Revealed: FBI intentionally burying data about number of legal gun owners stopping mass shootings


WASHINGTON, D.C. – An organization that keeps tabs on incidents of mass shootings is calling foul when looking at the statistics generated by the FBI in terms of those legally allowed to own firearms stopping these tragic events.

The organization claims that the FBI has been undercounting these incidents “by an order of more than three.”

If we are to believe the mainstream media and the FBI, there are few instances in which a legally armed citizen stops someone who is on a violent rampage, indiscriminately shooting others.

However, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center, that is hardly the case.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, a total of 14.6 percent of active shooter incidents were stopped by someone in the area that was legally allowed to have a firearm from 2014-2021.

During that same time frame, the FBI reported only 4.4 percent were stopped by a legal gun owner.

The difference may be in the way the incidents are viewed FBI.

Although they do define an active shooter as someone who is attempting to kill people “in a confined and populated area,” they seemingly do not count incidents in which other criminal activity may be involved, like a drug deal gone wrong.

Another issue, as pointed out by the Crime Prevention Research Center, is the FBI not accounting for every reporting incident in their tabulation of statistics. When looking through the FBI numbers, the CPRC discovered five shootings that were misclassified by them. They wrote:

“The FBI reports had misclassified five shootings: In two incidents the Bureau notes in its detailed write-up that citizens possessing valid firearms permits confronted the shooters and caused them to flee the scene.

“However, these cases were not listed as being stopped by armed citizens because the attackers were later apprehended by police.

In two other incidents the FBI misidentified armed citizens as armed security personnel. In one incident, the FBI simply failed to mention the citizen engagement at all.”

One of the incidents the CPRC claims is a discrepancy that occurred on December 29, 2019, at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. There, a parishioner who had volunteered to provide armed security at the church stopped an armed assailant.

The FBI deemed him to be armed security instead of just agreeing to be armed, with several others in attendance that day, for the safety of the church.

Another incident, which occurred on August 31, 2021, in Syracuse, New York, where a man began shooting into a crowd outside of a building was stopped by the property manager, who was legally armed with his own gun.

The property manager was able to shoot the would-be mass murderer and kill him, stopping the threat.

Although the District Attorney praised the property manager’s actions for saving an untold number of lives, this mass shooting did not make it on the FBI’s radar.

Although the discrepancies are troubling, there is no specific reason to believe that the FBI is intentionally skewing the numbers.

Even the CRPC notes that the numbers they found may well have missed other incidents in which good people with guns stopped mass shooting events.

Regardless of the reason, the FBI’s numbers are off, those against legal gun ownership rights can use these numbers to imply the low number of instances in which a legally armed citizen has stopped a mass shooter means the risk is not worth the reward.

They believe that these situations should be left for the police to resolve as they have the training and expertise necessary to end the violent encounter.

While that may be true, there should be no debate when it comes to a legally armed citizen being at the scene of the crime as the first shots ring out and being able to engage and end the threat as opposed to waiting precious minutes for the police to be notified, respond, and arrive at the scene.

In those precious minutes before the police arrive and the criminal first begins firing, countless lives could be saved by just one legal gun owner being there and being courageous enough to stop the violence.

NSSF: Once again for gun controllers sitting in the back – the problem is the criminals

New York’s gun laws are a mess. Antigun politicians passing them don’t have a clue. Worse yet, the people facing consequences are law-abiding New Yorkers.

They’re also the ones facing danger. Case in point – New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams recent reveal. The mayor told media, “When it comes to guns, this year, 2,386 people were arrested with a gun. Of those, approximately 1,921 are out on the street.

“This year, 165 people were arrested with a second gun charge,” Mayor Adams added. “Of those, 82 — out on the street. Not one arrest but two gun arrests — back out on the street.”

Does He Listen?

Mayor Adams won election on a “tough on crime” message. He said he would carry his own firearm and forego using the mayor’s personal security detail. “We cannot have a city where people are afraid to walk the streets,” he proclaimed early in his tenure.

He’s now singing a different tune. “How do you take a gun law seriously when the overwhelming numbers are back on the streets after carrying a gun?” he unironically asked media.

New Yorkers know criminals don’t take laws seriously. That’s why law-abiding New Yorkers have been screaming for years as gun control politicians in Albany impose stricter gun control laws on them, not criminals.

New Yorkers rejected restrictions and legally purchased firearms in record numbers, despite the state’s restrictive and burdensome process to obtain a handgun permit.

Since 2020, nearly 1 million New Yorker’s have passed an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification to buy a firearm. Industry research continues to show “self-defense” is the number one reason buyers walk out of a retailer with a new purchase.

That’s especially true of African American women, in New York City and across the country.

Soft on Criminals, Hard on Industry

New York’s backwards gun control laws are only half the problem. Soft-on-criminal prosecutors refusing to hold criminals accountable allow the cycle to continue.

Notorious criminal sympathizer Chesa Boudin was given the boot and recalled as San Francisco’s District Attorney. Nearby Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon possibly faces a similar fate.

Manhattan’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg is cut of the same cloth. His office refuses to bring charges against repeat criminals, allowing them to walk back out on the streets and terrorize victims.

In New York, it’s not just about Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mayor Adams and DA Bragg’s collective failure to address crime and keep New Yorkers safe.

Democratic Attorney General Leticia James joined to do her part to crush New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights by suing gun companies for the crimes unrelated to the lawful sale of the firearm.

“There should be no more immunity for gun distributors bringing harm and havoc to New York,” AG James said.

Her premise is a lie, of course, exactly like those repeated ad nauseum by President Joe Biden and gun control pundits. They prefer deflecting blame on a lawful and Constitutionally-protected industry from those actually responsible for gun crimes.

It’s the reason for the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). President Biden and others have repeatedly been fact-checked about their false claims.

New Yorkers wanting safer communities must feel like they’re in a madhouse. Their state’s highest elected officeholders dismiss criminals as the root of the problem. They then pass more flawed and unconstitutional laws, while refusing to hold criminals to account. The result is a circular blame game.

One thing New Yorkers can do to change the game in their favor is #GUNVOTE® this November. They can send a clear message to the antigun politicians in New York their rights – and their safety – aren’t a game.

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