THIS is the emergency: FBI, MI5 issue first-ever joint warning that China poses threat to entire world


LONDON – A rare joint address delivered by the directors of the FBI and MI5 warning of the worldwide threat posed by the CCP was a “break-glass-in-case-of-emergency” message, said Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners.

For the FBI chief to speak alongside the MI5 head on a global platform in London to warn of a potential threat is significant, Fleming said, referring to the joint statement delivered July 6 by Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum.


Fleming made his assessments during a recent EpochTV “Crossroads” program. Fleming said:

“The message and the detail is pivotal.”

Fleming explained:

“Wray began making statements like this about three years ago. Then he started making more frequent warnings, but they were all basically high-level warnings. This time, the level of detail, the level of urgency and immediacy, and significance, is the equivalent of ‘break glass in case of emergency.’

“The glass is broken.”

Both directors of the UK and U.S. domestic intelligence agencies warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the greatest threat to international order.

Wray said the CCP poses the “biggest long-term threat” to the economic and national security of the United States and the United Kingdom, their allies and their partners.

McCallum described the CCP’s aggression as a “massive shared challenge” for the UK and the United States, adding that the communist regime is organizing the whole of China’s state apparatus to systematically undermine the West and steal advanced technologies. He then provided examples of companies compromised by the CCP’s espionage and clandestine activities in the UK and Europe.

Although both FBI and MI5 have been closely partnered for 80 years – the FBI office in London opened in 1942 –  McCallum stressed that July 6 marks the first time the heads of both agencies have delivered a speech together.

In his speech Wray gave an example of Chinese interference in U.S. politics when the regime attempted to prevent a Chinese-American candidate in New York, who had been a Tiananmen Square protester and critic of the CCP, from being elected.

First, a former Chinese intelligence officer hired a private investigator to dig up derogatory information on the candidate, Wray said.

When they could not find anything, they used a prostitute to manufacture some controversy about the candidate, and when this did not succeed, arranged for a vehicle to run the candidate down and make it look like an accident.

Wray also said that American companies operating in China are required by Chinese law to install on their systems a tax software provided by the CCP. Ominously, the software also installs backdoors that allows the CCP to hack into the companies’ private networks.

Fleming said:

“The FBI is basically warning business leaders that the CCP has been coming after you with all means necessary, both cyber as well as physical espionage, to steal your IP [intellectual property] and to put you out of business.”

Fleming explained that the CCP then produces the product using the stolen intellectual property and sells it back to the American company and its customers at 45 cents on the dollar because the Chinese counterpart has no research and development costs and no time cost.

The American company’s customer list can be stolen through cyber means or physical espionage such as blackmail or subversion, he explained.

Theft of IP does occur through cyber means, but the physical side of espionage has not gone away, so it cannot be ignored, he added.

Fleming warned:

The CCP’s goal is to take an American company’s business and revenue, take them to China to build its economy,  then shut down that American company, shut down its competitors, shut down the industry in America and dominate the market from China.

Fleming gave the example of Sinovel, a Chinese wind turbine maker, which stole intellectual property from American Superconductor.


In what sounds like a plot from a spy novel, the CCP ordered, through Chinese companies, more than $800 million worth of windmill products and services from AMSC, then took the first $100 million dollars of products and reverse-engineered them.

They found that the windmills were not functional without the source code, but that was a small problem to the Chinese.

Only seven employees at AMSC had access to the source code and the CCP used one of the oldest games in the book, the honey trap, to compromise an employee and obtain the source code, Fleming explained. Sinovel then canceled the rest of the order in 2011 and AMSC’s stock price plummeted.

The tale is a warning to all American businesses. According to the Department of Justice:

“AMSC … lost more than $1 billion in shareholder equity and almost 700 jobs, over half its global workforce.” 

Fleming said:

“Today, the electronic windmill or energy windmill industry is 77 percent driven by the Chinese Communist Party when it was 100 percent U.S. technology.” 


The Chinese covert operations started in 1986 when the CCP launched something called Program 863, he said.

Program 863 is aimed at accelerating the acquisition and development of science and technology, according to the “Cox Report,” a congressional analysis released in 1999. Click here to read.

Fleming paraphrased the mission of the initiative:

“It’s: We will lie, cheat, and steal to completely take over the West … and overturn the rules-based order of the economy, and make it a Chinese communist economy globally.”


Fleming, a cybersecurity expert, compared the launch of Program 863 to a cyber Sept. 11. He warned:

“The cyber 9/11 has been happening every day since 1986 and … it’s happening in thousands and thousands of thefts, which is death by a thousand cuts.”

It’s about “850 to 900 [cuts] into those 1,000 cuts towards death,” Fleming assessed.

Fleming believes that America is in a hybrid war with China. The problem with the FBI and the military is that it won’t use the term “war” in relation to hybrid war “because war means conventional war. He noted:

“They like to term it as the China threat.”

He added:

“We’re in an absolute war. And it’s all these different factors, which are hybrid warfare, drug warfare, economic warfare, religious warfare, education warfare, telecommunications warfare, so on and so forth, over 100 different methods.”

The CCP calls the United States its enemy. Fleming said:

“Every act that we take, every punch or kick that we make – they use that energy to use it against us, to hurt us back, And they’re doing that with everything, with our laws, with our schools, our universities.”

He likened this tactic to Asian martial arts and continued:

“If you’re at war, you have to be intimate in understanding your enemy, and they’re very intimate in understanding us. The one thing that they don’t understand is just our resolve. And they won’t understand that piece of it because there’s a thing called patriotism, and then there’s a thing called communism–on how you fight.”

Fleming suggested that Americans must understand that we are at war. Right now they are experiencing skyrocketing gas prices and learning about the supply chain because breakdowns in the chain are creating a scarcity of goods. These are real-world examples of how fragile our way of life is and how easily it can be disrupted.


The hybrid warfare with the CCP may eventually turn into kinetic or conventional warfare, and it will probably begin around Taiwan, Fleming said, hoping that his prediction would be “absolutely wrong.” Alluding to the CCP’s response to sanctions, Fleming warned:

“If you think inflation is bad now, wait till an invasion of Taiwan.” 

Average Americans need to pay attention to the development of the situation but they need to realize that the mainstream media will not tell them what they need to know.  Fleming said:

“It’s not going to be found in mainstream media; find your other news sources.”

Fleming recommended voting people into office at all levels – state, local, federal – who realize that we are in this war and who will do everything to decouple from China and the CCP, as well as make policies and enact laws to shut down espionage and foreign influence.

Report: China using ‘Three Warfares’ doctrine to facilitate CCP campaign and infiltrate the West

September 30, 2021

For any Americans who have their eyes wide open, it is clear that the biggest threat to our Democracy (after Democrats) is China. A new report from The Epoch Times details a campaign being undertaken by the communist nation to “win a war” against the West without having to fire a single shot.

The so-called “three warfares” doctrine has three prongs—psychological warfare, public opinion warfare and legal warfare.

The scheme is relatively unknown in the West; however the report notes that the concepts serve as key components in directing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its quest to dominate the world.

How does it work? The Times says:

“Psychological warfare seeks to demoralize the enemy; public opinion warfare seeks to shape the hearts and minds of the masses; legal warfare seeks to use systems of law to deter enemy attacks.”

In a recent comprehensive report numbering approximately 650 pages, the Institute for Strategic Studies of Military Schools (IRSEM), an independent agency affiliated with the French Ministry of Armed Forces, gave a detailed accounting of the CCP’s global influence operations.

Taken in combination with another doctrine of the regime called “United Front,” the information shows a “breathtaking campaign by the Chinese regime to expand its influence and infiltration into Western democracies.”

The CCP’s first leader, Mao Zedong called the United Front a “magic weapon,” which according to the report looks to eliminate “its internal and external enemies, controlling groups that may challenge its authority, building a coalition around the Party to serve its interests, and projecting its influence abroad.”

All of this is coming as China is receiving significant pushback from Western countries over matters such as “human rights abuses, rampant theft of intellectual property, economic coercion, and military assertiveness,” the Times reported.

Under those programs, the CCP regime has built what is described as a “sprawling infrastructure with global reach,” which includes a “broad network of state and non-state actors” to carry out its scheme.

IRSEM notes that the influence operations being undertaken by Beijing are tasked with achieving two main objectives: “…to seduce and subjugate foreign audiences by creating a positive narrative of China,” and “above all, to infiltrate and coerce.”

“Infiltration aims to slowly penetrate opposing societies in order to hinder any inclination to act against the interests of the Party,” the report reads.

“Coercion corresponds to the gradual expansion of ‘punitive’ or ‘coercive’ diplomacy to become a policy of systematic sanction against any state, organization, enterprise or individual threatening the interests of the Party.”

The report says the CCP is targeting the entire spectrum of society, with key areas being education, media, politics, culture and social media. By all appearances, the CCP seems well on its way toward its goals.

The report states that China’s overseas United Front efforts are facilitated through a “nebulous network of intermediaries” which are “loosely coordinated by CCP bodies, including Chinese embassies and consulates, and the party’s United Front Work Development.”

Last year, then-Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs David Stillwell gave a speech in which he noted the Chinese communists use thousands of overseas groups in order to carry out “political influence operations, suppress dissident movements, gather intelligence, and facilitate the transfer of technology to China.”

Most of these organizations try to hide their affiliation with the United Front, while some tend to be more open about their affiliation with the CCP. Those who attempt to blend in “try to present themselves as independent, grassroots-type NGOs, cultural-exchange forums, ‘friendship’ associations, chambers of commerce, media outlets or academic groups,” Stillwell said.

According to an investigation by Newsweek last year, it was discovered there were approximately 600 of these groups in the United States.

One such group identified in the report is the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

That organization is a nonprofit based in Hong Kong, headed by Tung Cheehwa, a billionaire and official of the Chinese regime which touts itself as an “independent group” which seeks to provide U.S.-China dialogue and exchanges.

However what it really does is work “as a de facto front organization for the PRC [People’s Republic of China] government,” according to the report, utilizing findings from a 2020 study by Jamestown Foundation, a Washington, DC-based think tank.

That group is also registered under the U.S. Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). That act requires agents of foreign principles who are engaged in political activities or other activities specified under the statute to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principle…”

CUSEF has engaged with a number of partners in the U.S. including many “prestigious” think tanks and universities, among them Johns Hopkins University, the East-West Institute, the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, the Atlantic Council, and the Brookings Institution.

Earlier this year, Biden’s CIA Director William Burns faced questioning during his confirmation hearing about CUSEF’s ties to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where Burns served as president prior to his role with the CIA.

During that hearing, Republicans criticized that arrangement, whereby Burns told lawmakers he had “inherited” Carnegie’s relationship with CUSEF, however he claimed he cut ties with the group “not long after” he began his tenure in 2015. Burns noted that he was “increasingly worried about the expansion of Chinese influence operations.”

CUSEF has also worked to sponsor a number of “high-level dialogues between CCP officials and U.S. military and political figures,” the report stated. Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on CUSEF’s ties to American political figures, including anti-audit Democrats.

In addition, the American media has also been targeted by CUSEF, with trips to China for over 120 journalists from almost 50 U.S. media outlets being organized since 2009, the Epoch Times previously reported.

Between 2009 to 2017, CUSEF courted a number of media executives and editors, including those from TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and Reuters.

According to FARA filings, the group described the dinners, hosted by Tung, as “invaluable for their effectiveness in engaging support from the leaders of the news industry.”

Beijing also targets ethnic Chinese populations, including those who are not Chinese citizens, who are considered “priority targets” of influence operations, the report said.

IRSEM noted that one objective of the operation is to control the dispersion in order to ensure “they do not represent a threat to power,” while the other is to “mobilize them to serve its interests.”

China has been described by Freedom House as “the world’s largest perpetrator of transnational repression,” noting that the regime has targeted “a range of overseas-based dissident groups, including Uyghur Muslims, rights activists, Hong Kong democracy proponents and Falun Gong practitioners.”

Intimidation tactics include physical attacks, threats, surveillance, harassment, and intimidation by agents of the Chinese regime or their proxies. This takes place both in person, as well as online, Freedom House said in a February report.

One such example is a man named Sun Yi, a practitioner of Falun Gong who spent time imprisoned in Masanjia, a notorious Chinese labor camp. Falun Gong is a spiritual practice which the CCP has persecuted for over twenty years.

During his detention, Sun placed an SOS letter into a Halloween decoration for export, which was later found by an American woman in 2012. He filmed a documentary with undercover footage in which he detailed his experiences and was able to escape to Indonesia.

In an odd twist, Sun suddenly died ostensibly of kidney failure in 2017. According to his family, Sun had never suffered kidney issues and the hospital didn’t provide details of his death while rushing to have his body cremated, therefore no autopsy was performed. Clearly based on China’s history this has raised issues of foul play in his death.

The report, while overwhelming in its breadth, offers a keen insight into what exactly China is up to and how deep into the American psyche it is and the size and scope of its influence.

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