FDNY lieutenant paramedic and 9/11 first responder stabbed to death in broad daylight while walking to get lunch


NEW YORK CITY, NY – People across the city are mourning the tragic loss of a New York Fire Department (FDNY) paramedic and 9/11 first responder who was fatally stabbed while working in the line of duty.

FDNY paramedic Lieutenant Alison Russo-Elling, who was 61-years-old, was on duty in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens when she was stabbed multiple times in a completely unprovoked and violent attack.

The fatal incident happened during the afternoon on Thursday, September 29th. Russo-Elling was on shift at EMS Station 49 in Astoria when she was stabbed multiple times in a “barbaric and completely unprovoked” attack near 20th Avenue and Steinway Street.

According to sources familiar with the incident, the suspect, 34-year-old Peter Zisopoulos, is in custody and has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He is expected to be arraigned by the first weekend of October.

The fatal attack happened around 2:15 p.m. while Russo-Elling was walking to get food. She was in uniform and clearly identified as an EMS member. New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Keechant Sewell, said in a statement:

“This deadly, senseless, broad daylight attack on a uniformed EMT member is a direct assault on our society. It is the latest consequence of the violence that we relentlessly fight in our city.”

Russo-Elling, a 24-year FDNY veteran, was taken to Mt. Sinai Queens Hospital in critical condition where she later died from her injuries.

In a statement, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that the city has lost one of its heroes who provide a service to NYC residents for over two decades. He added:

“Every day they do their job in a manner in which many of us don’t realize how dangerous it is. She was working for this city. She paid the ultimate sacrifice because of it.”

FNDY Acting Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said that EMS members solely help and save other people’s lives, and to be fatally attache while working to help others is “heartbreaking and enraging” in ways she cannot describe.


NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essing stated that a 34-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the killing of the EMS member.

He said that one of the two people who witnessed the stabbing chased the suspect into his third-floor apartment nearby, where he ended up barricading himself.

He was eventually taken out of his apartment by the Hostage Negotiating Team and Emergency Service Unit and taken into custody.

Governor Kathy Hochul ordered flags at state buildings to fly at half-staff in Russo-Elling’s honor beginning at sunrise on Friday, September 30th and until her funeral services are over. Hochul said in a statement:

“We mourn the loss of Alison Russo-Elling, an EMT Lieutenant who was killed while on duty. Our hearts are with her family as we honor her life and remember her as a hero. I know all New Yorkers are grateful for her service over more than two decades with FDNY and as a World Trade Center first responder.”

According to FDNY, Russo-Elling joined the department as an EMT in March of 1998 and became a paramedic in 2002. She was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 2016.

During her career, she worked at multiple EMS stations, including Station 20, Station 17, Station16, Station 46, Queens Tactical Response Group, and Station 49. Kavanagh said:

“She was absolutely beloved on this job. Our hearts break for our entire department and her family.”

Russo-Elling was a resident of Long Island. She is survived by her parents and a daughter. As of this writing, funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

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Fallen heroes: Two sheriff’s deputies ambushed and killed in the line of duty while serving a warrant

September 9th, 2022

MARIETTA, GA – According to reports, two Cobb County sheriff’s deputies were killed in the line of duty on the evening of September 8th while serving a warrant on a home in Marietta.

The deputies’ were “ambushed and killed” after attempting to serve a warrant at a home on the corner of Hampton Glen Court and Fenwick Drive. Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens said in a statement:

“From my understanding, the deputies had made an attempt at the home, knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, no one came to the house. As they were getting back to their car the vehicle drove up, and they assumed it was the suspect who lived there, and, as they got back to the car, as he got into his car, shots were fired.”

It was around 7:48 p.m., just a few minutes after arriving at the home when dispatchers first received a report that something was wrong. The sheriff stated that the deputies were able to radio in the shooting to the dispatchers.

A dispatcher broadcasted over the radio, “We have an officer down.” Several law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and minutes later firefighters and medics were dispatched as well. The dispatcher could be heard saying:

“Shooter is still inside. We don’t have any information on the perimeter yet.”

Sheriff Owens said that at the time, it was not immediately clear if both deputies were in the vehicle or if one of the suspects was already inside the home, but what he did know was the manner in which his deputies lost their lives. He said:

“What I can tell you in this moment is this — in plain terms it is simple, my two deputies were ambushed and killed.”

He added:

“The two suspects we believe are the perpetrators of this crime are currently in custody and are being held at the Cobb County Police Department for questioning.”


After being transported to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, both deputies were pronounced dead from their injuries. As of this writing, the deputies’ names have not been released.

Sheriff Owens said the warrant was for failure to appear by theft of deception. The deputies were reportedly ambushed after they got out of their cars and began talking to the suspects.

One suspect allegedly opened fired from a car and a second suspect opened fired from the house. Sheriff Owens said that both deputies had been with the sheriff’s office for more than five years.

Hours after the SWAT team responded to the scene, the two suspects were taken into custody, which was around 12:15 a.m. Sheriff Owens said he does not have the words to express the emotions, but has asked for prayers for his deputies. He added:

“Two wives have lost their amazing husbands. Pray for us because we need it. Our hearts are broken here in Cobb County.”

Neighbors in the Marietta neighborhood remain in shock after hearing about the fatal shootings of the two deputies. Javier Chavez said in a statement:

“It’s shocking of what happened here tonight. I got phone calls about what was going on. Everywhere was blocked and I told someone to drop me off so I can walk and see what was going on. I heard police sirens. I live right outside the neighborhood, but I’m familiar with the house where this is taking place.”

He added:

“It’s devastating about the loss of two cops today.”

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, there have been “170 line of duty deaths in 2022 nationwide.” Officials stated that 46 of those deaths were “related to gunfire nationwide.” The site said:

“In Georgia, there were six line of duty deaths prior to Thursday in 2022. None of them were gunfire related.”

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Officer down: Police respond to call about a man firing weapon, get ambushed upon arrival – five year veteran cop murdered

July 7th, 2022

DETROIT, MI – An officer in Detroit, Michigan, was shot and killed Wednesday night while responding to a call of a person firing a weapon in the area.

The officer was murdered on the city’s west side near Joy Road and Marlowe Street. According to reports, officers arrived at the scene only to be immediately shot at. The unidentified officer was struck at least once.

His partner returned fire, striking and killing the shooter.

Why the man was shooting the rifle used to kill the officer is still being investigated. There were no other victims. Could it be possible that officers were lured there to be ambushed?

Chief of Police James White said that while officers know what they are signing up for, it doesn’t make moments like this one any easier.

“The violence in this country is outrageous,” he said. “The assaults against police officers is outrageous. And tonight, we lost a hero in our department. And regardless of where you stand, on what side of the political aisle you’re on, on this issue of gun violence, it’s entirely too much gun violence in the city. Too much gun violence in this country.

And now we’ve got an officer who has paid the ultimate sacrifice, putting his life on the line for you and me … every single day. And officers are doing it right now even after this call. Enough is enough.”

Video shows officers on the scene crying, hugging and praying with one another.

FDNY lieutenant paramedic and 9/11 first responder stabbed to death in broad daylight while walking to get lunch
YouTube screenshot, courtesy of WXYZ TV Detroit

“The officers are heartbroken,” Chief White said.

The fallen officer, a 5-year veteran, was a husband and a father. According to Chief White, serving in law enforcement ran in his family. His father recently retired from the department.

“Their soul is crushed,” White said of the officer’s family. “This is the worst day of their life. And Dad’s not coming home, husband’s not coming home. And it’s unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan addressed members of the media.

“We have an officer and a family with a debt that we can never repay. 
The senseless violence ravaging our country has hit far too close to home tonight. We owe a debt of gratitude to our fallen officer, a debt that we can never repay. He gave his life to serve his city and keep his fellow Detroiters safe. Our entire city is holding his family in our hearts tonight and will be with them every step of the way in the difficult days ahead.”


Residents of the neighborhood where the shooting occurred spoke out against the violence.

“Come on people, we better than this,” one neighborhood resident said.

“This is happening not just to civilians but police officers as you can see, so we need everybody to cooperate right now, this is a cry out for help,” said another.

The identities of the officer and the shooter have not been revealed. According to WXYZ, Chief White is planning to release more information later Thursday. Law Enforcement Today will follow this story and provide updates as they become available.

This slaying takes the total of law enforcement officers shot and killed nationally to at least 34. We just reached the mid-point of 2022.

Good guy with a gun stops bad guy who was stabbing a woman - so why is the mainstream media silent?

California cop killer was on probation the night they were killed; probation officer says he hadn’t seen him in months

LOS ANGELES, CA – Law Enforcement Today brought you coverage of a gang member who executed two El Monte, California police officers on June 14, detailing that he should have been in prison the night they were killed.

We are learning more about Justin Flores today and aspects of this case that could have resulted in Officer Joseph Santana and Corporal Michael Paredes still being with us, patrolling the streets of El Monte.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles County probation department was notified that Flores was in possession of a gun, which is prohibited due to his felony conviction. It was also reported that he had beaten a woman he was linked to romantically.

The Times said that their information came directly from three members of the law enforcement community with a direct connection to the case.

Flores’ mother even called his probation officer to inform him that her son was on drugs again after his release. She begged him for help, but the probation officer refused to discuss her son’s case with her.

It turns out, the probation officer had not seen Flores in over six months. All of these listed offenses were violations of his probation and should have put him back behind bars.

The probation department had ample opportunities to have him apprehended, but never did.

Now, two officers are dead, Flores committed suicide, and multiple families are left asking why.

Former federal prosecutor Laurie Levenson weighed in.

“Nobody made it a priority. I think everybody saw this guy as a potential problem, but everyone was playing the odds that he would be brought in before there was a potential problem,” she said. “And they lost on those odds.”

As we have previously documented, Flores was a member of the Quiet Village Gang and carried quite a lengthy criminal record.

He was convicted for burglary, driving violations and numerous drug possessions.

In 2021, he was placed on probation as part of a plea deal after he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a gun.

LA DA George Gascon’s office faced heavy criticism for the plea deal, as has the probation department for their handling of Flores after he became their responsibility.

He was most recently instructed to appear in person with his probation officer on June 6th. He was a no show.

That is when his mother, Lynn Covarrubias, called in to express her concerns.

“I told them my son and his wife were doing drugs and he needed help and him going back to jail wouldn’t help him, and the probation officer told me he couldn’t discuss his case with me,” Covarrubias said.  “He said the only way he could get my son back into a program was if he did something wrong and to report it to the [sheriff’s department.]”

The officer couldn’t help her because Flores’ wife was listed as his next of kin.

While she extended her condolences to the families of the slain officers, Covarrubias maintains that her son wasn’t abusing anyone and that he didn’t kill himself in that shootout at the Siesta Inn. She says the blame for all three deaths lay in the hands of the probation department.

“I do feel the probation department should have stepped in and did more to help, to get him help. And they didn’t,” she said.

Following the murders of Santana and Paredes, an email was sent out within the probation department.

The Times said that it read, in part:

“Our field contact numbers reflect that staff are not going out enough in the community. Our caseloads are at an all-time low … we are also having a high rate of unsuccessful contacts.”

A spokesperson told the newspaper that it was unrelated to Flores. But they are starting an internal investigation on how things went where they did.

However, a person internal to the department, spoke anonymously, saying that the department chief called an emergency meeting to discuss the failures of officers to see their probationers face-to-race.

“He said, ‘we need to make sure that everybody is conducting supervision, have all your officers conduct an audit to make sure we’re making the supervision contacts.’ The words [the chief used] were ‘all hands on-deck,'” the person said.

Was it just a general conversation, or is the department doing damage control in case the fingers all come back pointed at them?

But Levinson said that the probation office is not the only one to blame. Multiple agencies missed the warning signs with Flores.

“We don’t do a lot to individualize our defendants. You’re either the drug defendant and it’s just a drug problem, or a violent defendant who we have to take seriously,” Levenson said. “What we don’t anticipate is how a person on drugs can quickly become violent.”

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Suspect who murdered two El Monte police officers was on probation for gun charge, should have been behind bars

LOS ANGELES, CA- According to a report from Fox News, the suspect who murdered two El Monte police officers was on probation for a gun charge.

Justin Flores, who has been accused of killing two police officers during a shootout, was a known gang member and was on probation for a weapons charge after receiving a lenient sentence under a plea deal thanks to District Attorney George Gascon’s progressive policies.

Flores had a previous strike conviction and received two years probation for a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. This sentence is in accordance with Gascon’s policies that put convicted felons back on the streets without any remorse for the victims.

Those policies allowed Flores to plead no contest and receive a light sentence despite having a strike on his criminal record.

Sources with the district attorney’s office said that if Flores had been prosecuted under the normal procedure, instead of Gascon’s progressive policies, he would have likely been sentenced for up to three years in prison.

Instead, Flores was released back to the streets and murdered two police officers. This incident is likely to direct more criticism at Gascon, who is facing a second recall of his policies. The recall campaign announced that it has collected the number of signatures required to let the voters decide.


Reportedly, Flores’ first strike stems from a conviction for burglarizing his own grandparent’s home nearly a decade ago. The felony firearm charge comes from a 2020 arrest where he was also charged for possession of drugs for personal use. A statement from Gascon’s office said:

“The sentence he received in the firearm case was consistent with case resolutions for this type of offense given his criminal history and the nature of the offense. At the time the court sentenced him, Mr. Flores did not have a documented history of violence.”

LA Superior Court records show that Flores was sentenced in February 2021 to 20 days in jail and two years probation after he pleaded no contest to a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm following an arrest in March of 2020.

Prosecutors also dismissed two other counts when Flores entered the plea; one for being a felon in possession of ammunition and another of being in possession of methamphetamine. Records show that Flores was considered a felon because of a 2011 conviction for a burglary that led to a two-year term in state prison.

Court records also showed nearly a dozen other prosecutions, many resolved with no contest pleas and probationary sentences for charges such as driving with a suspended license, being under the influence of a controlled substance, or resisting arrest.

Flores wife, Diana Flores, said that the 911 call was made when she was with her husband at the motel. Diana said:

“I’m so deeply sorry. My condolences for saving me. I’m so sorry. They didn’t deserve that. They were trying to help me.”

According to a report from the New York Post, a day before the deadly shooting, Flores’ probation officer filed for a revocation hearing after the suspect allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, which is a violation of his probation.

Instead of being arrested and put in jail, Flores was allowed to stay on the streets ahead of a June 27th hearing. The two officers came under fire after knocking on the door of a room at the Siesta Inn.

Flores reportedly followed his wife to the hotel, where she booked a room to escape him after he allegedly stabbed her a day earlier. Diana said she warned the officers that her husband was not in the right state of mind and that he had a gun. She said:

“I love my husband to death, but … this wasn’t my husband. This was a monster. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt in this. I am so deeply sorry. They didn’t deserve that or their families. They really didn’t. They were trying to help me.”


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