Robocop? First-ever Tesla Cybertruck is coming - and police are "thrilled" about it

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Hawthorne, CA— A recent release from Unplugged Performance, Inc. has revealed the first ever up-fitted Tesla Cybertruck designed for police use from UP.FIT, the firm's division for unfitting Teslas for fleet uses. The vehicle, set to be available as early as this year, is reportedly intended for use by police and fire departments as well as military and tactical response agencies. 

According to the release, published via Globe Newswire the stainless steel skinned vehicle has attracted interest from agencies citing its advanced safety features, and sports-car-like on-road performance.

Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance said in a statement, "The UP.FIT Cybertruck Next-Gen Patrol vehicle represents a significant engineering leap into the future, and we’re excited to offer law enforcement agencies the future of policing. We’ve been thrilled with the direct feedback from police departments that have participated in our Cybertruck development, and we look forward to deploying these complete UP.FIT vehicles to law enforcement agencies across the nation this year."
  In a post to X, the company boasted, " the world’s first Cybertruck Police vehicle ready to deploy to law enforcement agencies from here to Mars." Responses on the Social media platform were mixed, but generally positive. 

Unplugged Performance’s release detailed that the vehicle "features the expected suite of warning lights, sirens, PA system, as well as upgraded radio and computer systems thanks to specialized wiring systems and proprietary integrations," and can be customized "with available prisoner partitions, storage for weapons and specialty tools, K9 enclosures, upgraded vehicle dynamics with specialized UP.FIT Forged wheel and tire packages, braking systems, and optional upgrades for extreme off-road usage, as well as Starlink internet connectivity."

In addition, the firm is offering municipalities and agencies enhanced electrification, infrastructure planning, consulting, and fleet management services. Teslerati reported that multiple agencies have begun pilot programs with EV cruisers over the last several years and found that there are potential cost savings compared to fuel and maintenance costs of internal combustion engine-driven vehicles. The same firm has also debuted fully converted Tesla Model Y units for the Anaheim police department as well as the South Pasadena Police Department in the last year.
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