LOS ANGELES – A female student has reportedly opened fire at a Los Angeles middle school.

Scant details have filtered out, but at the moment at least two students were shot at the school Thursday. Moreover, in an unusual twist, it was a female student who is believed to be the shooter who opened fire in a classroom, police said.

Gunfire erupted just before 9 a.m. inside a classroom at Salvador Castro Middle School, which is on the same California campus as Belmont High School, Sgt. Edward Bernal of the Los Angeles Unified School District Police Department told reporters. The school campus is in the Westlake District of Los Angeles.

Two 15-year-old students—a male and a female—suffered gunshot wounds. Furthermore, the teenage boy was said to be in critical condition while the girl was taken to the hospital in fair condition, Los Angeles Fire Department said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the female student who opened fire was taken into custody. She was not immediately identified by name or age.

Police said the situation was under control, but the school was on lockdown as a search was being conducted.

The boy, who was shot in the head, is in critical but stable condition, according to Capt. Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department. The female victim had a gunshot wound to the wrist and is in fair condition.

Three others were also injured as the result of “peripheral stuff,” bringing the total number of patients to five, said Los Angeles School Police Department Chief Steven Zipperman.

The ages of the other patients were 11, 12 and 30, according to the Fire Department, which dispatched 50 firefighters and seven ambulances to the scene, according to KTLA.


Television news footage showed a girl with dark hair and wearing a sweatshirt being led out of the school in handcuffs. Furthermore, officers gave the appearance that things had been stabilized.

“With the suspect in custody the situation is under control,” said Bernal

LAPD Officer Meghan Aguilar confirmed that officers recovered a firearm at the scene.