Fifteen FBI agents say it wasn’t a racially motivated hate crime. Al Sharpton “demands answers – or else!”


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TALLADEGA, AL – One would think that when something that was originally thought to be an egregious hate crime is discovered to be something purely harmless, that people would breathe out a sigh of relief.

That is, unless you’re a race-baiting huckster trying to get your face on national television every 30 minutes.

Of course, the race-baiting huckster we are referring to is the fake reverend, the witch doctor, the anti-Semite Al Sharpton. No, Sharpton isn’t buying this whole “garage door pull rope” bit.

This past week, no-name NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, whom nobody outside of racing fans had ever heard of, gained prominence when he announced that someone had placed a noose in the garage stall he was assigned to at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

Of course, the media mob, anxious to prove that America is a racist country, and those who are fomenting racial strife in the country jumped all over it.

This was perfect.

NASCAR, with southern roots, confederate flags, and rifle-toting redneck fans could no longer hide the fact that it was home to racists.

Moreover, the racists were INSIDE the sport.

How else could someone have placed a noose in the garage area, where multi-million-dollar race cars and equipment are stored for race weekend? With cameras everywhere? This HAD to be an inside job. NASCAR was home to closet racists!

Bubba Wallace? The perfect man at the perfect time, as the only African American driver in the senior circuit of NASCAR.

How serious was this? The FBI sent FIFTEEN special agents to Alabama to investigate, while historical statues and monuments are getting toppled and burned across the country.

Insurrection? Screw that! We have us a real genuine hate crime!

Anyone who had eyes open and didn’t have an agenda to promote the “racism is everywhere” narrative in the United States knew this didn’t smell right.

Except of course, for the anti-Trump mafia that populates left-wing cable television news…oh, and of course, ESPN. This noose in Wallace’s garage was Trump’s fault.

After all, the only racists in the country are Republican, white male Trump supporters. And everyone knows, NASCAR fans are primarily white and male and tend to be conservative. This was perfect!

Except it wasn’t. According to reports, Wallace did not even see the “noose” himself. But he was so distraught after hearing about it that he cried on national television.

Fellow drivers pushed his car down pit road to the front of the field at the beginning of the rain-postponed race, which took place on Monday instead of Sunday.

The story started to unravel when it was discovered that the “noose,” aka garage door pull, had been in place at least since last October. NASCAR admitted in a statement that it was in fact a garage door pull “fashioned” in the design of a noose. As some on normal cable news outlets surmised, the “noose” probably couldn’t have fit around the neck of a chicken.

All of this of course was not enough for Slick Al. Breitbart News reported that on Morning Joe on MSNBC Wednesday, Sharpton said that both the FBI and NASCAR were still allegedly referring to what was found in the garage as a “noose.”

Sharpton also suggested that someone deliberately assigned Wallace the garage with the “noose,” and continually referred to Wallace as a “victim and possible target.” Detective Al also said he didn’t think the investigation was closed.

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“The FBI identified it as a noose. NASCAR said it was a noose or went along with the FBI’s characterization. It was a noose,” sharpie Sharpton said.

“So, the questions is, even if they did not know that Bubba Wallace was going to use that stall, why was a noose in the stall? It’s clear what a noose represents.

And I think to go whether or not they knew that sooner or later the one black driver would use that stall really doesn’t answer why it was in the stall at all. And then did someone know that it was in the stall when they did belatedly assign Bubba there?

“So, I don’t think this answers a lot of questions. And clearly, from what we just saw of Bubba Wallace, it does not seem he, who is the victim and possible target in this matter, seems to be satisfied with this. So, I do not think that we’ve seen closure in this particular inquiry.”

According to Yahoo News, the FBI reported on Tuesday, “The noose found in garage number 4 [at Talladega Superspeedway] was in the garage as early as October 2019…nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.”

For his part, Wallace said, “The photo evidence I’ve seen and have in my possession [shows] it was a garage pull that was a noose,” he told NBC on Wednesday. “It was definitely in the shape of a noose. It wasn’t a functioning noose.”

The FBI continued in its statement that no federal crime had been committed.

That, however, is not enough for the mob.

The media was begging for this to be more than it was, as they breathlessly said that Black Lives Matter is right, that America is a racist country, that all of the looting, burning, rioting, and killing was justified. It was Trump’s fault! This HAD to be a Trump supporter! 

Of course, the left-wing media mob can never admit that they got it wrong, In some cases, despite evidence to the contrary, they doubled down on the narrative.

Even after acknowledging that the “noose” was not directed at him, he defiantly said, “but it was a noose.” Wallace could have calmed things down a bit, but he continued to play the victim.

Aside from Sharpton, we also got to hear from another race-baiter and Trump hater, Atlantic columnist Jemele Hill, who somehow got another job after getting axed from of all places ESPN. She wasn’t buying the “not a noose” thing either. First of all, when the news came out about the alleged “noose,” Hill said it was representative of a racist institution, “a disgusting reminder of who this sport is for.”

She later doubled down on her initial comments, tweeting:

“It. Was. A. Noose. They just don’t believe it was directed at Bubba Wallace.” First of all, the only ones saying it was a noose is the left-wing media…oh, and Wallace. Hill is famous for looking for racism where none exists. She has a long and storied history of cooking up race conspiracies.

As New York Post columnist Kyle Smith questioned, why is it that Sharpton is continually dragged out of whatever hole he comes from “to discuss hate crimes that didn’t really happen?” The man can barely put a coherent sentence together. His MSNBC show “Politics Nation” is a train wreck. But somehow this guy keeps getting paraded out there by the NBC News family of networks as some kind of expert on race relations.

Sorry to disappoint everyone who thought this proved the existence of a racist culture either in NASCAR or throughout our culture. It doesn’t exist. Time to find another bogus victim of a bogus hate crime.


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