Horror: Father murders 10-year-old son who had told his mom ‘My dad is going to kill me’


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – On July 19 at around 11:45 am Indiana Metropolitan Police Officers were dispatched to 6007 West Lake South Drive for a welfare check of a child named Nakota Kelly who was 10 years old.

The caller told police that he had received a call from Nakota’s father, Anthony Dibiah, who stated he had killed his son.

When IMPD Officers arrived they did not find Dibiah or Nakota. What they did find was a crime scene and enough evidence to persuade them that Nakota was, in fact, dead.

At the scene, IMPD found what appeared to be blood spatter, blood smears, and brain matter in the bathroom to the apartment. A small amount of blood was also located in the entrance to the apartment.

Surveillance video collected by IMPD showed Dibiah going and coming to his apartment at various times throughout the morning between 2:27 am and 8:30 am. At around 8:30 am, Dibiah was observed opening the hatchback to his Jeep and putting items into it.

He put a bag in the community dumpster according to court documents.

A search of the surrounding neighborhood and dumpsters were conducted, but Dibiah and Nakota were not found. The apartment was sealed by the Marion County Coroner’s Office.

Police later contacted AT&T to ping his cell phone and found Dibiah to be driving west bound through Illinois going into Missouri. At approximately 4 pm on July 19, Missouri State Highway Patrol located Dibiah and his white Jeep Patriot along Highway 38. IMPD detectives went out to Missouri to investigate.

A large search, with K-9, for Nakota and Dibiah ensued Monday on the west side of town.

Dibiah was eventually located, and court documents filed this week charged 37-year-old Anthony Dibiah with murder of 10-year-old Nakota Kelly.

Police are still looking for the boy’s remains.

In the affidavit filed in court, the probable cause statement mentioned the blood spatter, brain matter, blood smears, the surveillance footage, and that Dibiah had called at least two people telling them he killed his son.

A relative told detectives that Dibiah called them and said:

“I just killed my son! I just killed my son! I just killed my son!”

Dibiah appeared to be crying during the call. Dibiah mentioned that Nakota’s mother had given him a very hard time and cost him a lot of money in court. Dibiah also asked for the relative’s address but the relative did not provide it, causing the disturbed Dibiah to hang up.

Dibiah was discovered because he called a friend asking for a suitcase. Dibiah called back stating that he used a bag to suffocate his son and dumped the body. The friend then called the police, which led to the investigation.

IMPD detectives spoke to a Department of Children Services worker who was overseeing Nakota’s case. The DCS social worker reported that the mother of Nakota reported a “concerning statement” Nakota made on July 14.

Nakota apparently asked about going to his dad’s place that weekend. When his mom told him that he was, Nakota said:
“Oh, I’m dead. Don’t expect me to come home.” 

Nakota’s mom asked him what he meant and he told her:

“My dad is going to kill me.”

Nakota stated his dad was mad at him for hanging up on him on a phone call when he did not want to speak to him.

The case worker also mentioned that Nakota’s mom received a text message from Dibiah around 2 pm on July 19, stating:

“Sometimes I hear voices. My son is in Heaven.”

According to court documents Dibiah declined to make a statement when interviewed by detectives.

IMPD is requesting information from anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477(TIPS).

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Here’s another recent case of a parent murdering their own child.
A 37-year-old mother was arrested for allegedly murdering her own five-year-old daughter. Police say she tried to blame her shooting death on her two-year-old son.

Authorities say that the version of events relayed to investigators about the mother blaming her son was one of many versions told to police by the suspect.

Police in Knoxville arrested Robin Howington on July 8th for the September, 2019 shooting death of her daughter Destiny Oliver.

When police were first investigating the death of Destiny last September, they arrived at the home of Howington and found the young girl had suffered a gunshot wound. When the young girl was transferred to a local hospital, she was pronounced deceased.

During the initial portion of the investigation, Howington claimed that an unknown assailant had broken into her home and shot her daughter in the chest before fleeing the scene in a black Chrysler 300.

Apparently, Howington changed her story thereafter, alleging that it was her daughter’s own father who had broken into the home and killed the girl.

While police canvassed the crime scene, they located a discarded handgun in some bushes not far from Howington’s home.

When investigators inquired about the handgun located, Howington claimed that her boyfriend had hidden it there. Yet, surveillance video compliments of a neighbor showed that Howington had been the one to stash the handgun in said bushes.

Once investigators caught wind of that development – Howington was alleged to have changed her story a third time. In this iteration, she claimed that her two-year-old son had found the gun and shot five-year-old Destiny. From there, she admitted to wiping the gun clean and stashing it in the bushes.

Apparently, Howington’s boyfriend told police that he witnessed her point the same handgun found by police at her children’s father on the day that Destiny was killed. According to the boyfriend, he witnessed the father of Destiny take the gun away from Howington.

Shortly after Destiny’s death, police say that Howington attempted to destroy evidence by taking her cell phone and placing it under water. When confronted with said acts, Howington claimed that it was a means to eliminate evidence related to dealing drugs, reportedly.

While Howington was originally arrested on September 18th for the alleged evidence tampering, she was said to have been released from jail on the same day she was arrested.

However, at that point of the investigation, police did not confirm that Howington was a suspect in the child’s murder. 

Earlier in July, a grand jury was said to have returned a six-count indictment against Howington that included charges of felony murder, aggravated child neglect, making a false report, tampering with evidence, and attempted tampering with evidence.

The accused murderer is now being held on a $500,000 bond while awaiting trial.



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