Federal Agent: Stop Using Us As A Political Pawn In The Border Battle


Last week, Law Enforcement Today published a letter to President Trump from a police officer about the debate over building a wall on our nation’s border.


Not surprisingly, it lead to a great deal of controversy from both sides.  Today… we bring you the other side.


At LET, we are committed to sharing the stories of our law enforcement officers and their supporters – whether or not we always agree with them.  Those who hold the thin blue line should get a say in the security of our nation, and they often don’t.  That’s why we’ve launched the voice of Sgt. A. Merica – not just one man, but one voice for many.


For too long, political correctness has run amok and people are told their opinion doesn’t matter if it isn’t popular.  Here, your opinion matters.


With that… we give you this counter perspective from “Special Agent A. Federal Leo” (edited solely for grammar).


Your letter, “Officer’s Letter To President Trump: Hold The Line, Build The Wall” misses a huge point. As one of the tens of thousands of Federal law enforcement officers that is being forced to work without pay, a wall is necessary, but should not cause undue hardship to uniformed and plain-clothes Federal officers who are putting their lives at risk trying to protect this country.


Yes, 800,000 Federal employees are affected by this shutdown, but Law Enforcement should be united with the 100,000+ Federal Law Enforcement Officers that are affected.


This number includes the 50,000 at Customs and Border Protection (including Border Patrol), 15,000 at ICE, 6,000 at Secret Service, 20,000 at FBI, 5,000 at DEA, 3,000 at US Marshals and thousands of law enforcement officers with US Park Police, Bureau of Indian Affairs, IRS, ATF and so many other agencies that have law enforcement missions.


Law Enforcement should be united with us and we should not be used as pawns for political reasons for any political party. We have families that worry about us coming home each night. State and Local law enforcement would be unified if some politician decided to not pay officers in order to get speed bumps.  This is the same thing.


We need better pay, better equipment and more support to do our jobs. If a wall is the best way to do this, let border security experts decide this, but don’t let politicians decide. If fencing, cameras, drones, sensors, more personnel, better vehicles, etc. are the most effective way to accomplish border security, again, let the experts decide. Leave politics out of this.


We need all Law Enforcement on our side. The letter to the President and all politicians, should be to hold the BLUE line and support all law enforcement officers.


Yours in policing,

Special Agent A. Federal Leo


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