Female officer attacked, choked, punched while people filmed it for social media


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL- A female police officer was ruthlessly assaulted by a male suspect while she was attempting to enact an arrest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cellphone video footage captured of the incident shows a towering male violently shoving and striking the officer.

Thankfully, with the captured video of the assault, the suspect will likely be serving some hard time for their continued attacks on the officer to resist arrest.

But perhaps the real question we should ask is why people are standing around filming attacks instead of helping when an officer is being assaulted?

Police arrested 29-year-old Marcelas Jones after he was seen punching a Fort Lauderdale police officer.

During the video that captured the attack, Jones can be seen not only striking the officer, but shoving her against a nearby fence and attempting to choke her as well.

According to the Fort Lauderdale Police, the attack took place near the area of 2225 NW 19th St. this past Thursday afternoon. Sheldon Fox, a news correspondent from Fox affiliate WSVN 7, shared the videos of the attack on Twitter on January 16th.

The events that led up to the altercation started as a traffic collision that occurred nearby. Police responded to the crash and had encountered Jones who made attempts to leave the scene of the accident.

Despite there being video of the combative suspect after police arrival, there was no footage obtained of the crash that transpired earlier.

At the onset of the footage, the female officer can be seen positioning herself behind Jones in order to detain and handcuff him. The suspect, who stands considerably taller than the officer trying to arrest him, can be seen initially being somewhat resistant physically.

When the officer is seen following the lead of the suspect’s footsteps as he tries to essentially walk away from the detainment, Jones turns around quickly and throws a haymaker with his right hand at the officer. The connecting blow lands on the officer’s face, and Jones follows up with a left-handed strike that seems to not connect.

After the failed secondary strike against the officer, Jones distances himself away from the officer and positions himself in a light-footed, bladed stance.

With Jones’ body language showing he intends to become further combative, the officer deploys her Taser at the suspect. The deployment of the Taser had little effect on Jones, which thereafter he rushes the officer and pins her against the fence nearby.

While the officer was pinned against the fence, two security guards rushed over to assist the struggling officer.

The duo assisted in helping detain the suspect, as well as additional backup officers hitting the scene to place the suspect in cuffs. During this time, sirens could be heard in the background of the video as more officers were en-route. 

Officials stated that the officer involved in the scuffle only suffered minor injuries at the hands of Jones and that she’s expected to be just fine.

As for Jones, what started out as a potential leaving the scene of an accident charge has now evolved into some serious legal trouble. He’s now being charged with leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest with violence and aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer.

Jones is currently sitting in the Broward County Jail.

Any person convicted of aggravated battery on a police officer is subject to a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 5 years, as detailed in Florida Statute 784.07(2)(d).

Considering that Jones is also facing the above charge in concurrence with resisting arrest with violence and also leaving the of an accident, the stacked charges could land him behind bars for in excess of ten years. Based upon the damning video, he’d be hard pressed to mock up any defense to his exposed actions.

It’s not the first time an attack on officers was live-streamed.

In November in Detroit, Michigan, police arrested a 23-year-old suspect after he allegedly led authorities on an erratic pursuit, eventually ending the chase by ramming his vehicle into a cruiser.

And he did it all while live-streaming the video to Facebook.

According to a report from KRTV, the suspect began filming and streaming the video live while he was behind the wheel of his car around 2:30 a.m. in the east side of Detroit. In the initial part of the video, the suspect reportedly can be heard wondering if he could get himself involved in a police chase.

The suspect fled officers, then turned his truck and headed straight at them, injuring two cops. (KRTV Broadcast Screenshot)


It didn’t take that long for his dreams to become a reality.

As the man began driving his pickup truck erratically through the streets, running stoplights and driving on the wrong side of the road, officers quickly picked up on the suspicious behavior and began to give chase.

KRTV says that officers from Macomb County and Warren began pursuing the suspect in an attempt to get him to give up and pull over. 

But he was determined. Officers say that instead of slowing down, the suspect decided to take off, reaching high speeds and managing to elude pursuing officers.

Commenters on Facebook pleaded with the driver, begging him to stop the dangerous behavior and surrender to authorities. 

But it didn’t deter him. As officers spotted his vehicle and again continued to chase him, the suspect told viewers that he wanted to see if his truck was faster than the Detroit cruisers.

He sped along the road, but then after a few moments the suspect made an abrupt U-turn, facing his truck directly at the pursuing officers.

Then he floored it at the cruiser, head on. The truck smashed into the passenger side of one of the cruisers, causing the airbags to fully deploy, KRTV’s report said.


After the collision, officers said that the driver took off again, but then returned to the scene of the crash just minutes later. 

He surrendered and was taken into custody. He now faces charges of felonious assault of a police officer and reckless driving, though other charges may be added to the bill. 

Police say that the driver refused medical treatment and was booked into the Detroit Detention Center.

Check out the video below.



Both of the officers involved in the collision were transported to the hospital for their injuries. They are both expected to make a full recovery. 

The case is still being investigated. 

The trend of streaming interactions with police officers seems to be growing in popularity. In September, a suspect filmed himself running from police, then allegedly went after them with a knife.

A suspect was killed in an officer involved shooting on September 7 after he led police on a chase from Edina to Richfield, the Star Tribune reported.

Edina Police say that the incident began when officers attempted to stop the suspect, who was later identified as Brian J. Quinones, for running through a red light.

Brian Quinones can be seen singing along with the music while fleeing from police officers (Facebook Live Screenshot)


The officers began their pursuit of Quinones as he continued to run through intersections through much of the southwest metro area, eventually drawing the officers across town lines and over into Richfield. 

It wasn’t until after the chase was over that police realized their suspect had been broadcasting video of the pursuit live to Facebook. The video reportedly showed Quinones driving and looking into his rearview mirror multiple times as red and blue lights flash in the background. Amazingly, Quinones appeared to be quite calm during the pursuit. He even seems to be bobbing his head and singing along to the music on the car speakers while he flees. 


Richfield officers joined in the chase and eventually police were able to force the suspect’s vehicle to stop near E. 77th Street and Chicago Avenue.

Police say that once the car was no longer moving, Quinones jumped out of the vehicle. Officers say he was holding a knife in his hand. 

“Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” the officers screamed.

But Quinones continued to advance on the officers, leaving them no choice but to utilize deadly force. Officers fire at least seven rounds during the burst of gunfire. There’s a short pause, then another four shots.

“Shots fired, shots fired!” the dispatch audio picks up moments later. 

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Female officer attacked, choked, punched while people filmed it for social media


Quinones fell to the ground and was pronounced dead from his injuries. Investigators say that his phone continued to record for another 97 minutes as police worked the scene.

Quinones’ body was covered with a sheet while investigators worked on detailing the shooting. His white sneakers stuck out from underneath the sheet, and as onlookers were drawn to the commotion, they began to get angry.

Video recorded at the scene shows angry residents screaming at police officers as they attempt to form a line to protect the crime scene.


Bystanders screamed at the police for using deadly force on the knife-wielding suspect.

Quinones had apparently written, “So sorry” in a post to Facebook just before the live video was broadcasted. 


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