Feds: CEO of security firm faked being in the CIA, tricked venture capitalist into donating millions to fund “missions”


WHITEFISH, MT – The CEO of Amyntor Group and a security firm in Whitefish, Montana is set to plead guilty to federal charges that allege that he defrauded a venture capitalist out of millions and failed to pay income taxes on those illegal proceeds.

The former CEO is planning on pleading guilty on November 10th.

In 2013, the former CEO, Matthew Marshall, is accused of running an elaborate scheme that was designed to bilk millions out of one person’s bank account to furnish his lifestyle.

Marshall allegedly continued this façade until it finally came unraveled in 2016. According to the indictment:

“[Marshall is charged] with intent to defraud, knowingly devised a scheme and plan for obtaining money and property by means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises, and omissions, and in doing so caused wire communications to be transmitted in interstate commerce.”

Marshall’s scheme is reminiscent of the car salesman from the movie, “True Lies,” where the salesman convinces the main character’s wife that he is an agent with the CIA. In that movie, once the salesman is confronted, he urinates on himself.

The scheme and the movie are similar because Marshall allegedly convinced the victim, Michael Goguen, that he had been a member of the CIA as well as a former member of the Force Reconnaissance unit from the Marine Corps.

With this ruse, Marshall was able to play on Goguen’s friendliness and take his money.

Marshall was allegedly able to convince the victim that as part of his experience he had been deployed on several clandestine missions throughout the world.

Of course, this was needed so that the lie that Marshall was allegedly telling was seemingly more plausible. Truth is, he was never a member of the CIA nor any type of elite military unit.

Since Marshall was able to convince the victim that he was a member of these covert forces, he somehow was also able to convince him that funding was needed for his ‘missions’ to be completed.

Marshall allegedly asked the victim to fund the operations “off the books” for various fake missions on behalf of the CIA that would cover the costs of assault teams and rescue missions throughout the world.

The victim, who probably thought that he was a true patriot helping out the country in covert operations was more than willing to provide the funds. Because he bought the alleged fake scheme, the victim wired an excess of $2.3 million to Marshall.

Of course, there were never any real United States military or CIA missions that needed funding, covert or otherwise. Rather, it was an alleged criminal who preyed on the patriotism and friendship of an unsuspecting victim.

Marshall has agreed to plead guilty as part of a deal that will see several federal charges dismissed. Marshall will plead guilty to wire fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.

As part of the agreement, federal prosecutors will drop the remaining nine charges.

The agreement also will require that Marshall reimburse Goguen the millions of dollars that he allegedly swindled him out of and $899,327 in which he owes the IRS. Marshall faces a maximum prison sentence of 35 years regardless of the plea agreement.

Of course, what he will be sentenced to will be determined by the federal sentencing guidelines and the judge’s decision.

This news is strange and odd in and of itself, but it gets stranger when it was released that the former Police Chief of Whitefish Police Department, Bill Dial, allegedly joined forces with Marshall in an attempt to retaliate against Goguen.

According to allegations presented by the Public Safety Officer Standards and Training Council, Marshall and Dial exchanged hundreds of text messages with each other with plans on getting back at Goguen.

The POST complaint alleges that Dial had been working with Marshall in attempts to “entrap” that lead detective.

Before the text messages were released, Dial filed a civil lawsuit against Goguen in December of 2019.

The lawsuit claims that Goguen influenced the criminal investigation against Marshall by corrupting the lead detective on the case by offering him gifts and other bribes.

In reality, it appears that, according to the POST, it was Dial who was guilty of corruption, not the detective.

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Four indicted in fraudulent jail-scheme to obtain unemployment benefits – one suspect was already in prison

WORCESTER COUNTY, MA – According to the Massachusetts attorney general, four individuals have been indicted in an alleged unemployment fraud scheme that officials say was orchestrated while one of the accused was inside of the Worcester County Jail in May of 2020.


Attorney General Maura Healey recently announced the March 26th indictments of 38-year-old Darnell Harris, 57-year-old Marie Tavernier, 36-year-old Ebony Harris, and 39-year-old Gregory Harris.

Apparently, the four individuals indicted were allegedly involved in a fraudulent unemployment scheme that was meant to exploit the benefits being handed out in May of 2020 via the state’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

From what AG Healey says, the four coconspirators managed to defraud the state out of over $77,000 through their purported scheme.

Investigators say that this was a ploy all orchestrated by Darnell Harris, who is now currently incarcerated in Plymouth County House of Correction on an unrelated matter, while he was in custody at the Worcester County Jail during the time of the alleged scheme.

Back in May of 2020, authorities claim that Darnell Harris started to pass along personal identifying information of fellow inmates over to the three other individuals that have been charged in this alleged plot.


Sheriff Lew Evangelidis said that jail staff became alerted to the alleged scheme through a piece of intercepted mail that showcased all sorts of personal information of inmates held at the jail:

“It certainly made us think, ‘Why would somebody be sending out all this personal information regarding somebody?’”

Shortly after obtaining the intercepted letter that shared personal identifying information of other inmates, the sheriff’s Special Services Unit soon discovered recorded phone calls coming from the jail that also detailed aspects of the alleged fraudulent scheme.

Investigators claim that the four coconspirators filed a total of 13 false unemployment benefits claims through information obtained by other inmates inside of the jail during that time period in 2020. A total of $77,457 were illegitimately obtained through these fraudulent claims submitted.

The attorney general’s office also alleges that some of the ill-gotten gains were used to help post the $100K bond of Darnell Harris at the time of his pre-trial detention at the jail.

All four individuals are currently facing 13 counts of unemployment fraud, ten counts of larceny over $1200, three counts of attempted larceny and one count each of money laundering and conspiracy.

When further commenting on the case, Sheriff Evangelidis said that he was “disgusted” with the scheme the four are accused of committing:

“I was just disgusted… This is supposedly helping people in serious situations. And instead, you’ve got all this fraud going on. And not only is it happening all over the country, but it’s happening in our own correctional facility.”

Under arraignment is slated for June 7th at the Suffolk Superior Court for all four defendants in this matter.


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