As I sat at my computer jumping from one news source to another and watching videos of the attacks in NY, NJ, and in MN I grew more and more angry. How could they do this to us, again!

I saw people running for their lives, widows shattering from the explosions and the people on the sidewalks being assisted. They’d been hit by broken glass and whatever (they) the terrorist put in the pressure cookers or whatever other devices used. The officials were saying we don’t know if this was a terrorist attack or not yet. Don’t know it it’s a terrorist attack?

In this country boy’s opinion anytime an explosion goes off and the intent is to harm people then yes, it’s a terrorist attack. As I saw the people running away, I also saw some running toward the explosions. First responders! No matter how many times I see them do this, police, firefighters, etc. I’m in awe of their bravery, their dedication, and their determination to save lives. I understand some people say that’s what they get paid for but to me it goes much deeper than that. Maybe in a way it’s a calling not that much different from a preacher or a doctor. As I’ve mentioned before, police, firefighters, all first responders seen and unseen are the best of the best! Those heroes who face danger every single day, on or off the job. Matter a fact, are any of them really ever ‘Off’ the job? I don’t think so. Just another opinion from this old country boy.