On Monday, April 7, 2014, the FBI detained a Moroccan national, El Mehdi Semlali Fahti, 27, was detained on immigration charges of false statements made during an application for political asylum.  An undercover FBI agent recorded Fahti explaining his plan to modify toy radio-controlled airplanes with explosives and attack a federal building in Connecticut and some out-of-state schools.

Fahti was remanded to custody after being denied bail on immigration charges. Additional terrorism charges may be filed later.

Bruce Bremer, MBA is LET’s technology contributor. Bruce retired from the Submarine Service after 21 years of in-depth experience with complex electronic technology. Lately, he is developing a corporate learning management system (Moodle LMS), curricula, and technical documentation for lighter-than-air tethered surveillance craft (aerostats). He has an extensive background in fleet modernization and military analysis. He teaches electronics and alternative energy at a Virginia college. Besides his MBA, Bruce earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer networking. He has been volunteering in public safety for many years.

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