First black Republican Lt. Governor elected in North Carolina, despite Bloomberg backing opponent


RALEIGH, NC – Two years after he grabbed headlines for an impassioned speech captured in a viral video, voters put Mark Robinson in North Carolina’s second highest office. 

It is a historical move. For the first time, it means the state has a black Lieutenant Governor. 

Robinson first caught the country’s attention when he spoke to the Greensboro City Council in April 2018 about gun control. 

His speech followed the shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, and came at a time with many cities and states across the U.S. were considering gun control proposals. 

In the speech, which is still available to watch on YouTube, Robinson said: 

“I didn’t have time to write a fancy speech. I didn’t have the resource of an English teacher to sit down and write a speech with at school today and be brought over here and practice or anything.

What I really came down here for is this, I’ve heard a whole lot of people in here talking tonight about this group and that group, domestic violence and blacks, these minorities and that minority.” 

More than one million people watched the four-minute speech in that specific posting of the video. In total, Robinson’s campaign said it was viewed more than 150,000,000.

Robinson continues on to say: 

“What I want to know is, when are y’all going to start standing up for the majority? And, here’s who the majority is. I’m the majority.” 

Robinson’s point was to call out gun control measures for trying to use criminal activity as a justification for restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Since then, he has gone on to serve on the National Rifle Association Outreach Board. 

The topic later became part of his platform during his run for the lieutenant governor job. 

Robinson’s campaign website describes the Republican as a “true American Patriot,” who would: 

  • Fight for the life of the unborn  
  • End Indoctrination in schools  
  • Defend the 2nd Amendment  
  • Make NC the Gold standard for Veterans Care  
  • Stand up for our Law Enforcement 

The website says he grew up poor, and witnessed alcoholism and domestic abuse. 

As an adult, it says Robinson, “served in the Army Reserves as a medical specialist, has worked in manufacturing, and owned a small business. He not only knows the people of North Carolina, he is North Carolina.” 

He has no known previous political career. In terms of campaign donations and funding, Robinson was the underdog in the truest sense. 

According to Fox News, his opponent, Democrat Yvonne Lewis Holley, received $2.5 million in campaign contributions from billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. 

The numbers from the North Carolina Board of Elections say Robinson beat Holley by more than 3%. 

Though he was not backed by billionaires, average people across the country quickly connected with Robinson’s conservative message. 

On his campaign page, a man named Craig Elliot commented: 

“I live in California, but just made a contribution to your campaign. You are one of the most impressive people I’ve heard speak in many years. I truly believe that you represent the vast majority of Americans and appreciate your work to get America back on track. Thanks!” 

Another out of state supporter named Joan Harmon, wrote: 

“I live in NJ, but Mark has my family’s votes when he runs for POTUS! I think he should consider choosing Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina to be his running mate. God bless you Mr Robinson, your staff, your family and your state. We need more MEN like you and Senator Scott!” 

Robinson, himself, commented on his remarkable win to Fox News: 

“The bottom line is, they tell you money can’t buy happiness, and money can’t buy an election either. We had more donors, more volunteers. We had people who absolutely, 100% believed in our message.” 

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LET Unity

Wow: Kamala Harris reportedly greets crowd of approximately 10 people at her rally in North Carolina

October 25, 2020

ASHVILLE, NC – Vice presidential candidate and current U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) addressed a crowd in northwestern North Carolina recently and when the cameras moved around her, it was obvious that there were only a few people in attendance.  Very few.  Like fewer than 10 people.

While Harris was campaigning Oct. 21 for herself and her running mate, former Vice President Joe Biden, she was also there to support Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham as he faces incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

During her address, she again attacked the Trump administration for its Covid-19 response and claimed that Trump’s appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court was illegitimate.

It is perhaps a given that one of the main reasons Harris isn’t drawing crowds in large numbers, especially in southern states where hunting and gun ownership are valued rights, is her and Biden’s stance on gun ownership and limitations.

Harris has stated repeatedly that if Congress didn’t come forward with significant gun-control legislation within her first 100 days in office, she would, as president, enact gun control measures through executive order. 

She continues to restate her position — which she unveiled as a presidential candidate — though she’s no longer running for president, but vice president, and wouldn’t have the executive order powers in that role. 

It appears that Harris has adopted the “all-or-nothing” position on gun ownership.  False narratives are sown about rampant issues with legal firearms sales, but yet again, she offers nothing to address illegal ownership, often caused by back-alley sales involving stolen guns.

Harris uses strong scare tactics in her statements while talking about active-shooter drills in schools, as seen when she addressed young voters in a town hall.

She said:

“In America, that should never have to happen. Conversations take place every night between students and their parents, ‘Why do these things have to happen?’ ‘Why do we have to have a drill like that?’

“To which, of course, the response is because there are people in Washington, D.C., supposed leaders, who have failed to have the courage to reject a false choice, which suggests you are either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.

“Supposed leaders in Washington, D.C., who have failed to have the courage to recognize ‘you know what, you want to go hunting? That’s fine.’ But we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country.”

Again, it isn’t hunting safety issues that bring about mass shootings, drive-bys and robberies – it’s illegal gun ownership – which for some mysterious reason has never been addressed by anyone in the Democratic party.

Harris has made several points about her gun-control philosophy. Without editorializing, secondary explanations are given:

  • A requirement that any individual or business selling more than five guns a year perform background checks on gun purchasers (completely unenforceable.)
  • Any dealer or manufacturer who breaks the law would have their license revoked by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (no initial firearms sales license is required for small numbers of purchases or sales.)
  • Harris would reinstate a “fugitive ban” that would prohibit anyone with an outstanding warrant from buying a gun (already exists, covered in the typical background check.)
  • Extend a law that prevents individuals convicted of domestic violence from buying firearms to include dating partners. Currently, the law applies only to convicted individuals who are married (domestic violence convictions are covered, regardless of relationship.)

Perhaps the policies of Harris and Biden appeal to coastal elites and uber-liberals, but their gun-control stance may be much too liberal for Southern and Midwestern voters to digest.


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