Father charged with murder after allegedly confessing to intentionally leaving his baby in hot car to die


NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH – Authorities have arrested a 19-year-old father with murder and other charges after he allegedly admitted to intentionally leaving his baby in a car for five hours.

The 14-month-old was left in a vehicle with temperatures that reached an estimated 130 degrees before he died.

The incident was first brought to the attention of authorities when the father, Landon Parrott, showed up at the Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital on September 1st around 2 p.m. with his unresponsive son.

Hospital staff rushed to provide aid to the child, however, were unable to revive him.

When Parrott allegedly could not provide a consistent and reasonable account as to what occurred with his son, hospital staff notified the New Philadelphia Police Department.

Detectives interviewed Parrott about his son’s death and also found the information was inconsistent with the condition of the small child. New Philadelphia Police Captain Ty Norris told Fox 8:

“Dad’s version essentially was that he found the child after he exited the restroom, and the child was unconscious.”

 Detectives responded to the incident location and located surveillance cameras that were across the street which told a sickening story. According to the detectives, Parrott is seen exiting the apartment he shared with the child’s mother with the baby in a belted in a car seat.

Parrott is then seen placing the car seat in the vehicle and walking away without checking on the baby again until roughly 1:50 p.m. when he was preparing to leave to pick up the child’s mother from work.

Captain Norris estimated the heat in the vehicle which was completely closed and not running would have been roughly 130 degrees. He said:

“We estimate that would have made the interior of the car about 130 degrees and this child was in there strapped into a car seat with no fluids, no air conditioning, nothing…Heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking to see this unfold before your eyes.”

Once detectives confronted him with what was captured on video surveillance, Parrott allegedly confessed that he intentionally placed his baby in the vehicle without it running.

Parrott claimed that, even though he knew what could happen with leaving the baby in a hot car for several hours, he did so to prevent the baby from making disturbances in the apartment.

Parrott was then taken into custody by detectives and charged with murder, two counts of endangering children, and involuntary manslaughter. Parrott is being held in the Tuscarawas County jail with a current bond of $250,000.

An online obituary spoke about the young boy, named Kyler, and his “sweet disposition.” In part, it read:

“He will be remembered for his sweet disposition and gentle way with animals, even at such a young age, and for his enthusiasm for his best friend Mickey Mouse.”

According to the New York Post, a Facebook account that appears to be from Kyler’s grandparents, Trevor and Casey Neering, wrote:

“Justice will be served, but the purpose of this is to bring everyone’s attention to the existence of Kyler Phillip Allen Parrott…Kyler was an unexpected surprise who immediately changed our world in the best way, from the very beginning.”

Captain Norris asked everyone to pray for the baby’s mother and the rest of the family as they work through the unbearable grief of losing this young child so senselessly. Captain Norris noted:

“This is about this poor child and this poor mother who was just trying to work and pay bills and finding justice for both of them.”


Bad move: Convicted child sex abuser killed when he opened fire on officers after running from them

MILWAUKEE, WI – man who was recently convicted of sexually assaulting a child was killed after a vehicle pursuit by officers when he opened fire on them.

Thankfully, none of the officers were injured during the melee but one bystander was struck and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Troubles began for the man who started the vehicle pursuit, 47-year-old Ernest Tyrell Blakney, shortly after he pled guilty and was convicted of having sexual intercourse with a child on August 15th.

Even though the prosecution and the victim’s family begged the judge to remand Blakney into custody following his conviction, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge David Borowski allowed him to remain free until his sentencing in October.

Shortly after Blakney was released from custody, he allegedly went to the house of his former girlfriend, 36-year-old Nikia Rogers, in the early morning hours of August 25th.

While there, Blakney allegedly shot and killed Rogers and set the residence on fire, burning Rogers and everything inside before fleeing the scene.

Police investigating the scene reported they discovered a container of lighter fluid that was near Rogers’ body after the fire had been extinguished. An autopsy was conducted on Rogers which showed that she received two gunshot wounds, one to the head and one to the back.

Blakney immediately became a person of interest in the case when he allegedly sent a message to Rogers’ new love interest from her phone on the night of the murder saying:

“You should have left her alone…She dead.”

Detectives were then able to use that information in addition to several witnesses who alleged having seen Blankney with a gun covered in blood in the area of the murder. Detectives performed a search near the murder scene and allegedly located Blakney’s vehicle abandoned but he was nowhere to be found.

Detectives later learned that Blakney had allegedly come across a man who was working at a construction site near the murder scene and pulled a gun on him, demanding his keys.

According to the man, Blakney then ordered him inside of a trailer and locked him inside before taking off with the victim’s car.

Detectives put their case together and were able to develop probable cause for first-degree reckless homicide, armed robbery, false imprisonment, attempted mutilation of a corpse, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and felony bail jumping.

Detectives were not able to locate Blakney to arrest him until September 2nd when officers spotted the stolen vehicle he was allegedly inside.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle just before 11 p.m., however, Blakney refused to stop which started the high-speed vehicle pursuit through the city. At some point during the three-mile chase, Blakney’s vehicle became disabled and came to a stop. According to the Milwaukee Police Department:

“The pursuit ended when the vehicle became disabled on 100 block of E. Juneau Avenue, at which time, the suspect [Blakney] exited the vehicle and fired several shots at officers. Several officers discharged their firearms, subsequently striking [Blakney]. An uninvolved bystander was also struck.”

The officers that were involved were placed on paid administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation which is standard procedure in any incident in which an officer is involved in deadly use of force incident.

Once the officer-involved shooting incident has been completed, the case will go forward in front of the District Attorney where a decision will be made as to whether the shooting was justified.

Now the family of Rogers and the officers who were seemingly forced to open fire have to live with the fact that none of this would have happened had Judge David Borowski listened to the pleas of the 13-year-old’s family who was sexually abused as well as the prosecutor and remanded Blakney into custody pending his sentencing hearing.

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