Usually when I put pen to paper to express my thoughts and feelings I do it by writing poetry. It just seems to come natural to me. I do understand that I don’t hold a candle to the greats such as Whitman, Dickinson, or Browning just to name a few but it is, I guess I’d call it, my passion. Usually I see or hear something that triggers whatever it is in my brain and I just feel the need to write. Now that I’ve got that boring little statement out of the way I’ll get on with my message. I am a big supporter of those in law enforcement and I’ve been sharing my poems with you. I wanted to write a poem about the female police officers but for some reason the words just weren’t there. For the past few days I’ve been wondering who the first female officer was so tonight I checked. Her name was Alice Stebbins Wells. She was born June 13th, 1873 and died on Aug 17th, 1957. She was hired by the Los Angeles Department in 1910. Before she became the first female police officer she was a minister in Kansas. She went on to become the founder and first President  of the International Association of Police Women. She was given the first Police Women’s badge, ‘Number One’. I thought it was very interesting reading about her accomplishments. Anyway, I hope I didn’t bore anyone and if I did I apologize. Thanks for your time and thank you to those who’ve been reading my poems…. Respectfully Bert L Orris.
Picture credit Wikipedia Page
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