Five arrested for allegedly taking part in raping a woman at a playground – identities of attackers not being released


MALMO, SWEDEN – Police in Sweden got more than they bargained for when they checked on a local park in central Malmo. When the officers checked the area, they reportedly interrupted five men who were engaged in raping a woman.

Rape is probably the most brutal and inhumane act one person can do on another, regardless of biological gender.

However, when a person is victimized by several people at once, that trauma is taken to an all-new level of evil, which is what Swedish Police allegedly found when they checked on a park on October 22nd around 11 p.m. local time.

As the officers checked in the park, they discovered five males, ages 15 to 18, allegedly raping an adult woman. While Sweden, which typically never releases criminal information, did not disclose the name of the alleged attackers, they did note that most of the suspects in the case were from Syria. Sara Andersson, a spokeswoman for the police department, reported:

“The police were there [in the park] on routine patrol and then found these people behaving in a deviant manner and stopped this crime.”

Police were able to immediately take four of the five males into custody almost immediately after rescuing the woman from being raped. The fifth suspect was apprehended a short time later. All five have been charged by Swedish Police with aggravated rape.

After the arrests and rescue of the victim, police blocked off access to the area so that they could search for any evidence related to the rape. Evidence technicians and police dogs were seen in the area conducting the high-profile search for evidence.

Four of the males arrested in connection with the rape were from Syria. The fifth male’s origin was not revealed at the time of this report.

A lawyer for one of the accused, Kristoffer Stahl, claimed that his client is innocent. He said:

“He denies any wrongdoing.”

It is unclear if the other four males involved in the case have retained any legal counsel. Regardless, Kristina Amilon, the Swedish prosecutor assigned to the case promises a complete review that should allow her to try the case in front of a judge. In a press release, Amilon wrote:

“We will hear from the people concerned and are now conducting a series of technical analyses to go through the course of events.”

Until then, Amilon requested that all five males be held without bail. She said:

“I am requesting they be held in [police] custody on probable cause for suspicion of aggravated rape. We need to investigate the circumstances more closely.”

While the exact circumstances of how the victim wound up in the park in the middle of the night with the suspects are unknown, it may well have been a case where the woman may have felt safe to be around one or more of these men. Or she happened to be heading home and was confronted by the men who then viciously attacked her.

Regardless of the circumstances, keeping yourself and your loved ones aware at all times will lessen the odds of being attacked. Little things like carrying a loud whistle which can be activated if someone tries to grab their intended victim. Typically, the loud noise will cause the attacker(s) to flee or at least grab the attention of people nearby.

GPS tracking devices and apps built into cell phones are another useful tools when used with loved ones. These tools provide the ability for your loved ones to be able to locate or send help to you, but they also typically have an SOS button that can be pushed to notify the police and loved ones in the event of an emergency.

Another option would be to ensure that a loved one knows what your plans are and when to expect to hear from you again. That way, if you have not contacted them by a specific time, they know that something is wrong and they can contact the police to search for you.

In reality, there is no surefire way to prevent someone from attacking you or a loved one, but taking steps like those outlined above could prove useful in deterring anything from happening. Hopefully, you and/or your loved ones will never become a victim of something as heinous as rape, but if you or your loved one have, make sure that help is sought as quickly as possible.

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