I’ve been in law enforcement for longer than I’ve had kids. 

But the only thing that comes before my Blue Family is my own family.

That’s why when this whole “transgender bathroom” debate came about, I made it very clear to my teenage daughters where my wife and I stood on things.

“If you ever feel in danger or threatened, you run – or if you have no choice, you do what it takes to protect yourself,” we told them.

Then I spoke to them as a cop.

“If you ever feel in danger or threatened, and running isn’t an option, you act decisively to end the threat,” I told them.  “Do whatever it takes to ensure there is no more physical threat to you, and then you call me IMMEDIATELY.”

I’ve seen it all during my time in law enforcement.  Sexual assault.  Violent rapes.  Murders. Men hanging out where they don’t belong, pretending to be something they’re not.

I don’t give a damn what the new “culture” says.  There is a biological difference between a man and a woman, and if there’s a man in the locker room with my girls – and ESPECIALLY if HE is creating a threat – there’s going to be a problem.

And a civil rights case that made the news this week shows that I wasn’t far off.

Here’s the deal.  The lawyers for a female high school student in Pennsylvania filed a federal complaint last week over just that topic.

They say her privacy was violated and she was sexually harassed by a transgender student using the same locker room.

It happened at the beginning of the year at Honesdale High School.  That’s according to the complaint, which was filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Division.

Lawyers for the student actually posted a video online walking people through what they say happened.


The female student appears in the clip.  In it, she says:

“While I was putting on my pants I heard a man’s voice, so I turned around, and he’s standing there on the opposite aisle looking at me. I glanced down and could tell that he was wearing women’s underwear and what was underneath it.”

She goes on to add:

“When I knew that a man was looking at me, I felt very violated and very scared — especially looking at me while I’m getting dressed.”

In the video, Attorney Andrea Shaw weighs in, saying:

“Opening up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex is sexual harassment. Like most forms of sexual harassment, the girls in this school have little power over their situation. The school’s only solution for my client was for her to wait outside the locker room until the individual of the opposite sex was finished changing, and then she went in and was late for gym class and also late for her second period class.”

She continued:

“The school’s offered solution made it clear that they believed that my client was the problem”.

The girls’ parents, who aren’t identified and whose names are blacked out in the complaint, also speak in the video.

So what’s the response from the school district?

The superintendent of Wayne Highlands School District says he can’t comment on the complaint.  He did, however, go on say the district’s policy aligns with a recent court decision allowing transgender students to use the facilities of their choosing.

Debate is raging on the Facebook page for the Law Office of Andrew H. Shaw, who is handling the case.  What do the haters have to say?

“Maybe the girl should take a course in how to be tolerant of others who are different. Now that would be the Christian way.”

“Sounds like your client is the one who is guilty of voyeurism. WTF is she doing checking out other people’s genitals? Shameful ambulance chasers.”

“The student called the trans student a ‘man.’ I think we all know where this hate is coming from. From her parents. Using ‘man’ is scary! Transphobia is bigotry.”

“F*** you transphobes.”

And this, my friends, is why my wife and I chose to have the conversations with our girls a couple of years ago.

It’s only going to get worse.  The only question is this…

When it happens to YOUR kids or YOUR wife, how are they – and you – going to handle it?