Officer Down: Female officer – a young mother – shot and killed trying to save woman’s life on a domestic violence call


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Today, we lost another sister in blue.

Officer Breann Leath of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was shot and killed during a domestic violence call.

Officer Leath, just 24 years old, responded to the call with two other officers at an apartment complex in the area of 21st Street and North Franklin Road on the east side. 

Before you read on, please take a good look at her picture, below. Look at her beautiful smile, the smile that is so obviously evidence of her love of being a police officer. Her pride in having earned the position. She is said to be from a law enforcement family, which adds to how proud she was to be a part of that.

Her face is emanating pure joy.

And now because some criminal didn’t want to go to jail, this beautiful woman’s young son is going to grow up motherless.

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor said that the shots that took Officer Leath’s life were fired “through the structure.” The coward didn’t even come out to face police.

Officer Leath and a civilian female were shot.

Both were taken to Eskanazi Hospital, where Officer Leath was pronounced dead.

The other shooting victim is said to have non-life-threatening injuries.

There is one suspect in custody at this time; no information on the shooter has been released at this time.

Mayor Joe Hogsett spoke at a news conference outside of the hospital. There, he said:

“Officer Leath turned toward the danger. Officer Leath made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of her brothers and sisters and made the ultimate sacrifice for an ever-grateful city.”

The mayor ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in Officer Leath’s honor.

Gov. Eric Holcomb said:

“Officer Leath gave her life as she answered the call of duty. She will be forever remembered for being the finest among us.”

Officer Leath was just 24 years old and had been with the IMPD for two-and-a-half years. She leaves behind a young son.

She served her community as a police officer, and served her country as a member of the Army National Guard.

She is the first officer to be killed in the line of duty in Indianapolis since Officer Perry Wayne Renn, who was also shot on the city’s east side.

This is a developing story.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

People everywhere are losing their minds.

Last week, Law Enforcement Today brought you another story of an officer attacked, this time in Appleton, Wisconsin. Thankfully, that incident had a different outcome for the officer invovled.

An officer in Wisconsin is lucky to be alive today after he was ambushed by a man with a large kitchen knife and stabbed multiple times.

The officer, whose name has not been released, was on patrol, driving in a marked police car, early Tuesday morning around 2am when he noticed a vehicle following him for “an extended distance.”

He started driving towards the police department and called the vehicle into dispatch, who told him that the same car had been reported as following other units in different jurisdictions as well.

The officer attempted a car stop, but the vehicle fled. “Because of the lack of any serious charges,” the officer let the suspect go and continued his patrol.

Around 4:15am, the officer returned to the precinct and noticed the suspect vehicle was just outside the parking lot.

A male, later identified as 49-year-old Troy J. VanGrinsven, was standing outside the entrance to the department.

The officer walked up to the entrance and attempted to speak with VanGrinsven, who immediately charged at the officer and stabbed him with a large kitchen knife multiple times.

The officer fought back and took VanGrinsven to the ground as the suspect continued thrusting the knife towards the officer. Other officers responded to assist, at which point another officer was cut by the suspect’s knife.

After a struggle, the officers were able to get VanGrinsven into custody.

Both officers were transported to the hospital where they were treated for their injuries and released.

The suspect was also taken to the hospital for an evaluation before being transported to jail.

The Chief of Appleton Police Department, Todd Thomas, released a statement after the incident.

In part, it read:

“The subject had concealed his right hand behind his leg and appeared to be holding something in it. The officer created distance between him and the individual, while trying to identify what the male was concealing. The male attacked the officer.

During the attack, the subject stabbed the officer several times with a kitchen-style knife. The officer fought back and brought the male on the ground. Additional officers responded and were able to get the subject under control and into custody. One of the other officers involved also suffered a cut, from the subject’s knife, to one of their hands.”

The Chief recognized how blessed his department is to have had all of his officers go home safely after the incident.

He continued:

“It is only because of the outstanding tactical skills, and the mental and physical fitness of the officer involved, that this incident didn’t end more tragically.

These are the threats that all our law enforcement officers are facing more frequently. No matter what uniform they wear, we thank all of them, and their family members, for the sacrifices they make every day to serve their communities.”

VanGrinsven is being charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and battery to a police officer, and may be facing more charges as the investigation unfolds.

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