FBI: Student tried to recruit ISIS to blow up college who kicked him out


Florida – The world’s most infamous criminal moniker the “Florida Man” is at it once again, although this Florida man’s crime is no laughing matter. A young man in Florida has just been arrested for allegedly trying to contact ISIS extremists in the hopes that they’d carry out a terror attack against his college.

What was the motivation behind the planned attack? Apparently he had been kicked out of each of both schools and wanted revenge.

Salman Rashid was arrested this week for allegedly trying to enlist ISIS to carry out attacks against the deans of two schools where he’d been suspended or expelled from, authorities stated on Monday.

FBI: Student tried to recruit ISIS to blow up college who kicked him out
Salman Rashid was arrested after allegedly trying to recruit ISIS extremists to attack his school. (Twitter)


With the rash of school-related shootings that have plagued the nation over the years, this is one endeavor that is not being taken lightly in the least, nor should it.

The suspect, who hails from North Miami Beach, is facing charges related to soliciting someone to bomb Miami-Dade and Broward colleges, court documents say.

The combined enrollment of the schools is in excess of 159,000 students, not taking into account the numerous faculty members and administration between the two campuses. Needless to say, the amount of lives saved from this being caught early are countless.

The documents, which were filed in United States District Court of Southern Florida, say that Rashid allegedly stalked a fellow student at Miami-Dade College and was suspended last December after he sent her threatening text messages.

In one of the messages related to the student’s suspension from the school, Rashid allegedly told her that “the creator” had “decided our destiny and chosen separate paths for us.”

Another message allegedly sent by the student toward the woman also stated,

“Hereafter, will meet once again. But things will be a little different :). You will not have excuses, will not be given a choice and will have to come closer to me.”

Outside of the alarming messages that the student has been accused of writing, he was also expelled from Broward College when he failed to inform the school about the events that had happened at Miami-Dade, the documents say.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation began monitoring Rashid’s Facebook posts back in April 2018, after there was a disturbing trend of anti-American related posts as well as a blatant disdain against those who didn’t follow the teachings of Allah.

According to the court documents, he displayed a “growing hatred for America, non-Muslims” and others, and professed a belief in the “violent overthrow” of the “democratic system”.


Nearly a year later after monitoring Rashid’s Facebook activities, the FBI had secretly struck up a friendship with Rashid. Through the course of the online friendship with the FBI’s dummy profile, he told an undercover agency source that he “wanted to leave this world because there is nothing for him,” per the court documents related to the investigation.

Then in May of this year, a couple of weeks after the FBI source had encouraged him to attend counseling that was required by Miami-Dade, he asked the source to help recruit ISIS “brothers” to “avenge perceived attacks on Muslims,” the documents say.

After a supposedly successful recruitment effort discussed between the FBI source and Rashid, the source and Rashid later decided on the system of the attack, specifically bombing the targeted schools while honing in on specific targets; those being the deans of Miami-Dade and Broward.

In a recorded conversation provided by the court documents, Rashid told the source,

“These two people, they need to die.”

Rashid, who was arrested Monday, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. It wasn’t clear if he has a lawyer. The public defender listed in court records did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


In a statement released on Monday, Miami Dade College divulged that they had been notified by the FBI that they had “eliminated” a threat from a former student at one of campuses.

The statement read: “At this time, the FBI has advised us that there is no additional threat or need for heightened security.”

All one can say is that is some stellar and amazingly proactive investigative work completed by the FBI.

Just a few weeks ago, LET brought you the story about an American man who ran off to join ISIS, but after being captured and held by Syrian forces, he wants to come home.

He says he ran away and joined ISIS so that he could live under Islamic law. But now that he’s sick, missing an arm from an air strike and stuck in a prison filled with thousands of other ISIS fighters, this Minneapolis man wants to come back to America.

But here’s the problem. He thinks he should be forgiven for his crimes and shouldn’t have to face jail time if he comes home.

We’re talking about Abdelhamid Al-Madioum, a 22-year-old U.S. citizen who was recruited by ISIS in 2015. CBS News recently interviewed him from a prison in Northern Syria. 

FBI: Student tried to recruit ISIS to blow up college who kicked him out
Prisoners inside the ISIS-filled jail in Syria. (CBS News)


The prison is backed by the United States and is run by a Syrian militia. It’s now home to more than 5,000 prisoners, all suspected ISIS terrorists. CBS says that the guards there have said that notorious extremist leaders as well as bomb makers and other criminal masterminds are among the jail population.

Al-Madioum told CBS in their interview that he had originally been contacted through a message on the social media platform, Twitter. He said that after agreeing to speak with someone within the Islamic State, he was ‘bombarded’ with ISIS propaganda videos, explaining how the cause was benefiting Muslims – not the bloody beheadings we often associate the group with. 


Supposedly believing that the ISIS attacks he saw on the news were false – made up to push an agenda – Al-Madioum entered the extremist group’s territory in 2015. He told CBS that his hopes were to become a doctor and help with the cause.

“They gave me a blank check to buy whatever I wanted,” Al-Madioum said. 

He, among many others inside the prison, claim that they were never ISIS fighters, but had been swept up in the movement. Al-Madioum said that he lost his arm in a U.S. airstrike.

“I just wanted to live under Islamic law,” he said.

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FBI: Student tried to recruit ISIS to blow up college who kicked him out


Apparently the Minneapolis native is fed up with living alongside the known terror group and now longs to come back to America.

But here’s the thing… he’s guilty of a number of serious crimes.

FBI: Student tried to recruit ISIS to blow up college who kicked him out
CBS’s camera crew gained access to a Syrian prison filled with ISIS captives. (CBS News)


Al-Madioum has reportedly spoken with officials within the FBI, who have told him that he faces about 15 years behind bars for his traitorous actions.

But Al-Madioum doesn’t think he should have to face any prison time at all, saying the mistreatment and suffering he’s been through over there has been punishment enough.

“Fifteen years is a very long time for mistakes you made coming to Syria,” he said. “The choices that I made in somebody’s eyes are the wrong choices, so I face jail time.”

Al-Madioum told CBS that if his situation doesn’t improve soon, his time might be up.

“I’m going to die soon here,” he said. “I am sick. I do not get any medical attention.”

FBI: Student tried to recruit ISIS to blow up college who kicked him out
The Minneapolis man wants to come home, but the FBI says he has some serious charges waiting for him. (CBS News)


Apparently the Syrian militia has thousands of prisoners that they want to get out of their overcrowded facility… but other countries aren’t willing to take them back.


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