FBI disputes search warrant filed in court by MyPillow founder Mike Lindell’s lawyers as being “true and correct”


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MINNESOTA- As the FBI continues its mission to try to take down former President Donald Trump and anyone associated with him, word comes that the warrant used by the FBI to harass MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is under dispute, according to Gateway Pundit.

On Sept. 13, agents from Biden’s equivalent of the East German Stasi accosted Lindell in the parking lot of  a Hardee’s Restaurant and seized his cellphone pursuant to a search warrant.

However this past week in a hearing before a judge in his civil case filed against the FBI and the Department of Justice, government lawyers refused to concede the search warrant filed by Lindell’s legal team was “true and correct.”

Lindell’s legal team, which includes Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, want the warrant declared “invalid.”

According to Law and Crime:

Lindell’s 20-page complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, seeks the return of the company-issued phone and other “declaratory or equitable relief.” The complaint also (more relevantly) asks for a judge to declare as “invalid” the search warrant federal agents used to seize the device. It further seeks the return of any data accessed from the device; for a “temporary restraining order prohibiting the Defendants from attempting any access to the data collected;” and for the government to provide Lindell “a copy of the Affidavit submitted to the Court to obtain the Warrant.”

Continuing from Law and Crime:

Federal prosecutors on Friday twice reiterated that they were “not conceding” that MyPillow founder and Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell filed a “true and correct” copy of a purported search warrant served upon him for the seizure of his cell phone.

According to Dershowitz, who is not generally considered a conservative by any stretch, he is defending Lindell despite their political differences because this case is so important.

According to Dershowitz:

“I’m going to continue to defend Mike Lindell and others regardless of their political views. But I’m going to especially—especially—focus on people who are having their constitutional rights violated by my political party—by my people who I voted for—by my people, whose attitudes on the election I agree with.

That’s the special obligation that every citizen has: to hold to account those who are on your side…I pride myself on sticking to my principles…I paid a high price for defending Trump. I will probably pay a high price for defending Lindell.”

You’ve got to hand it to Alan Dershowitz. He is truly putting people and the rule of law above politics, unlike people such as GOP Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, along with numerous others.

Meanwhile last week, Lindell’s attorney Pat McSweeny spoke about his effort to retrieve the cell phone seized by the FBI allegedly involving a case involving Colorado’s electronic voting machines.

“The data on that phone covered years of communications, including communications with people who were working with Mike to advocate for the termination of the dependence on computerized voting machines that we now have established can and have been manipulated,” he told Emerald Robinson in an interview, according to RealClearPolitics.

“…They can manipulate voting records,” he continued.

McSweeny told Robinson he believes the seizure of Lindell’s phone violates the Fourth Amendment covering illegal searches and seizures.

“The warrant was executed in a manner that itself violates the fourth amendment. The first amendment issue is very important, one of the most important issues of the case. That’s because the freedom of association, which is so essential to our constitutional order and not really appreciated by nations around the world,” he said.

“It is a unique protection that Americans have. In other words, you can participate in an effort to advocate a position that is in the public interest anonymously.”

McSweeny continued noting that people who were cooperating with Lindell have been called “domestic terrorists by the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.”

He claims those who are cooperating with Lindell “have reason to fear they might be harassed and intimidated, and possibly investigated and prosecuted, for participating with Mike in the effort to find out what happened with these machines and advocate the end of their use.

“This is a critically important issue.”


For a prior editorial we posted about election interference and the alliance between progressives, the DOJ, the FBI and election officials, we invite you to:


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

USA- The Washington, D.C. swamp is dirtier and more widespread than we ever could have imagined. Have you wondered why Democrats and certain Republicans are so obsessed with going after former President Trump and his allegations of fraud in the 2020 election?

Trump’s allegations of malfeasance in the election is nothing new…Democrats have made the same arguments every time a Republican has won a national election in the past twenty-something years. So what is different now?

In fact, some of the same individuals making up the January 6 inquisition team have in the past made the exact same allegations over “election fraud” made by Republicans in 2020. Jamie Raskin, anyone?

When Donald Trump went to Washington, he promised to rid our nation’s capital of the so-called “swamp,” the dirty infestation of self-serving slimeballs who are the true power behind the politicians who masquerade as our country’s leaders. And in some ways he was successful. The organized hit job to first undermine his election campaign, and then when he defied all odds and beat the Queen of the Swamp Hillary Clinton, is presidency.

Now, PJ Media through a series of FOIA requests has further unmasked exactly the level of coordination between leftist organizations, federal law enforcement and election officials to undermine our Republic. (Reminder Democrats- it’s a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY).

According to those requests, an odd alliance has been unmasked between progressive bundlers, federal authorities, corporations, state election officials and leftist organizations, PJ Media reports.

The documents reveal “oddball and opaque relationships between some state election officials, corporations, progressive activists, and those trying to influence the conduct of those same election officials. [emphasis added]

PJ Media notes the documents showed those relationships ran the gamut of things such as baseball games and travel, however some also included data exchanges among those state officials and outside far-left progressive organizations.

PJ Media said FOIA requests were submitted at least initially to find out if election officials were still attempting to apply for funds  from Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Technology and Civic Life, which has now been rendered an illegal source of such funding. That organization was widely credited with swaying the 2020 election to Biden, with Zuckerberg concentrating his efforts in key swing states, such as Wisconsin for example.

The FOIAs were placed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and were targeted across the U.S. at election officials. The organization found that even though no election officials in states where such funding is now prohibited had applied for funds, they discovered something much more nefarious hidden within those requested documents.

For example, they discovered that a group called the “Democracy Fund,” described as a “hyper-funded progressive money source” is in the process of “organizing state officials and third parties to discuss election administration.” Not so ironically, no conservative groups were included in these organizing efforts.

Among participants identified are:

  • Commissioner Ben Hovland on the United States Election Assistance Commission
  • United States Election Assistance Commission employee Tina Barton
  • Ebony West, a Democracy Fund employee who is tasked with so-called “Voter-Centric Election Administration [sic], which focuses on equipping local election officials with the data, tools, and connections needed to ensure voters’ voices are heard”
  • John Keller, a criminal prosecutor at the United States Department of Justice Public Integrity Section who has gone after Republicans such as former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Matt Masterson, former staffer for then-House Speaker John Boehner, now “Director of Information Integrity” at Microsoft who is leading their “Democracy Forward” team
  • Katherine Reisner, a militant progressive who works for an organization which vehemently denies voter fraud, States United Democracy Center
  • Craig Latimer, the Hillsborough, Florida Supervisor of Elections who said his office refuses to make any election crimes referrals to county prosecutors
  • Kammi Foote, United States Election Assistance Commission Employee
  • Andrea Abbate who works for Zuckerberg’s organization, the Center for Technology and Civic Life
  • Lindsay Capodilupo, “Election Crimes Coordinator” at the FBI
  • Tasmin Swanson, formerly of the GOTV Baltimore Votes and Peace Corps volunteer in China, now with the George Soros-funded Center for Civic Design [you just knew Soros had his grubby paws in here], a progressive group dedicated to infiltrating election offices with graphic design “help.”
  • Federal Department of Homeland Security official David Kuennen
  • Liz Howard of the Soros-funded Brennan Center, another leftist vote fraud-denying group


The above were identified in a screenshot from the Democracy Fund email, however PJ Media found this wasn’t a “one-off.” Further evidence of the FOIA requests will be forthcoming, PJ Media promised, which “show a wide-ranging progressive push to establish working relationships between law enforcement, progressive philanthropy, election officials, corporations, progressive activists, and, ultimately, the people who run our elections.”

Anyone with eyes wide open can see that there were issues with the 2020 elections, that is if you are not a partisan leftist hack. And now the mask has been peeled off the efforts to claim there wasn’t anything wrong with American elections, at least where 2020 was concerned. 2016? That was because of PUTIN!

Now? The elections are clean as a whistle. And based on these FOIA findings, there is a concerted effort not only to claim 2020’s election was squeaky clean, but to ensure that future elections are rigged in order to benefit progressives, including the widespread use of automatic mail-in balloting.

In 2020, progressives made efforts to claim that mail-in voting brought forth no problems, despite overwhelming evidence and despite elections in, for example, New Jersey being overturned because of mail ballot fraud.

Has anyone noticed the so-called “Disinformation Board” Biden was trying to setup, more accurately called the Ministry of Truth, which was to be housed under the Department of Homeland Security, a law enforcement entity? After the mask was peeled off that stunt, they have now repurposed it under Kamala Harris, however does anyone think for a moment that questions about election integrity going forward, especially if those elections benefit Democrats, won’t be investigated as criminal violations of the Ministry of Truth?

It is odd that invitations to this group uncovered by the FOIA requests included officials, specifically criminal prosecutors from both the FBI and the Department of Justice? If there was no voter fraud and elections are as squeaky clean as some claim, such as the Brennan Center, why then were prosecutors invited?

The FOIA requests uncovered much more than the Democracy Fund creating an unholy alliance between leftists, government agencies and state and local election officials.

For example, the Center for Election Innovation & Research, head-manned by David Becker has aligned with the Electronic Research and Information Center (ERIC), which is “a consortium of state election officials who use data exchanges with ERIC to clean voter rolls and register the unregistered to vote.”

According to PJ Media, Becker “has emerged as the party planner for the strange mix of federal prosecutors, progressive activists, election officials, and ex-pats from the federal swamp who now work for corporate America.”

Becker’s role is to match progressive donors with state and local election officials, as well as federal officials at the United States Election Assistance Commission, which has control over hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funds.

In other words, we are paying for this. Remember this when you hear progressives such as Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other leftists rail about “protecting our Democracy.” They aren’t interested in protecting our “Democracy” as they are about preserving their own power.

Those taxpayer funds move through the Election Assistance Commission and are funneled to states. This is where the Center for Election Innovation and Research comes in, directing how those dollars are used and which election officials and vendors get them.

Becker also had a particular set of skills (cheap Taken reference), organizing junkets for state election officials, including from a number of swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia, such as one in Colorado in May 2019. Election from these states and several others met for the CEIR Voter Registration Data Working Group. Becker organized the events, including attending a baseball game at Coors Field and a social event afterward.

The next day, May 31, 2019, the work began. Emails didn’t reveal who paid for what, however lodging at the Hotel Born typically ran $450 a night.

The agenda for the meeting however was very interesting:

“For those of you familiar with the meetings I’ve facilitated for ERIC, this will be similar. The general topic is centered around the structure of states’ voter registration databases, and the voter data within. We will spend most of the time at this meeting (which I expect will be the first of several) discussing the following: Voter Registration Databases, Structure, Interconnectivity With Other Databases Such as DMV…Compatibility With Eric, Batch vs Real Time, Security and Privacy of Data.”

Not surprisingly, no conservative election administration groups or conservatives were invited to the Colorado meeting.

PJ Media notes that many of the participants at the Denver meeting were from among those states which opposed former President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, and which refused to provide that commission with information about the same election database details which they willingly shared with Becker’s group.

This unholy alliance between these groups—progressive groups, left-wing activists, vote fraud deniers, federal officials with law enforcement authority, and state and local election officials started after the 2016 election.

Is the fact these efforts focused primarily (although not exclusively by any means) the swing states Trump won in 2016 but barely lost in 2020 a mere coincidence? Or is something much more nefarious going on? We’ll let you decide. But if it waddles like a duck…

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