process that draws out for years. The average time on death row is about twenty years and cost runs into millions of taxpayer’s dollars. The normal route is converting the death sentence to life in prison.

Since that period, the United States Supreme Court has set the standard of the ‘absolute punishment’ at an unyielding bar.

Between specially trained death penalty attorneys, special judges, secondary juries assessing the punishment, the use of new mitigating and aggravating circumstances, and DNA usage, the final punishment is considered as fool proof as anything controlled by human beings.

I suggest the following initiatives to reinstall the Death Penalty to a useful tool in the bag of law enforcement.

  1. Special courts, judges, attorneys, and juries to handle all murder trials that may involve Capital Punishment with the authority of reducing the punishment.
  1. Automatic appeals if found guilty with courts specializing in Capital Punishment cases.  All matters of appeal will be adjudicated at the same time, thus avoiding repeated appeals. This appeals process will not last beyond 12 months.
  2. If the death sentence is upheld, the execution will take place in under 12 months time.   

I truly believe that certain individuals forfeit their right to live when they commit certain types of murders that are so monstrous and in such an inhumane manner.

Religiously, I see no issue.

Morally, I see no issue.

And now, with a little creativity, there is not legal reason to avoid the absolute punishment. The parents of this young boy are the perfect example of why society needs the death penalty. 

To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.