FBI Reports Gun Background Checks at an All-Time High

The FBI reports that in November a record 1.5 million gun sale background checks were conducted by firearms dealers across the United States.  Over 500,000 new background checks were recorded for the six days before Christmas, which will set a new record for December. Apparently, guns were a trendy 2011 gift choice.  The FBI uses background checks prior to gun purchase as an indicator of gun sales throughout the U.S.

This increase is at odds with FBI reports that violent crime is down significantly for the first six months of 2011.  Experts indicate that a continued downturn in the economy may be fueling fears of crime, as well as highly-publicized isolated violent incidents.  Gun store owners in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area report many more women are buying guns this year.  Some dealers believe that guns are being considered as an investment which will appreciate in value.

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