Female inmates helping Habitat for Humanity

RI female inmates on volunteer construction crew October 8, 2011

CRANSTON, R.I.—A group of minimum-security female inmates are helping Habitat for Humanity of Rhode Island build a home in Providence.

The Department of Corrections says up to 10 female inmates have been volunteering at the work site on Fridays and Saturdays since July. The inmates are supervised by correction officers while participating in the project.

The inmates are helping to build a four-bedroom home for Ruth Cedeno, of mother of four girls ages 3 to 14. Construction is expected to finish next July.

The inmates’ participation is part of the Habitat Prison Partnership program.

Habitat officials say they like working with female inmates because they can count on their help twice weekly and they have “great attitudes.”

Officials say Cedeno occasionally brings homemade food for the inmates at lunch on Saturdays.

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