FBI now investigating Trump ballots from military which were thrown in trash in Pennsylvania


LUZERNE COUNTY, PA – President Donald Trump and many Republicans have voiced concerns over voter fraud in terms of mail in and absentee balloting in the upcoming general election. 

There have already been many reports of widespread voting fraud and some are saying that’s just what happened in Pennsylvania. 

Now, what is reported as a small number of thrown out ballots in Pennsylvania is started quite a stir.  Apparently, some votes that came in from military voters had been thrown into the trash.  The claim is that these ballots were not thrown out intentionally, but rather by some type of administrative error on the part of a temporary employee. 

The Luzerne County Manager, C David Pedri, claimed that they were unaware until recently which votes had been thrown out.  Pedri claimed that the error was a result of a temporary employee which improperly discarded of the nine ballots.  Seven of those ballots were cast for President Trump, the other two were unknown.  Pedri said:

“Luzerne County Elections staff were unaware for whom the ballots were cast until the disclosure via Press Release of the United States Attorney on September 24, 2020.”

Elections officials noted that the temporary employee began working for them on September 14th.  The fact that the ballots were improperly discarded was discovered by Luzerne County Elections Director Shelby Watchilla.  Pedri said:

“Ms. Watchilla immediately began in internal inquiry and informed her direct supervisor.  The temporary independent contractor was removed from service and informed not to return.”

Watchilla then contacted the Luzerne County Office of Law who looked into the facts of the case and properly determined that the incident needed to be reported to officials.  Once the demand to notify was clear, authorities reported the incident to the local District Attorney’s Office.

Pedri claimed that all of the garbage that had accumulated from the time of the issue until they found it only occurred during a three day time period.  As a result, all garbage from that time period was allegedly separated and secured.  Pedri said:

“Each bag of garbage from the entire building in the dumpster was searched by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police as well as Luzerne County staff.

“All items of concern were taken into custody by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.”

Pedri claims that the ballots in which were not opened cannot be until a canvass has ben completed.  Pedri said:

“[Luzerne County] will attempt to contact the voters involved and process their votes.”

The county, in combination with the Pennsylvania Department of State will incorporate some type of extra training to all elections staff to ensure all rules and laws are followed.  They have also installed a security video surveillance system which will allegedly ensure that the current rules and laws are followed.

A Justice Department official informed ABC news that the Attorney General, William Barr, had briefed President Trump on the issue.  The President noted the issue and pointed out various credible allegations of voter fraud. 

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It begins: 19 foreign nationals arrested in North Carolina voter fraud case

NORTH CAROLINA –The democrats and mainstream media try to tell the American population that any voter fraud is insignificant.  However, Law Enforcement Today has reported several times on instances of voter fraud throughout the country. 

Now, we have learned of a new voter fraud case occurring in North Carolina, where a minimum of 19 foreign nationals have been arrested.


The US Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina, Matthew GT Martin, advised that the people arrested had voted in the 2016 general election.  One of them also voted in the 2018 mid-term election. 

Thought the media said President Trump lied when he claimed this had happened?

In the federal indictment, which was filed on August 31st, seven of the people charged were due to claiming they were United States citizens on voter applications.  These seven were also charged with misdemeanors stemming from the general election in 2016.

According to the Daily Mail, the following people were arrested:

Francisco Antonio-Aguirre of Guatemala;

Roob Kaur Atar-Sing of Malaysia;

Rosalva Negrete-Toldeo, aka Rosalva Cortes of Mexico;

Dave Delano Virgil of Tobago;

Eloy Alberto Zayas-Berrier of Cuba;

Emmanuel Olakunle Atoyebi of Nigeria; and

Mokhtar Qaid Ahmed Gulaimid of Yemen.

Another 12 foreign nationals were charged on August 13th for voting in the 2016 general elections.  Those who were arrested are as follows:

Ismay Prudence Kathleen James of Bermuda;

Donald Christian Martyn of Sierra Leone;

Chaim Pinto of Israel;

John Rapsky of Canada;

Baijoo Pottakulath Thomas of India;

Shuqin Yin of China;

Chirong Yin Billings, aka Chirong Cummings of China;

Henry Alberto Araya-Vega of Costa Rica;

Rufina Concho-Locklear of Mexico;

Alberto Damaize-Job, aka Alberto Damaize of Nicaragua;

Armando Nava-Juarez, aka Armando Nava, of Mexico; and

Manuel Efrain Valladares of El Salvador.


Foreign nationals voting is not the only concern regarding the upcoming general election in less than two months.  Recently, democrats have ramped up their push to have more mail in voting, supposedly to decrease the chances of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Something which really concerns republicans and House Minority Whip, Steve Scalise.

Scalise noted his concern while speaking to Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM regarding the democrat push for mail in voting and proxy voting because of the pandemic. 

Host Alex Marlow noted that automatic mailing of ballots to homes based on inaccurate voter rolls could lead to increased voter fraud and Scalise agreed by saying:

“You’re seeing some Democrats in Washington that are trying to take advantage of a crisis.  We’ve heard that before. We’ve seen their playbook and they’re trying to do it here.

“We all want to be fighting for the right for every single American who’s legally allowed to vote to be able to vote once [per election].  Everybody ought to have that legal right, and I’ll fight for that for anybody.

 “If somebody who’s illegally registered to vote is casting a vote, that means they’re stealing your vote. They’re stealing the vote of people who are legally registered.”

 Scalise then warned:

 “To say we’re going to automatically mail ballots to people who we know are on the rolls fraudulently, that is the definition of voter fraud, and it’s  taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens, and it shouldn’t be allowed to go forward.

 “States like California shouldn’t be the model for how to vote, when you saw—three weeks after election day two years ago—the person who won on election night is not the person being sworn in to Congress, because they were counting voters three and a half weeks after an election until they got the result they wanted.  That happens in third world nations, but it shouldn’t be happening here in America.”

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