If there has ever been a time we have had cause to feel forsaken by our own countrymen, from the onset of the Ferguson riots in 2014 until present day, now would be that time.

“WE” being LEO Families. WE the people who fight on the side of justice. WE the ones who are burying our spouses in bulk because of domestic terrorist organizations and maniacs who see a badge as a bullseye. WE the ones who have become the focus and victim’s of hate simply because we refuse to allow the wolf to come and devour the sheep. WE the ones who have to know that if our spouses say “walk away walk away” we must do it without question, because they don’t want that felon to know who their wives and kids are.  WE the ones who know the sound of Velcro is reassuring but a knock at the door sends us jumping out of our skin. WE the ones who spend holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries apart from our loved ones because your safety is more important than our big day. WE who have had to learn that 6 p.m. sometimes really means 3 a.m., and having dinner as a family is a reason to celebrate. WE the families who sacrifice it all for your security … because your life, health, and safety matters.

If there EVER were a time to feel abandoned, betrayed, disgusted, disheartened, and disillusioned it is now. But a better day is coming, we have HOPE – January 20th will be here soon my friends so just hang tight, watch your six, and come home safe.

– Mrs. 43