Feds bust massive money laundering operation run by Chinese nationals for Mexican cartels


WASHINGTON D.C. – After a four-year investigation, federal authorities have issued several indictments on an elaborate money laundering scheme that involved Chinese nationals residing stateside and in various Latin American countries helping out the likes of Mexican drug cartels.

Reportedly, six Chinese nationals are facing charges ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering.

Here’s the details on this foiled money-washing ploy.

The Department of Justice announced the charges related to this investigation on October 15th. Those who were charged were identified as:

  • Xizhi Li, 45, two counts of drug trafficking and one count money laundering
  • Jianxing Chen, 40, two counts of drug trafficking and one count money laundering
  • Jiayu Chen, 46, two counts of drug trafficking and one count money laundering
  • Eric Yong Woo, 43, one count money laundering
  • Jingyuan Li, 47, two counts of drug trafficking and one count money laundering
  • Tao Liu, 45, two counts of drug trafficking, two counts money laundering, four counts of attempted identity fraud, four counts of bribery, two counts of international money laundering

According to the Justice Department, five of the six charged in the case are in custody, with Jianxing Chen currently being listed as a fugitive.

Apparently the six people announced in the indictment were using an array of methods to launder money for various drug trafficking organizations – using the likes of casinos, shell companies, a combination of both domestic and foreign bank accounts and general cash smuggling.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbitt, from the DOJ’s Criminal Division, spoke about the recently unsealed indictments:

“I would like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia and our federal law enforcement partners for taking down a criminal organization that laundered drug proceeds for the Mexican cartels.

“Drug traffickers and money launderers operate globally, but this investigation demonstrates that they will be brought to justice wherever they are found.”

James M. Gibbons, Special Agent in Charge of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations in Chicago, also made note of the “sophisticated” scheme employed by the Chinese nationals in this case:

“The defendants in this case are alleged to have gone to great lengths to carry out their sophisticated money laundering conspiracy. HSI will continue to collaborate with our partner agencies to disrupt the flow of narcotics into the country that is facilitated through the laundering of funds out of the U.S.”

While most of the alleged money launderers in this case are facing charges related to such, Tao Liu is facing charges related to identity fraud and bribery for allegedly to bribe an undercover law enforcement agent in order to get some passports to come into the United States.

As for the drug trafficking charges related to five of the six indicted, apparently all but Eric Yong Woo were alleged to have conspired to distribute “five kilograms or more of cocaine” into the United States.

All things considered, on a count-by-count basis for those charged, everyone except Eric Yong Woo is facing up to life in prison for their charges. Woo on the other hand is facing up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted of the single count of money laundering.

Jeffrey A. Thomas, Deputy Assistant Director of the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service Investigations Division, weighed in on the amazing collaboration between U.S. based investigators and foreign agencies to crack down on operations that enable the illicit drug trade:

“This is a perfect illustration of DSS’ global reach and our ability to partner with U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies on complex international, multi-jurisdictional cases. DSS and our counterparts are conducting investigations like these on a daily basis around the world.”

G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, mirrored the sentiments expressed by DSS Deputy Assistant Director Thomas on the collaborative nature of this investigation:

“We would not have been able to achieve this result without our investigative partners and agencies around the world helping contribute to this case.  My thanks to all of you for your continued commitment to this important work.”

Wendy Woolcock, Special Agent in Charge for the DEA’s Special Operations Division, that money laundering operations such as the one relating to this investigation serve as a lifeline for dangerous drugs to seep into American cities:

“These individuals went to great lengths to conceal their alleged criminal activities and further schemes that enabled drug cartels to push their poisons on our communities and launder their illicit proceeds. Despite these efforts, they could not evade detection by U.S. law enforcement.”

Assistant U.S. Attorneys David A. Peters and Michael P. Ben’Ary will be prosecuting the case against the six accused, along with the help of trial attorneys Kerry Blackburn, Mary Daly, and Stephen A. Sola.

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Black Lives Matter Marxist and Chinese communist links exposed in activism funding

Sep 18, 2020 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The California branch of the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), a Boston based pro-Communist China agency, is sponsoring a BLM endeavor called the “Black Futures Lab,” the Daily Signal reported on Tuesday.

The Black Futures Lab, founded by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza, is a political activism organization seeking to further infuse progressive politics into the black community.  Their website subtly espouses an anti-capitalist message, amidst general statements about black political empowerment and community engagement.   

Packaged within such statements, their “Who We Are” page expresses a commitment to using the black community’s political power to “stop corporate influences from creeping into progressive policies.”

The site’s Donate page redirects to a page aliased to CPA San Francisco, but hosted by the Progressive Technology Project (PTP). 

PTP provides a customized web-based platform built on an open source customer relationship management backend called CiviCRM.  The user-facing component of their CiviCRM platform is called Powerbase. 

Powerbase handles donations, mass mailings, online petitions, membership databases, event planning, registration, and pricing specifically for social justice organizations.  This backend donation support is apparently being funded by CPA San Francisco. 

Clicking on the Black Futures Lab logo at the top of the donation page takes you to CPASF’s home page, rather than the BFL home page.  Perhaps this was an oversight.

CPA Origin:

Kaori Tsukada (now a mechanical engineer in San Francisco) wrote an honors thesis for her Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. 

While she was attending Stanford University on F-1 visa status from Japan in 2009, she wrote her thesis called:

“The Interaction Between Service and Organizing: Two Housing Campaigns by the Chinese Progressive Association.” 

The time she invested into researching all things CPA for this paper obviously helped Tsukada earn her degree (actually the lesser of two degrees: Tsukada also holds a Master’s Degree in Earth Systems from Stanford). 

The paper also had the unexpected impact of being regarded as a highly authoritative document on this Marxist organization, worthy of inclusion into the Marxists Internet Archive global library.

Tsukada described the origin of CPA in Chapter Two of her thesis:

The CPA began as a Leftist, pro-People’s Republic of China organization, promoting awareness of mainland China’s revolutionary thought and workers rights, and dedicated to self-determination, community control, and ‘serving the people.’ Its activities were independent of the Communist Party of China or the US, and instead the organization worked with other pro-PRC groups within the US and San Francisco Bay Area.

“At the time, the PRC released information selectively, and the US also restricted information, and so those involved in CPA knew very little of what was actually happening in the PRC. Support for the PRC was based on the inspiration the members drew from what they saw as a successful grassroots model that presented a viable alternative to Western capitalism and separate from the oppressive Stalinist Russia”

As the paper indicates, the CPA developed and promoted an idealistic view of what the PRC stood for, and represented.  Their idealism became a substitute for the reality of how the PRC’s communist government actually operated.

Organizations such as CPA tend to pass on distant affections for oppressive government systems employed by governments from where their influencers escaped to America.  Under freedoms afforded to them in the Republic of the United States of America, these organizations are then free to spread propaganda in favor of those foreign governments (usually with those governments’ indirect, or direct blessing).

CPA involvement in BLM activities:

CPA supports the anti-police protests happening across the United States.  As China Daily, the PRC’s state sponsored English language newspaper reported, members of CPA participated in a San Francisco protest in June:

“The Chinese community also showed up for the African American protests, as members of the Chinese Progressive Association joined thousands of others at a kneeling demonstration on June 1 in front of the San Francisco City Hall to demand justice for all black families brutalized by police.”

Marxism Behind BLM:

In Vladimir Lenin’s “The State and Revolution: The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State,” (found on Marxists.org) Lenin quotes Karl Marx as saying:

“Between capitalist and communist society lies the period of the revolutionary transformation of the one into the other. Corresponding to this is also a political transition period in which the state can be nothing but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.”

As self-admitted “trained Marxists,” there is no mistaking that the BLM founders are anti-capitalist, and anti-law enforcement (given that law enforcement is the only thing standing in the way of revolution). 

The modern day black Marxist ecosystem that Black Lives Matter has fostered is reminiscent of the Black Liberation Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, also Marxist. 

Of that ecosystem, Garza stated:

“We helped to also pull together an ecosystem that was much broader than the organization that we founded, and that ecosystem is called the Movement for Black Lives and it is taking the world by storm.”

The Movement for Black Lives’ About Us page declares their position on capitalism:

“We are anti-capitalist:

“We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.”

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Proposed bill in New Jersey would allow illegal immigrants to obtain professional and occupational licenses

The page also declares which institutions they feel should be abolished:

“We are Abolitionist:

“We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished and replaced by institutions that value and affirm the flourishing of Black lives.”

Institutionalized abortion, which has inflicted more violence on black people than the institutions mentioned above combined, does not appear to be mentioned in the statement.   Nor does it appear anywhere on the websites for these movements.

It is also not by accident that this movement toward black Marxism is reminiscent of the Black Liberation Movement.  In fact, the name Black Lives Matter seems to have been chosen so that the BLM acronym could be applied to both.

As Garza stated during a speech at the Left Forum in 2015:

“Black Lives Matter is much more than a hashtag.  In fact, it’s an organized network in 26 cities, globally.  It’s also intended to be a tactic to help rebuild the Black Liberation Movement.  BLM… BLM.”

Garza reiterated M4BL’s declaration about capitalism later in her speech:

“It’s not possible for a world to emerge where Black lives matter, if it’s under capitalism.”

 Purpose of Black Futures Lab:

According to the Black Futures About Us page:

“The Black Futures Lab transforms Black communities into active, interdependent, responsive public partners that change the way power operates—at the local, state, and national level.”

This appears to indicate that BFL acts as a lobbying group, or perhaps a lobbying arm of BLM and the M4BL ecosystem. 

The group also says:

“The Black Futures Lab engages all Black people, especially those that have made significant contributions to progressive movements but have consistently been left at the bottom of legislators’ agendas.

“This includes Black queer and trans folks, Black disabled folks, Black immigrants (documented and undocumented), Black people who are currently and formerly incarcerated, Black women, and Black people all along and outside the gender spectrum.”

As one of the basic tenets of Marxism is to transition capitalist societies into communist ones, Marxist entities led by individuals who share the same basic ideologies would naturally connect with one another to achieve that end. 

The largest, wealthiest, and most powerful communist nation in the world has employed it’s propaganda model (via the press) to inspire an unaware generation in American society.  The goal of that inspiration is to hold a distant affection for the PRC’s form of government and economic system. 

They have spent a great amount of money to place supplemental articles in American newspapers via state run China Daily, and work jointly with pro-PRC organizations in America such as CPA.  CPA, in turn, works jointly with other American organizations to unwittingly (or perhaps “wittingly” after all) carry out a pro-PRC agenda.

The goals of Marxist organizations operating in America include the dismantling of the economic structure that has supported more black prosperity than any other nation in the world.  They also include the dismantling of a law enforcement infrastructure that would give way to more chaos and destruction of inner cities than we are already seeing. 

One has to wonder how much black lives will actually matter… if organizations such Black Lives Matter succeed in their objectives.

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