Fighting Spirit With a Team Effort


Editors Note: Since October is breast cancer awareness month, we were thrilled to receive this message from a breast cancer survivor working in law enforcement. Congratulations Officer Walker!

I learned that I had cancer six weeks ago and had a bilateral mastectomy. I am now a breast cancer survivor. I am very appreciative to my police department (College Park Georgia) for their consideration in donating leave to help during my recovery, since my time with the department has been brief. The College Park Police Department has been a great support team from Chief Meadows to the officers and administrative staff, some of whom are also cancer survivors.

I awoke from surgery and had members of the department along with my parents in the recovery room. I was advised by my major that I am still going to Special Ops/SWAT, and to have a speedy recovery. Having a great support team, you can get through anything. I thank my parents, College Park PD, friends and Moms of L.E.O. for their support.

Moms of L.E.O. is an independent support group to help law enforcement officers and their families mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Their support group welcomes federal, state and local agencies and their families. The Moms of L.E.O. have helped me cope with many issues as I focus towards a healthy and successful recovery. Their mission is to be part of the solution on making our communities safe. They are advocates for Law Enforcement Officer families, for their wellbeing, and to assist financially and emotionally.

Officer S. Walker has over 10 years of Law Enforcement service in multiple states and multiple units from undercover to Special Operations. She currently works at the College Park Police Department in Georgia.

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