Did you hear the one about the girl who got expelled for kneeing a boy in the crotch?

That’s right. A teenaged girl was kicked out of her Alaska high school after a group of boys stormed the girls’ bathroom. According to the story from Western Mass News, one of the boys blocked the exit.

That’s when the girl in question took matters into her own hands and delivered a knee of justice to the youngster’s pride and joy. Anyone who’s ever been received a direct blow to their meat and potatoes can fully assume that he then dropped to the ground, clearing the path for her to get out.

The girl was expelled following the incident. (Wikipedia)


So… hell yeah! Girl power! Right?

It’s awesome that this high schooler refused to back down and didn’t let some stupid boy make her feel like she was in danger. She knew to hit ‘em where it hurts. That’s exactly what we taught our daughters in case they’re ever in a dangerous situation.

But, wait. Does anyone know why the boys went into the bathroom in the first place?

Were these teenagers sex-crazed maniacs? Well, maybe. They are in high school, afterall.

But that’s not why they did it.


What we really need to focus on here is the backstory. Apparently, this particular high school has a transgender student that’s transitioning from female to male. That’s all well and good, but apparently the administration of the school has allowed that student to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as instead of the gender they’re biologically born as.

Everything was seemingly fine, until students became aware of a selfie of the trans student… from inside the boys’ bathroom.

In an apparent effort to protest the school’s policy on bathrooms, the boys in question made a plan to get their very own selfie, but from inside the girls’ bathroom. Let’s be honest. Every guy has always wondered what the inside of the girls’ room looks like. Rumor has it they’re usually a much nicer place than the boys’…

When they stormed through the doors, they were, however, met with some overwhelming force.

“‘Good for her,” said State Representative Tammie Wilson. “I would have taught my daughter to do the same … Was she supposed to not protect herself? She was where she belonged. They were not.”

But that reasoning didn’t stop the school from punishing the girl.



After all, was this not a protest from the male students about how bathroom equality works?

“It’s pathetic that students have to take matters in their own hands because the adults running the school won’t intervene on their behalf,” said Rick Crump of Kinetic Faith.

Rick is currently working with residents in Eastern Lancaster County Pennsylvania to get their School District (ELANCO) to implement policies that separates locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports team based on biological sex.

“It’s time the adults, including parents, start being held to account for students not respecting each other’s boundaries.  Neither sex has a right to impose itself on the other.”

The girl ended up getting expelled. Which is a bit excessive. We think the school needs to take a long hard look at their policies and maybe do a little bit of evaluation… Crump agrees with the way she handled it.

The boys were protesting their school’s policy on bathroom use. (Flickr)


“These young men and women are well within their rights to physically remove the other party if school authorities won’t do it for them.”

We’re not sure if the boys ever got their picture…