Five officers fired, three suspended over massive sexual misconduct scandal that has gone meme-viral


Numerous sexual acts involving multiple staff both on and off duty reported, leading to terminations, suspensions

La Vergne, TN: A small-town police department is making big time news over allegations that multiple officers were involved in a wild sexual ring involving a married female officer in the department, reports say.

There is room to have some fun on the job, but things got way out of control for this frisky group officers.

Extra-marital affairs are nothing new. If people, officers or otherwise, decide to engage in such acts off the clock, than that’s their business. However, the departmental moral indiscretion led to five terminations and three suspensions. The actions affected patrolman, sergeants and a K9 officer.

Among those terminated were Ofc. Maegan Hall, Ofc. Juan Lugo-Perez, Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan Sgt. Lewis Powell and Det. Seneca Shields.

Ofc. Larry Holladay, Ofc. Patrick Magliocco and Ofc. Schoeberl were suspended.

Five officers fired, three suspended over massive sexual misconduct scandal that has gone meme-viral
Ofc. Hall being sworn in. Courtesy of the La Vergne PD.

One of the key figure heads to the entire situation appears to be Officer Meagan Hall. Although all those involved made their own choices in the matter, Officer Hall’s name comes up the most often. Additionally, it was reported that she exhibited some troubling, alarming behavior.

The Steamy Sessions

The situation came down to an entire network of people who engaged in a variety of activities.

And it all started with the Mayor.

According to reports, the Mayor was informed of numerous sexual indiscretions and misconduct involving multiple members of the La Vergne Police force, specifically Hall. That source is unnamed in the investigation. The mayor then contacted the police department directly to inquire more information and an investigation was started.

According to local news coverage of the incident, it stated:

“According to the allegations made in the internal investigation, Hall ‘engaged in a sexual relationship’ with Magliocco, Powell, Holladay, Lugo, McGowan and Shields, which was not reported to leadership. Hall reportedly ‘engaged in a sexual relationship’ with McGowan and Shields ‘while on duty and inside city owned property.'”

Five officers fired, three suspended over massive sexual misconduct scandal that has gone meme-viral

It’s one thing to get involved in wild sexual escapades during personal time at home. But once it occurs on duty time and on government property, it crosses a line. Being involved in such an unrelated work activity puts people, even fellow officers at risk. If an officer gets involved in an urgent situation and requires backup, how much longer would it take to respond if you must pull your drawers up first?

It was also reported that Hall exchanged explicit photographs with other department staff, which led to eventual sexual harassment charges. Addtionally, Magliocco told investigators that Hall told him about Powell’s “big black d***”.

Another line was crossed when McGowan went to the Human Resourcea office in an apparent fit of rage and allegedly grabbed an employee around the neck. This particular incident was witnessed by an onlooker, reports said.

The Intertwined Sexual Activity

This wasn’t just about one or two officers on one or two occasions. It is a bit more complex than that. According to the local column, it stated:

“Magliocco and Powell are accused of engaging in sexual conduct with Hall on multiple occasions, including oral sex both on LPD property and private property.” 

It continued:

“Hall, Magliocco and Powell are all stated as being married to other partners in the report and Magliocco’s wife is identified in the report, claiming that she was seen kissing Hall during a party that multiple La Vergne officers had attended this past fall. According to an interview with Magliocco, Powell ended his involvement with Hall to conceal any sexual activity from his wife and concerns about his position within the La Vergne Police Department.”

Five officers fired, three suspended over massive sexual misconduct scandal that has gone meme-viral
Image from Newschannel 5 YouTube Channel.

A Dangerous and Irresponsible Move

Magliocco also told investigators that he had concerns over Hall’s mental health. He noted that others observed her drinking “excessively” and on one occasion lost her bikini top at a social event that included other officers, some with their families.

In another statement made to investigators, Magliocco stated that Hall once pointed an unloaded gun to her own temple and pulled the trigger so “she could hear what it sounded like.”

Anyone in law enforcement knows that you simply don’t play with guns. The handling of a weapon is sacred and a line that, under no circumstances, can be crossed. There’s a reason why academies teach to “only point a gun at something you want to shoot.”

As the entire law enforcement profession is slowly regaining the trust of the public, it is incidents like this that set everything back.

Remember, being on the job is an extension of your character and everything you do both on and off duty is a reflection on your department. Stay safe out there!

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Five officers fired, three suspended over massive sexual misconduct scandal that has gone meme-viral


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