Obama-appointed judge rules there is no public interest in whether Hunter Biden got special treatment for illegal gun purchase


The following includes content which is editorial in nature and reflects the opinion of the writer.

BIDEN’S AMERICA- Two sets of rules…one for the political insiders, the other for the rest of us. Once again, the disparate criminal justice system in the United States has been unmasked, this time again involving Hunter Biden, Newsmax reports.

On Tuesday, a federal judge appointed by Barack Hussein Obama denied a request for public disclosure regarding Hunter Biden, who was legally prohibited from owning a firearm, throwing a gun into a trash can in 2018.

In fact, not only was he prohibited from owning a firearm as a drug user, he lied on a federal firearms form, a felony.

In ruling against releasing the records, U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras said that crackhead Hunter’s privacy as a private citizen outweighed the public interest in such records being released. It’s not much of a reach to believe that if the last name were Trump, Contreras would have tripped over himself to release the records.

“The privacy interest here is remarkably strong,” wrote Contreras, who acknowledged the public interest in the handling of any investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) into the incident was “significant.”

Despite that, he apparently felt the interest in keeping anything negative about the Biden’s secreted away from the public was more “significant.”

The request came after a March 2021 report from Politico of all places that Hunter and Hallie Biden, his sister-in-law who was married to Biden’s brother Beau, since deceased had gotten into a kerfuffle, reporting the two “were involved in a bizarre incident in which Hallie took Hunter’s gun and threw it in a trash can behind a grocery store, only to return later and find it gone.”

That incident occurred in October 2018; Hunter and Hallie were dating at the time.

In a November 2020 records request from ATF, investigative internet journalist and gun enthusiast David Codrea asked for records regarding the episode, which was denied by the ATF. He filed the suit in August 2021 after the ATF refused to produce any documents.

The 24-page decision references the Politico article, which said that a man who regularly went through trash behind the building found the weapon and returned it to authorities days after it went missing.

The Secret Service, who was not in the position to be protecting Hunter Biden at that time, visited the gun store where Hunter Biden illegally purchased the firearm, and asked for the purchase records. The owner refused to turn them over, telling agents the matter was under the jurisdiction of the ATF, whom he later cooperated with.

Both the White House and Secret Service later issued statements denying reports that the agency had intervened on Hunter Biden’s behalf in the 2018 incident.

When he purchased the firearm, Hunter Biden checked a box on the federal firearms licensing form saying he was not at that time a user of, or addicted to narcotics—which he clearly was as was confirmed by both he and family members who said he had struggled with drug addiction for years.

Despite that and despite all the bloviating from Democrats about “gun control,” no charges were brought against Biden for illegally purchasing the firearm.

Contreras laughably claimed that despite the fact Hunter Biden wrote about his drug addiction problems in his memoir, that did not diminish his privacy interest in records concerning the episode, according to Politico.

“Disclosure would reveal whether Hunter Biden was criminally investigated by ATF,” Contreras wrote. “An individual’s public disclosure of information that could be potentially incriminating in a general sense does not reduce his privacy interest in whether he was the subject of a particular federal criminal investigation by a particular agency.”

He also claimed that the fact the crackhead is related to Joe Biden played no role in his decision and didn’t diminish his privacy rights as a legal matter.

“The court is not aware of any case law holding that a private citizen like Hunter Biden loses a sense of personal privacy for purposes of [a Freedom of Information Act exemption] merely be being related to a prominent public official,” the judge wrote.

Meanwhile, Viking hat guy who trespassed at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 gets what, seven years in jail?

Equal justice under the law…unless you’re a Trump voter.


Now for something on the hypocrisy of Hunter Biden’s daddy, Joe Biden, we invite you to:


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

The next time you hear Joe Biden talking about gun control, in particular “universal background checks,” know this—his son crackhead hunter lied on a federal firearms background form, which is a felony—yet for some reason hasn’t been arrested and charged. In other words, like everything in Washington, D.C., there are two sets of rules.

This fact wasn’t lost on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, who earlier this week slammed Biden’s partisan address to the nation where of course he blamed Republicans for all the “mass shootings” taking place in the country, according to the Media Research Center’s “NewsBusters.”

Never mind for a minute that in major cities across the country, so-called “mass shootings” take place on a weekly basis.

Biden, who clearly was napping in law school when they discussed the Constitution, continues to make the false and brain-dead claim that our God-given rights as outlined in the Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, are “not absolute.” This of course is a lie.

Biden, like all Democrats, are trying to leverage the recent deaths of ten people in Buffalo and 21 in Uvalde, Texas for nothing less than political purposes.

As Carlson noted in his monologue this past Wednesday, Biden’s real motivation for pushing gun control nearly before the bullets stopped flying last week is because “facing almost certain defeat for his party in the midterm elections five months from now, Joe Biden has become desperate.

He’s decided to leverage the murder of nineteen children in Texas last week for political advantage.”

Carlson played clips from Biden’s speech, where he railed on about so-called “assault rifles,” first asking to ban them outright and then suggesting that we should raise the age to 21 in order to purchase such weapons.

This of course despite the fact that people we sent off to fight wars are old enough to die for their country but too young to purchase firearms.

Biden also carried on about pushing for “red flag” laws, despite the fact that precisely that kind of law did nothing to prevent the mass shooting in Buffalo.

In fact, the federal government can pass as many laws as they want but the fact remains that in cities across the country from Philadelphia to Chicago, St. Louis to Los Angeles, far-left prosecutors are failing to prosecute gun crimes.

Every day we read about someone murdered by a suspect who should have been locked up for previous gun crimes which were dismissed.

All of this led Carlson to rip into Biden:

“So to summarize the president’s remarks tonight, your constitutional rights are not absolute, but in taking them away, we’re not actually taking away your rights, we’re protecting children, to which you might ask, am I a threat to children? That question is never answered by the president.

The point of this, of course, is to disarm people who didn’t vote for Joe Biden, and that is why simultaneous with this, this effort to recategorize the guns in your closet as felonies. Democrats have been failing to prosecute gun crimes in our cities where most of the crime is.”

The amazing part about the above statement is Biden’s claim about “protecting children.” Yet this is the same man, from the same political party, who wants to legalize abortion right up until the moment of birth.

Worse yet, some in the more radical portions of the pro-abortion contingent actually claim “abortion” can take place after birth. In most jurisdictions, that’s called murder. Yet this is the group Biden is pandering to with his insane gun control proposals.

The portion Carlson spoke to about Biden trying to “recategorize guns in  your closet” refers to another insane statement made last week by Biden, when he suggested that the 9mm pistol was a “high caliber” weapon that people have “no business” carrying, making the absurd claim that 9mm ammunition can “blow the lungs out of a body.”

As the most popular handgun in the country and the primary weapon that is carried by law enforcement, Biden has made it clear that Democrats will not be happy merely outlawing “assault weapons” such as the AR-15, the most popular rifle in the country. They’re coming after everything.

Carlson then turned his attention to crackhead Hunter, pointing out the fact that he had lied on a federal background check (the same one being pushed by dementia Joe) to buy a gun:

“…if you’re at all confused about whether the effort here is selective, if this is enforcement only of certain people, you’ll notice the president never mentioned the apparent federal gun felony his own son committed when he lied on a federal background form when he bought a handgun.”

The reason for that is clear. Democrats, who would never consider giving up their own protection, don’t care if the American people are able to defend themselves, as long as they are protected.

“Biden’s fellow Democrats and the House of Representatives spent the day debating ways to disarm you. Americans who have committed no crime at all and want only to protect themselves and their families,” Carlson said.

What is interesting about this gun control debate is the fact that Democrats are completely clueless when talking about firearms. They don’t know a pellet gun from an AK-47. All they know is that an AR-15 is black and scary looking. They hear semi-automatic and think machine gun.

Actually clueless doesn’t begin to describe the dearth of knowledge Democrats possess about guns. Uninformed, blissfully ignorant, and delusional probably covers it.

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